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Olivia Adams 34 - The Beginnings (Download)

Olivia Adams 34 - The Beginnings (Download)
This is a collection of very early videos from Olivia Adams that have not been made available as full length movies - they just sort of got left behind as Olivia kept on masturbating and filming herself and we just couldn't keep up! As Olivia was still learning, the production quality of some of her early stuff wasn't that great, but in my opinion, that's part of the beauty of these very erotic scenes!

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Olivia is sitting on the counter of her backroom, completely naked and with her trusty purple vibrator close by. She is really horny and super wet! She starts to play with her pussy and her juices instantly start to flow, and she draws out long strings of her glorious grool. Olivia rubs her clit with her fingers, slaps her pussy with her hand, and draws out more strings of pussy juice. The she replaces her hand with her vibrator, rubbing it over her clit and gently slapping her pussy with it. As soon as she turns it on, she gasps and pants "oh yeah ...". Olivia very gingerly masturbates with the vibrator as she is already close to cumming. "I want to cum so badly" she says, but she has enough control to keep the toy off her clit. But as soon as she puts it back she says "Oh, I'm cumming" just as her contractions take hold ... and take hold they do - big and strong orgasm contractions that go on and on! Wow - that was a good one!

Olivia is already soaking wet when she turns the camera on. She is sitting on a stool of sorts listening to a show on TV as she plays with herself. Her juices are really flowing and dripping out of her in long strings a she starts to rub her clit. She draws more of her slippery juices up onto her clit and the continues to slip her finger over her little sensitive button. Olivia keeps up the rotation of drawing out her juices and rubbing her clit for a bit, getting closer and closer to her orgasm each time she stops ... she starts rubbing again and instantly softly says under her breath "I'm going to cum!". Her pussy starts to pulsate and spasm from her orgasm and she rubs her clit. Olivia stays right where she is while she recovers, juices pouring out of her aroused pussy.

Olivia is lying on her bed with her legs apart and wearing just her bead-crotched panties. Her small breasts are visible, and her nipples are nice and perky! Olivia uses a remote control to zoom in closer to her pussy and she starts pulling at the string of beads and snapping them back against her vulva. Olivia slips her panties off and her pussy is already very red, aroused, wet and hairy!! Nice! She is armed with her clit sucker (we haven't seen THAT in a while) which she attaches as her juices pool at the base of her vagina. Having that thing attached to her gets her even wetter - she zooms out again so we can see her whole body again. Olivia pulls the clit sucker off and starts to rub her clit with her fingers. Her pussy really is very pink and turned on! But Olivia isn't going to let herself get off too quickly ... she picks up her g-spot vibrator, turns it on and touches it to her clit. Then she gets her jelly dildo, moistens the tip by dragging it through her vulva, then starts fucking herself with it as she puts the vibe back on her clit. She is so turned on that she cums in seconds!! Her pussy grabbing on to the dildo as it contracts and pulsates. Olivia keeps the vibe on for as long as she can, riding her orgasm out completely. Nice. And I must say that she really looks good with some hair on her pussy!

This time Olivia is shaved again as she sits completely naked in her chair. And once again, we get to see her nice and natural small breasts and perky nipples. Olivia's legs are apart as she reaches down and starts to play with her pussy. Then, lifting a leg over each arm of the chair, Olivia starts to masturbate with her g-spot vibrator again. The sensations make her hiss and moan only seconds after she touches her clit with it! And a glistening bead of her juice builds at the base of her vagina almost instantly. Just as quickly, Olivia quietly goes over the edge and cums with a series of nice contractions.

Olivia sitting on her faux-sheepskin blanket in her chair and playing with her breasts and nipples. She is completely naked, and she parts her legs and reaches down to start masturbating with her fingers. Olivia is already sopping wet - she dips a finger into her vagina and draws out a long string of sticky grool. She is clearly ready for more, so she picks up a pink rabbit-esq vibrator and masturbates briefly with it. Shifting into a squatting position, Olivia tries to masturbate with the vibrator, but quickly pulls it away as she really is getting close. Her juices are literally running out of her vagina and stringing down underneath her ass! Olivia puts the vibrator down, then starts to rub her clit with her fingers. Almost instantly she starts to pant and hiss and lets out a "fuck" as her orgasm overcomes her. As usual, she has lots of contractions that go on and on, well beyond her actual orgasm! She recovers in her squatting position, still with her stringy juices attaching her ass to the surface beneath her.

Now wearing a black top and black panties with pink lace trimmings, Olivia reaches up with one hand to cup her breast while her other hand finds her pussy. After a moment, she pulls her top down and plays with her breasts, giving her nipples some seriously firm tweaks! Olivia's hand once again finds her pussy and clit through the fabric of her panties and she gently rubs it all with her hand. But her panties must go, so she peels them off and continues to masturbate with her fingers. She only pauses to dip her finger into her pussy to draw out her slippery juices. Olivia zooms the camera in for a closer view of her amazing juice as she strums away at her clit with her fingers. She shifts positions a little then continues masturbating sans toys. Olivia suddenly increases the pace of the rubbing - just for a few seconds - and that is enough to make her cum! Her pussy starts twitching and convulsing from her orgasm!

Olivia is hairy again! She is filming this at night in a low light setting, so the video is a little bit grainy though. Olivia is completely soaking wet when she gets going, dipping her finger into her vagina, drawing out her juice, and rubbing it all over her clit. She reaches her hands under her legs and pulls her pussy lips apart to show us how wet she is inside too, then she goes back to gently masturbating her turgid clitoris. Olivia zooms the camera in for a very close up view of this action as she gently runs circles on her clit with her forefinger. Her clit is glistening from the juice she smeared there, and the vase of her vagina is glistening from the new juice building up. Olivia keeps on masturbating and playing with her juices, this time inserting first one then two fingers deep into her vagina. Her finger rubbing temp increases then slows down to barely anything then increases again just as Olivia goes over the edge with lots of tugging contractions! Another nice hairy wet pussy orgasm!

Olivia is sitting on a red blanket wearing black panties with white stripes ... or are they white panties with black stripes? Either way, she is gently fingering herself through them! She peels the crotch aside and spreads her pussy lips - she already looks quite aroused! Olivia dips a finger into her vagina and it comes back a little wet and sticky - not dripping as usual. She turns on her g-spot vibe and touches it to her clit, then gently starts to rock her hips up against the toy. She then parts her lips with her fingers and touches the toy to her clit once again. She really seems to enjoy teasing herself - vibing her clit, then abruptly stopping, and doing it again ... and again. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter as she masturbates this way. Olivia takes herself right up to the edge ... then holds herself there as she puts the toy away, then takes herself over the edge just by jiggling her pubic area! It's a nice orgasm too, with lots of rhythmic contractions!

Olivia is sitting in the corner of a room, completely naked. She reaches up and plays with her breasts and nipples, reaches down and touches her pussy, then continues playing with her breasts but more focused on her nipples. She reaches down with one hand and slips a finger through her slit for some juice. She then sucks the juice of her finger! We don't see her do that often! Olivia is really taking her time to gently play with herself and she is absolutely soaking wet. By the time she gets around to seriously masturbating, her pussy is red and engorged and soaked. As soon as the vibrator touches her clit, she lets out an "ahhhh" ... "ah yeah" ... "ahhh". She really is trying not to cum too quickly. She pauses to zoom in a little closer, then continues to tease her pink sloppy pussy with the vibe. All of a sudden, she is overtaken by a series of snapping contractions as she orgasms! Wow - what a grand finale!

(Length: 1 Hour 2 Minutes)
File Size: 2.73 Gb

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