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Stella Cox 2 - Orgasm Redemption (Download)

Stella Cox 2 - Orgasm Redemption (Download)
Stella Cox's Orgasm Redemption really is just that ... this incredibly sexy babe with phenomenal natural large breasts, perfect nipples, lippy pussy, and curvy ass masturbates to orgasm as seen from two camera views - a full body view and an up close and personal cooch cam view. Lots of eye candy, and lots of orgasm contractions!

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Stella Cox strolls into the room in high heels and a very short skirt and top. She leans over the chair and exposes her panty-clad crotch before turning around and caressing her body. She really is one sexy babe!! She pulls her top off and reveals her large, lingerie cover breasts, then hikes her skirt and pulls her panties down a little to play with her pussy. Nice ass too! Wow ... she really does have a body to die for! Sitting back in the chair, Stella slips her panties down to her ankles and pulls her big natural breasts out of her sexy bra. She plays with her pussy momentarily before taking her panties off completely and slinging one leg over each arm of the chair. Another pussy and clit play before she reaches underneath her bottom and finds the Hitachi magic wand. She turns on the big vibrator and places is just as she likes it on her clitoris. The sensations make her moan instantly. But low power is not where she wants to be, so Stella turns it up to maximum and puts it back on her clit. With her eyes closed and her ample bosom heaving with every breath, Stella continues to masturbate with the powerful vibrator until her panting and moaning change octave and with an "Oh yes", Stella cums. It's a nice pussy contracting orgasm too! She puts the wand away and fingers her post orgasmic pussy, looking very pleased with herself!

This is the multi-cam session of Stella so the cooch cam view of her first scene is up next. When she gets settles in her chair, it's clear that her pussy is more lippy than it looked originally - nice. The view also shows her fantastic breasts and perfect nipples as she masturbates with the Hitachi. She edges a little - pulling the vibe off the first time it looks like she is going to cum, but then letting herself go when she gets there again ... very nice and clear orgasm contractions as she goes over the edge!

Stella is looking stunning in her tight red top and short gray skirt as she lays on the bed. She moves into a kneeling position and hikes her skirt - she is wearing sexy lace thong panties underneath. Her big natural breasts are clearly being held in place by a bra as her cleavage is very prominent ;-) ... Stella slips off her skirt and gets into doggy position, showing off her perfect thong clad behind. When she takes her top off, her matching red bra is revealed ... she slips out one ample breast before unhooking her bra and removing it completely. Her little spontaneous smile indicates that she is having some fun ... as does her nicely erect nipple. Stella slips a hand into her panties and rubs her bits before she slips them down to her ankles and off completely. She picks up the Womanizer vibrator and gently passes it over her clit and lips as the camera moves in for a slightly closer view of the actions. Stella seems rather intrigued by this toy ... she focuses it on her clit with one hand as her other hand pulls on her lips to make her clitoris more accessible to the toy. She soon finds her spot and starts to pant and moan and gently writhe against the odd sounding buzzer. Stella searches for more power from the toy but it's maxed out, so she rolls with it as it, rubbing it and holding it firmly against her clit. She lets out a few "oh's" and an "oh my god" and starts thrusting her hips harder against the toy until she is done. Sadly, I don't think the toy was powerful enough to deliver for her ...

Standing in front of a comfy looking armchair, Stella is wearing a pair of tiny denim shorts and a floral print half t-shirt. OMG - her breasts look phenomenal as she lifts up her shirt! She is wearing a sexy gray and black bra underneath. She takes her shirt of fairly quickly, unhooks her bra and drops it to the floor, then pulls her denim shorts down over her curvaceous bum. She is wearing a matching black and gray pair of thong panties, which she quickly proceeds to give herself a pussy wedgie with! The follow her shorts to the floor as Stella kneels on the chair sideways and rubs the end of the Hitachi over her luscious labia. She turns the big buzzer on, spreads her cheek, and gives herself a quick stim from behind before sitting back in the chair and spreading her legs wide apart. With the toy on low power, Stella gets more serious about masturbating, gently parting he lips as she finds the perfect placement of the toy. She is already moaning gently by the time she is ready for high power ... and when she cranks up the toy, it seems to almost take her breath away, and she kind of laughs at that! That's much better for her - she pulls her legs up behind her arms and gives us a completely unobstructed view of her pussy and ass as she masturbates, her toes pointing up nicely too. Stella keeps the toy firmly planted until she gets close. She gets a bit more comfy and quickly applies a little saliva to her clit without missing a beat with the wand, and that's all it takes to make her cum :-) ... she puts the toy away and spreads her pussy for us to see!

The alternate cam view starts out when Stella was kneeling on the chair, giving us some great views of her ass, lippy pussy, and breast as she starts to masturbate. That view only gets better when she flips over and gets comfy in the chair, pulling her legs up for better access to her naughty bits! And what we don't see in the full body view but is completely clear here are her pre-orgasm contractions when she had her legs pulls up completely and just before she applied her saliva to her clit - very nice. And when she finally cums, her contractions are very clear and strong! What a nice orgasm! And nice pussy, and nice heaving breasts!

(Length: 45 Minutes)
File Size: 1.91 Gb

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