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Olivia Adams - The Wettest Yet

Olivia Adams - The Wettest Yet
We are pleased to introduce and welcome 36 year-old Olivia Adams to our orgasm movie collection. Olivia is a member of our flagship site: The-Female-Orgasm.com. Somewhere along the way, Olivia decided she could make her own orgasm movies (anonymously, of course) that are even better than the "professional" models we film. And, guess what? We think Olivia is on to something because it is very obvious that masturbating to orgasm in front of the camera gets this horny babe very, very turned on and sooooooo wet - literally DRIPPING wet!! Olivia's orgasms are always very strong and perfectly visible. We've given Olivia the honor of "The Wettest Yet"! See for yourself in these 7 orgasms!

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In the first scene, Olivia's cooch is in close-up view with a pink blanket beneath her. She finger rubs her clit and almost instantly the bead of clear juices makes an appearance in the slit between her pussy lips. Olivia reaches in to play and spread the clear fluids all around on her clit and pussy. She reaches down and pulls her pussy lips apart with one hand, while stroking her clit from side-to-side with the other. She pauses from the intense wanking to spread further and play with her ever building wetness. Olivia's clit is responding, too - and protruding quite a bit as she plays with her pussy. She takes both hands down the sides of labia, squeezing them together, alternating between stroking her clit and spreading her juices. Olivia starts to work her clit, stroking from side-to-side rather quickly with her middle finger. After about 5 minutes of finger rubbing, Olivia's pussy twinges and we see a nice, hard, snapping orgasm along the side of labia. The contractions are filmed up close and simply can not be missed. Olivia leaves the camera rolling to capture the after effects, too.

Olivia is naked and straddling a chair in the next scene in a crystal clear high definition view. We see her from the breasts down at the beginning of this clip and I should mention that her breasts are on the small side, but all natural with large, perky nipples. Olivia leans back in the chair and we can see that she has a very faint brazilian hair cut on the mound of her pussy - otherwise everything is shaved. As always, Olivia's pussy is wet - stringy, juicy wet and she pulls the juices out of her and they dribble all the way down and out to chair cushion. Olivia gets herself riled up and close, over and over again until she decides to slow her pace back down and play with her juices before going back at her clit with a finger rub again. Olivia tilts her hips back a little bit so that we get to see more of her pussy, then flicks her clit from side-to-side with two, then three then all of her fingers until she has a great, strong, long lasting orgasm. She lets out a few moans and "Oh yeah's" as she is cumming this time. She giggles after she is finished.

Olivia is back in the bedroom lying on her back - completely naked - with very perky, erect nipples in frame. She is rotating her hips and finger rubbing her clit and playing with all of her pussy juices. With one hand pulling up and back on her mound, the other hand massages her clit, coaxing her juices out of her slit. As Olivia works her index finger 'round and 'round, her clit really begins to protrude quite a lot. She slows the pace for a moment, rotating her hips as she strokes and massages herself. Her hand picks up pace, then slows down again, then goes faster again - one finger firmly stroking her clit. She spreads her lips a bit wider, then continues stroking her clit with her finger. She pauses only to refresh her clit with her natural juices. With her finger going side-to-side and her lips flapping, Olivia gasps and cums hard, with very strong, wave like side contractions that go on and on. Her pussy is flushed a deep red color. Olivia takes a moment to recover after that one.

In a high definition view, Olivia is seated on the kitchen counter -completely naked once more - and stroking her pussy. She's wet - again - and we can hear her juices as she fingers her pussy. After a few minutes of finger play, Olivia turns on a big egg shaped vibe. She inserts the toy deep into her pussy with a moan. She works the toy in and out, getting it very wet in the process. Then, she teases her clit with the vibrator before plunging it back inside and stroking and moaning. With the toy deep inside, she increases the intensity, then puts it on her clit, saying, "Oh, shit" very softly. It feels good! She plunges the toy back inside her pussy, stroking hard and fast and we can just hear all of her juices. She pulls the toy out again, paying attention to her clit once more. It's pink and protruding. The toy goes back inside, then back on her clit. She spreads her lips with one hand, while the other works the toy on her clit. Olivia's juices are dripping out of her pussy and pooling on the counter. She moans and then she cums hard - another big, perfectly visible, perfectly obvious, wet orgasm complete with lots of "after shocks", too.

In another high definition view, Olivia is back in the bedroom for another closeup orgasm scene. She's always wet but this time even more so than usual. Her juices are running out of her and straight down to her ass and blanket. The TV is quietly playing in the background so that Olivia's roommate can not hear her soft whimpers and moans. Olivia is playing with her clit, just the way she likes to do it - smearing her natural pussy juices all over the clit and getting it nice and hard, then taking a break for more moisture. We can just catch of glimpse of Olivia's breast and arm pit as she reaches for a big black and purple dildo shaped vibe. She turns on the toy, immediately buzzing her clit and stroking externally with the toy. Olivia flicks the penis tip of the toy over her clitoris, rocking her hips back and forth and up and down to meet the toy. She starts to show a few pre orgasmic contractions, then says, "Oh yeah" but she takes the toy off before she goes over the orgasm edge. She does this once more, then actually inserts the toy into her pussy for a moment. She moans and her pussy softly contracts - she won't let herself cum just yet. She puts the tip of the toy back onto her clit, panting and moaning and really enjoying it. She pops out 3 or 4 soft contractions again, then her juices dribble out some more. She reaches a hand under her leg - all she has to do it barely touch herself with the tip of the toy and she is ready to cum. She increases the intensity of the toy - moaning as it picks up pace. She strokes and presses more firmly on her clit, moaning as she does this, then resting the toy right where she wants it with a series of small popping contractions. She lets out a deep moan, for more contractions until she finally cums hard, snapping and moaning and gasping as her pussy contracts over and over again. Nice one. She lies back to catch her breath before we fade to the next scene.

Olivia is seated on a wooded chair and all we can see is the bottom of the chair and her wet pussy. We hear a toy start to buzz and then we see a big purple, penis shaped vibe going into Olivia's pussy. She pulls the toy out long enough to work it on her clit, then it goes back inside for more pussy stroking. After a few moments, the toy comes out of her pussy and goes back on her clit, then back inside, then back on her clit. Olivia flicks the toy on either side of her labia - back and forth, then places the penis-tip buzzer directly on her clit - as she lifts up a little bit we can see the juices dripping out of her. She pulls one lip aside and her pussy is becoming so red and swollen. Olivia moans, then moves the toy back and forth and all around on her clitoris. With the toy gently buzzing on her hard clitoris, Olivia keeps spreading her lips wide apart. She moans and then cums and a bead of clear liquid juice is running all of the way out her and onto the floor. And Olivia is still cumming - it's a huge long orgasm. Once it is over, her legs are quivering and she says, "Mmmmmmmm."

In another crisp high definition scene, Olivia Adams is seated in the tan arm chair wearing nothing except a pair of black panties. The wet spot is already visible on the panties. After some finger play, Olivia peels off the panties and adjusts the camera angle so that more of her breasts are visible. And her foot is hanging on the arm of the chair for a few moments. Olivia is finger rubbing her clitoris - and from time-to-time she is squeezing her breast - getting her pink nipple very erect. Olivia is beginning to moan and pant. She pauses to reach for her big purple penis-shaped vibe. She puts the penis tip right on her clitoris and the juices are already pooling and dripping down to Olivia's anus. She wants to cum, but she wants to savour it for a few more minutes, also. So she pulls the toy away and then slowly goes back to stroking her clit with it. But, there's no holding back this time - Olivia cums - with a long, string of pussy juices dripping out of her and onto the chair cushion. She sits back to catch her breath, then she squeezes her labia and cooch - just to get the last of her contractions out!

(Length: 53 Minutes)

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