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Olivia Adams 14 - Even Wetter! (Download)

Olivia Adams 14 - Even Wetter! (Download)
Olivia Adams is back for yet another incredible movie ... "And why is this one so special?" you might ask - well, this one contains Olivia's FIRST EVER squirting scenes - complete with tons of orgasm contractions through that wet, squirting pussy! You will not find a wetter, more orgasmic, pussy on the web. Period.

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Olivia likes butterflies. This movie opens with Olivia sitting, naked, on a sheet covered chair, wearing only a pair of red butterfly panties. She has the panty crotch wedged tightly between her labia. Her pussy is glistening wet as she gyrates and wriggles her hips. She begins a slow finger rub through her panties. She also fondles her small, perky, natural breasts and tweaks her nipples. She continues the finger assault through her sexy red panties for quite some time, until she finally peels them off. Her pussy is shaved, except for a close, triangular, crop across her mound. And, Olivia's pussy is WET! She dips a finger or two into her vagina, smearing the pussy juices all around and rubbing her clit. She zooms the camera in slightly closer to that pussy wo we can have an even better look ... then she zooms it in again, getting even closer. We can literally see the bubbles in her pussy juice! Pulling back on her mound with one hand, and finger rubbing with only her index finger of her other hand, Olivia continues her finger flicking masturbation rub. She softly moans, "Oh. Oh. Ah." on occasion. Her juices are flowing and her index finger is really moving as she bumps and grinds her hips to the rhythm. She is edging - getting close to orgasm, but not letting herself really go over the orgasm edge. And it only serves to make her pussy wetter and wetter. Olivia can only keep this up for so long, though. She pulls back on her mound, stimulates her clit, then stops and lays her finger gently and motionless on her clit. Olivia moans, "Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah." And THEN we see a nice serious of pussy contractions that leaves her in ecstasy. She pans the camera out a bit as she catches her breath to recover!

Olivia is lying on a tan, plush blanket on her bed, naked. But her pussy is already soaked with juices in anticipation of what she is about to do to herself! Her juices are clinging to her inner thigh, too and her pussy is slightly swollen, perhaps from a recent previous orgasm? She touches her pussy, giving her clit a few firm slaps as she pulls her pussy juices out and up. Olivia continues her finger assault and slapping, getting wetter and wetter. Olivia fires up her wet egg style vibe, gently buzzing her clitoris. Olivia wraps an arm under her thigh, lifting her legs off the bed. She reaches for the remote, then we fade to a closeup view of Olivia kneeling on the bed. Olivia reaches the egg around from behind, getting her stringy pussy juices really flowing - I mean flowing out of her, and virtually pouring down to the bed! She teases herself with the toy, keeping her juices dripping and running out of her vagina and down onto the bed. With the toy working her from behind, she starts to moan and groan. All of a sudden, she quickly pulls the toy away, then reaches to the front of her pubic mound, pulling back with both hands saying, "Oh! I'm going to cum!" And cum she does!! Lots of contractions as her juices continue to pool on the blanket below her ... wow!

Olivia is lying on a black bed cover, wearing black, just-below-the-knee boots and transparent black panties. Her long hair is cascading down to her breast. She is gently stroking her clitoris and pussy with one long finger and rocking and rolling her hips. Her pussy is wet and we can see a close covering of hair on her pussy! The camera is far enough out that her breasts, tummy and outstretched thighs are in view. Olivia fires up a tiny, silver bullet vibe and starts working that on her pussy though her panties. She gets wet ... very wet, enjoying the toy before slipping the toy down and inside her panties. Her panties are so see-through though that we can see all the action through the black gauzy fabric as she buzzes her clit. After a bit, she takes the toy back to the top side of her panties, then slips her hand down in the panties to pull her lips apart. Her pussy juices are really building up and we can clearly see it all clinging to the inside of her panties. Her legs start to quiver and we hear a series of soft moans. And then we see the series of strong pussy contractions, shifting her juices and the fabric of her panties as Olivia cums! Incredible! She needs a few minutes to catch her breath after that one!

Olivia is kneeling on green sheets rubbing her white satin nightie all over her girlie bits. She falls back onto her pillows, letting her legs fall in front of her so that her pussy is positioned in front of the camera. She continues to work the soft, satin-y material on her pussy as she slowly rotates and gyrates her hips. Olivia begins a slow finger massage of her vulva. She inserts a finger into her vagina, smearing all her juices around. Her pussy is shaved bare around her labia and there is only a faint covering of closely cropped hair across her pubic mound. She dips and smears and rubs. With her hips in full circular motion, she reaches for the white egg vibe, and slowly starts working it on her clitoris. From time-to-time, she inserts the toy deep into her pussy, then pulls it out to buzz her clitoris. Her jucies are turning a bit creamy and flowing out of her once more. With her hips bouncing up and off the bed, she puts the toy on her clitoris and starts to moan as she cums and cums and cums! This is a very long, strong orgasm that she rides out to the very end! She turns off the toy, lying back and staying still to catch her breath.

Olivia is wearing a black dress and fondling her breasts through her dress before she pulls her tank top down, exposing her perky nipples. She isn't wearing any panties and her barely-there-haired pussy is showing. She hisses as she fondles her pussy with two hands. She reaches up to pull her top down to her waist, then she finger massages her pussy again, smearing her pussy juices up to her breasts. She leans back, revealing the wet spot she's made on the fabric beneath her ... She lifts her leg high in the air, exposing all of her vulva as she finger massages her clit, smearing and playing with her juices. She pauses from that action for a moment to get onto her knees and with the camera pointing up to her pussy, we see the juices running out of her vagina and clinging to her thigh. Olivia adjusts her position once more before firing up her favourite white egg vibe. Instantly, she is moaning as she plays with the toy, working it in a circular motion across her clitoris. She wiggles and jiggles the toy and her pussy juice is literally flowing out of her pussy in long, beaded strings. Her pussy clenches together and the juices pour our again as she says, "Oh. Yeah!". All of a sudden she starts squirting! Her pussy juices and urine are just flowing and flowing out of her pushing pussy and mixing as it runs onto the blanket beneath her! Her outer labia are swelling and dark red red as she bares down. The juices seemingly never end as she moans and continues working the toy across her clitoris. Faster and faster, with the squirts still comign out, Olivia continues with the vibe. She inserts the vibe into her pussy, the pulls it out to work her clitoris, baring down once more. She continues squirting from her urethra and flowing stringy juices from her vagina ... Wow! She dips the toy back inside, then back out as she bares down again - with the juices flowing she moans, "Oh, I'm going to cum so hard! Oh, yeah" as her pussy starts to "snap" and contract over and over in orgasm! It's a big orgasm, too! She keeps the camera in place, focused on her red and swollen pussy as she recovers. She then moves the camera to "show off" the wet spot beneath her chair after that flowing, squirting orgasm! This is a first for us!

Olivia is wearing pale pink, pearl laced panties and lying on her bed. The panties have a crotch slit in there and her pussy lips are peeking through the slit as she snaps the pearls - hard - on her pussy! She pulls her panties up, squeezing her labia further out of the slit while her hips rotate and gyrate. After her playful pulling and tugging, she peels off her pale pink panties. Then reaches for her purple dildo vibe. With her thighs spread wide, she works the purple vibe on the tip of her clitoris, pressing firmly. The camera fade to a new positions - this time Olivia is lying on her tummy with her vibe buzzing beneath her as she squishes into the vibe, gyrating, spreading and wriggling on her tummy. She bounces and rolls on the tip of her penis dildo, with her legs spread really wide and her juices evident inside her pussy. With the toy still beneath her, she reaches her hands around to pull her pussy lips really wide apart, then she re-positions the toy just so. She bounces and gyrates, lifting her bottom up as her clear pussy strings drip all the way down to the head of the toy. She falls back down on the toy, gyrating her hips and clitoris again and again as she humps the toy. She continues grinding her clit and vulva onto the toy, then lifting her bottom up , then falling back down and smashing around on the toy. She gets into quite a rhythm, then she reaches both hands around and pulls her pussy lips wide apart. Wet. Wet. Wet. Wet. Back down on the toy she goes, moving with tight circular hip movements. She bumps and grinds further, really burying the toy into the bed with her mound and pussy - without ever inserting it into her vagina. She bounces and grinds on the toy, then reaches her hands around to squeeze her ass and spread her lips. She grinds - hard - onto the bed ... the toy appears to have slipped away ... she lets out a moan and a gasp as she rocks and bounces. Both hands are behind her, spreading her sopping wet vulva and ass wide apart as she cums and cums and cums with tons of obvious, long, hard and strong, pussy contractions. Another phenomenal orgasm! She reaches beneath her and pulls the toy out and to the side of her.

Olivia is lying on green sheets and wearing sopping wet blue cotton panties! She is finger massaging her clitoris through those extremely pussy-juice-soaked panties. After a bit of warm up, she lifts her legs high in the air and peels off her wet panties. She adjusts the camera to move in even closer to her drenched pussy as she pulls the strings of wetness out of her vagina, then smears all her juices over her vulva and onto her clitoris. As she assaults her clitoris with her index finger, her pussy juices are flowing out of her vagina and down to her anus. She continues the rub and string play. And she gets the camera closer still - we can see every details of her anatomy and all that incredible pussy juice. Pulling one lip aside and finger rubbing her clitoris, Olivia cums hard and fast! Tons of hard, strong pulsing contractions that have her legs quivering. She finger massages some more, squeezing out every last little bit of pleasure from that one!

(Length: 1 hour 8 minutes)
File Size: 3.00 Gb

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