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Using Bonus Points

Use your Bonus Points towards purchases from our store!

Getting discounts and free titles is a 2 step process - converting your Bonus Points to Gift Certificates, then applying the Gift Certificates to your purchases.

1) Convert your Bonus Points to Gift Certificates.

You must be logged into your accout to convert your Bonus Points to Gift Certificates.  Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of your screen and click on "Check Your Bonus Points".  You will then see a summary of the Bonus Points you have accrued, and the conversion rates per point (currently $25 for every 100 Bonus Points, but this base "rate" can change with promotions, etc.).

Click on "Convert to a Gift Certificate".  You can then enter the number of Bonus Points you would like to convert, and the total dollar amount will be shown.  Enter your name in the "To" field and please make sure to double-check that your email address where you want to receive your certificate is correct.  Then click on "Create Gift Certificate".

Check your email.  You will receive an email from dvdstore@the-female-orgasm.com entitled "Femorg.com Ltd.: Gift certificate for you".  You might need to check your spam box as a lot of adult related emails get filtered.  This email will contain a gift certificate code and instructions on using it.

2) Pay for your purchase* (or part of your purchase) using your Gift Certificates.

This is the easy part!  Just add your items to your shopping cart as usual, and at checkout, select payment by "Gift Certificate".  You will be able to add your gift certificate code and the system will calculate what portion of your certificate will be used for that purchase.

If your Gift Certificate value is greater than your total purchase amount, you will be able to complete your checkout without any additional payment methods and your item and shipping is free.  Any balance on your Gift Certificate will remain, and you will be able to use that towards future purchases.

If your Gift Certificate value is less than your total purchase amount, the entire amount will be applied to your order and you will then need to select an additional payment method to pay for the difference.


* Please note that purchases or partial purchases made with Gift Certificates are not entitled to bonus points. Although the system will add them to your account, we will periodically reverse these credits.