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Upcoming New Titles
Hi Everyone,

It's been quite some time since my last full movie production. I guess after constantly making movies for almost 19 years, I hit a wall and just didn't feel like it anymore ... but I'm back and I have just released the new Isabella De Laa movie - an incredible girl with incredible orgasms!

There are already a number of other new movies in the works including Charlie Nice, Jenny Doll and an awesome new Serina Gomez title.

As always, thanks very much for visiting my site!

Serious Self-Quarantine Help
Hi Everyone,

With the unbelievable threat that COVID-19 poses expands at an incredible rate, virtually the entire world is going into so form of lockdown or self-quarantining at a miminum. It's a pretty bad situation. To make the best of it however, people stuck at home are spending more and more time on adult web sites and getting at least some pleasure out of the isolation. I'm working hard to make more and more content available to help keep everyone entertained, and to sweeten the pot I'm also offering significant discounts to current and past customers.

If you're looking for full-length movies with real butt-puckering, cooch-contracting, twat-twitching climaxes, this is where you want to be! Our latest big hit is Kora Angel who films herself doing exactly what pleases her ... she gets sopping wet as she strums her incredibly large love button to strong body shuddering orgasms with strong contractions. We have also introduced our "Orgasm Audition" series which are compilations of several women doing what they do so naturally with some incredible results - this series should definitely be in your collection, and you have the time now to watch them all!

The good news is that for a limited time, get 40% (yes, FORTY PERCENT) off your next movie order! There are no minimum or maximum order amounts, but the offer is limited to only one order per customer as I do need to stay in business. Also make sure you sign-in and use coupon code "ORGASMS" (without the quotes) at checkout and your discount will be automatically applied. Please check to make sure that the discount is properly reflected as it gets complicated for me to apply refunds. Contact me if you need any help with this.

If streaming movies is what you would prefer, check out the 5000+ movies on my membership site - for a limited time, get access for an unprecedented discount of than 50% off! You must join from the following page in order to get this great rate:


I hope all this will help keep everyone safe and at home. If there is anything you would specifically like to see that I can help with, feel free to reach out to me.

Store Changes
Hi Everyone,

In an attempt to keep with the times, we've been making some changes that we thought you ought to know about. We are in the process of phasing out our physical media sales - virtually everyone buys our download versions nowadays, so we no longer create new titles on DVD or Blu-ray. We have also stopped shipping Blu-ray disks completely, however we are still shipping DVDs for a limited time. If there are any DVD titles you wish to own, please purchase them now before they are gone forever!

With fewer and fewer people watching our movies on PC's, we are trying out producing our movies in MP4 format which is compatible with most devices today. The downside is that these files are much larger than the WMV versions that we have used up until now. As of today, all new productions will be in MP4. But we want your feedback! If there are any of our older titles you would like to have as MP4 files, just let me know and I will get them converted. Conversely, if you prefer us to continue offering WMV files, just let me know.

As we phase out our physical media sales, our costs are going down - no more envelopes, blank disks, labels, etc. - and we are passing this savings to you! Our download movie versions are now 20% cheaper and have a base price of only $19.95! We are also going to make things even simpler and offer ALL movie downloads at this price point, regardless of length or demand. Just keeping things simple for us, and cost effective for you ...

You've probably noticed that we have slowed down production of new release movies this year. There has just been so much else going on with the pay sites that I simply haven't had the time to build these. The good news is that I'm try to get that back on track and just released 3 movies in the last few days ... Of course there is a new Olivia Adams! But the new Claudia Macc truly is a "must have" for every collection, and the sweet Hayli Sanders will wrap you around her finger :-).

Take a look the screen captures, read the brief description (oh yeah, we've also shortened out movie descriptions based on visitor feedback) and select a few for your collection.

My apologies for this lengthy newsletter this time, and thanks once again for visiting our store!

New Year, New Titles :-)
Hi Everyone,

2018 turned out to be a tough year on many fronts, all of which seemed to impact the number of new titles that we had the time to release. But we're in a new year now, and so far 2019 is starting out really well! So far we've actually finished writing the detailed description of Olivia Adams 37 and released two new titles, and January is not over yet ... :-)

It's incredible that our last news update was almost a year ago, and instead of trying to tell you everything that we've done since then, just check them for yourself! We've made some pretty amazing movies if I may say so myself ...

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks once again for visiting our store!

Server & Technology Upgrades

It seems that technology keeps changing at an ever increasing rate and with it, all kinds of browser and device requirements, performance expectations, content quantity and quality requirements, security issues, and the list goes on and on and on ... and never seems to stop!

In order to try to keep up, we find ourselves once again having to upgrade our servers to something bigger, badder, and better. As part of this effort, we are upgrading all of our software to comply with the requirements of today and tomorrow (for as far as we can actually see). This will likely include a revamp of both our public facing sites and our member area, although these will likely be part of phase 2 of this initiative.

Obviously this is proving to be a HUGE project for a small business like us, and there will likely be some glitches along the way. Please bear with us while we work towards making your experience on our sites better and safer.

Thanks very much for your patience!



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