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Zahra's Orgasms (Download)

Zahra's Orgasms (Download)
Gorgeous Moroccan MILF Zahra is back! And while we so wish this were a brand-new, full-length, shoot, it's Zahra's Orgasms remastered in HD and re-released to our customers and her fans.

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray (up-converted), and instant download. For the downloadable version, please visit our "Download" category on the left.

Scene one starts with Zahra lying on her bed, taking off her trousers, and starting to play with herself through her panties ... she is already a bit aroused which you can see from the small wet spot on her panties! She lifts up her shirt exposing her large bra clad breasts, slips off her underwear and continues to play with her pussy with her fingers. And Zahra's got some nice, dark, hair "down there"! How nice! The slow finger massage quickly turns into more focused clit rubbing, pausing only to pull her great breasts from beneath the confines of her bra and to dig out the blue dolphin vibrator. Zahra rolls onto her side to retrieve the toy from the bedside table. She turns on the toy, positioning the dolphin on her clit while her other hand gently spreads her pussy folds. Her legs are bent at the knee, feet planted on the bed. Zahra continues masturbating with the toy, her clothes still hanging onto her body making her look incredibly sexy. The close up shots show her pussy reacting to the vibrations on her clit, contracting her muscles every time she lifts it off and puts it back ... the camera pans out to a back wall, showing Zahra masturbating in the mirror. And she can see herself in that mirror, too. Very sexy! Zahra turns off the toy for moment - she retireves a different blue dolphin toy and as she rolls over onto her side we are able to appreciate her bikini tan lines on her fine derriere! With a less noisy and more powerful toy buzzing away, this fine MILF is clearly enjoying the dolphin, rubbing it from her clit along her nice and pronounced pussy lips, and back to her clit. Then she gets into some more serious clit stimulation. Zahra tosses her head back into her pillows, gently rocking her hips and tummy up and down. With one arm lifted and wrapped around her head, Zahra begins to pant and before long you hear her say "Oh, yeah, Iím gonna cum, oh, yeah, Iím gonna cum ... ah, oh, yeah" followed quickly by a series of rapid fire orgasmic contractions. This is a great fully body orgasm, showing her face, her abdominal muscle contractions AND her orgasmic pussy contractions, and she continues playing with the dolphin, teasing every little bit of ecstasy out of the moment!! Zahra smiles at the camera noting how nice that orgasm was.

Scene two starts out as a mirror view ... Zahra has a wall mirror mounted at the foot of her bed where she can see herself perfectly! She peels off her pink sweatpants, watching herself playing with herself in the mirror. She pulls her panties to the side, checking out her pussy, then she strips out of her panties and starts playing with her pussy and breasts. It's not long before she reaches for and fires up a bullet style vibrator. She very quickly succumbs to the power of the egg which is clearly visible from the expressions on her face as she concentrates on the feeling. After playing with herself with the toy, Zahra moves her feet together, bent at the knee, just below her crotch (Iíve seen many women prefer this position when they masturbate solo) and she starts to hump the egg ... and it doesnít take long before she announces that her orgasm is imminent. "Oh, yes." Then, "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum! Ah. Ah. Ah." Almost simultaneously we see her rapid fire orgasmic contractions as seen in the mirror - and Zahra sees them, too! She continues dangling the egg vibe on her cooch, lips parted with her fore and index fingers giving us a nice clear view ;-) Zahra slowly, slowly comes down from that first orgasm, but carefully leaves herself aroused with just gentle stimulation from the toy. Conscious of the cameraman in the room, as she starts playing with the toy the second time, she looks at them asking if it's ok to cum again with a gorgeous, flirty smile! Then she kicks the egg into high gear, throws her head back on her pillow (only taking a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror this time) and is cumming again within seconds, saying, "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum! Oh, fuck. I'm cumming. Ah, ah, ah. Oooo, Oooo, ooooo!" (quietly)!! I think this one surprised her! Zahra lowers the intensity of the toy, spreading her pussy lips apart while dangling the to gently over her clit - and checking herself out in the mirror, of course.

Zahra doesnít stop - she kicks the egg back into low gear and keeps playing ... you can hear her ask our camera man if he wants her to cum again ... of course we do!! Zahra turns off the bullet style vibe, spreading her pussy lips and fingering the base of her pussy. She finger massages her clitoris, all the while checking herself out in the mirror. She reaches for the blue dolphin toy again, starting it and placing it on her clitoris - gently. Check out the way her lips wrap around the stem of the dolphin ... very shortly thereafter Zahra says "Iím going to cum again ..." and bingo, a nice series of pulsing pussy contractions, camera panning out to show her whole body and face as she cums!!

But it doesnít stop there ... she continues playing with the dolphin, one hand latched onto her breast and another view from the mirror as she humps the dolphin saying "Iím gonna cum again ...". More clearly visible contractions, and she keeps the dolphin on her clit and has yet another mini-orgasm!!

Wow!! The body angles, the mirror, the orgasms, the muscle contractions, and one very sexy MILF makes this is a very erotic DVD - most definitely a "must have". This is one of THE BEST Zahra movies and now it's even better in HD!!

(Length: 48 minutes)
File Size: 2.13 Gb

*** This downloadable version has been up-converted to 720 HD - for DVD's and Blu-ray disks, please see the non-download version. ***
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