This is a totally amateur style shoot. We even had to rotate the camera angle to produce the DVD and the date/time stamp appears throughout the video. Nevertheless, it is a nice DVD and Payton did manage to have a couple of real, nice, orgasms.

Eighteen year old Payton has a certain sexiness about her – almost an exotic appeal. She seems a little bit like a naughty girl with her piercings, tattoos and dark eye shadow. Her eyes tell us she’s adventurous often staring intently and directly into the camera.

Payton has a pretty hot body, and when she strips out of her gym shorts and tank top, she turns around and allows us to appreciate every aspect of her naked body. She takes her time posing in front of the camera, showing off all her bits – her pussy lips while on all fours, her tattoos, especially the one in the small of her back, her small natural breasts and her nice round ass. After her posing session, we flip to see her in a very sexy black see-thru panty and halter bra set. Again, she gives us a few poses and glances directly into the camera before she undresses and settles down to diddle, rub and play with her nice, shaved pussy. She really does have an interesting and full clit and cooch. Her first toy of choice is the pocket rocket. With her long, raven locks flowing onto her breasts, she leans back onto the bed, kind of half sitting upright and buzzes her clit, while softly moaning and grinding her hips. Her first orgasm is definitely non-confirmable as she closes her legs almost completely. The cameraman takes a brief moment to explain to her that we need her to try to keep her legs spread so that we can see her orgasm contractions, if that’s possible for her. And he asks her if she likes that toy. She continues buzzing her clit and relaxes completely on the bed for really nice closeup views of her lippy bits and rather long, wide clitoris and hood. We can still see the rising and falling of her stomach and breasts from this angle, too. Unfortunately, when her second orgasm begins, the camera is angled just a bit too high on her cooch, so we can’t see all those nice perineum contractions, but the outer folds are contracting somewhat and she seems rather sensitive afterwards, too. When she sits up again on the bed, there are interesting downward views of her pussy, too. Still maintaining that semi-upright position, she enjoys some fingering and rubbing for a while.
After a short little break, Payton is back in a school-girl style plaid skirt and when she lifts up her skirt, we see she is not wearing any underwear! She takes off her top and removes her skirt giving us some more of her most sexy poses while leaving on her high heels. She reaches for the pocket rocket yet again and I really like the way her nipples get very erect! As Payton gets closer and closer to orgasm, her mouth opens and you can see her tongue piercing and her lower lip piercing, too. This time, the camera is perfectly positioned and we can see a nice, contracting orgasm as she softly gasps when she is cumming. She reaches for a large purple vibrator next and uses it to stimulate her clitoris even more. She sits up and points the end directly onto her clit for a bit, then moves back and uses the vibe to separate her lips and buzz her clit without ever inserting it into her. She moves back to finger massaging, but does not manage another orgasm.

The final scene on this DVD begins with Payton undressing from her gym shorts and tank top again for a shower. Once she steps into the shower, we see her getting wet, rubbing and lathering up via a mirror angle, too. After her shower, she dries off and makes her way to the bed where she uses a little body oil all over her toned legs and pussy. As she rubs the oil into her pussy, she starts working her hips up and down and back and forth before she reaches for her trusty pocket rocket for one more nice orgasm.

(Length: 45 minutes)
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Lexi Ward and Hannah Shaw
Lexi Ward and Hannah Shaw