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Olivia Adams 12 - Phenomenal (Download)

Olivia Adams 12 - Phenomenal (Download)
You will not find a wetter, more orgasmic, pussy on the web. Period. Back for an incredible, twelfth, full length movie, Olivia Adams is simply phenomenal. Again. She juices and drips out of her panties in this one and Olivia really enjoys a standing orgasm this time. Olivia also films one with the camera below her and she drips all over the camera lens.

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Olivia is kneeling on her bed with her ass and very wet pussy (and bottoms of her feet, for the feet fans!) in full view of the camera. She's rubbing "doggystyle". Her pussy is so wet, her juices are literally pouring out of her and soaking the comforter beneath her. After a juicy, spreading, finger warm-up, Olivia stays in the same bottoms up position and fires up her white egg shaped vibrator. She slowly jiggles the toy on her sensitive clitoris, gyrating her hips and rocking back and forth in full view for the stationary camera. Olivia starts to moan softly, but she is edging and doesn't want to cum too quickly. With her bottom really wiggling, one hand spreading her lips and the toy directly on her clitoris, Olivia cranks the toy to it's highest power, starts moaning loudly, saying, "Oh. Yeah. Ohhhh. Yeah." giving us a big, huge, long, hard, rapid fire contracting, orgasm! It's a nice one! Her pussy is still contracting when she pulls the toy away and she stays in a bottom up position for her recovery.

Wearing a thin, very gauzy, pair of black button panties with the camera pointing downwards on her crotch, thighs and part of her abdomen, we can already see that Olivia's clitoris is bulging through the tight panties and her pussy is soaking, dripping, wet. Her panties are pulled tight, allowing her outer labia and clitoris to really bulge and protrude from the panties. And as Olivia slowly finger massages her pussy through her panties, her juices are pooling and dripping right THROUGH her panties! Phenomenal! Then Olivia fires up her white egg vibe, once more. And as she works the toy, she says, "Oh, yeah." And the juices continue to flow out of her pussy and through the black panties. With the toy below the panties and pressing very firmly on her clitoris, Olivia gyrates her hips saying, "Oh, yeah" and hisses. She takes the toy out of her panties, working it on top of them again. Her labia are turning very red. But she stops the toy action for a moment because she doesn't want to cum too quickly. She runs a finger up her clitoris. With the side button of the panties now unfastened, Olivia pulls the panty crotch to the side and fires up her egg vibrator once more. It feels good! And within just a few minutes with the toy going, she is about to cum. But, not too quickly! She gets right to the edge of orgasm, then pulls the toy away. Then she puts the toy back in place once more, getting right to the edge again. But not going over it. Until she puts the toy back in place, saying, "Oh. Fuck, yeah." She takes the toy away, pulls back on her mound, and cums! Hard! Without any further stimulation from the toy! Olivia mumbles, "Oh fuck, that was good!" Her swollen, engorged, red, dripping wet, pussy is exposed to the camera as she recovers.

Olivia is lying on her bed, wearing another sexy pair of black, sheer, panties and nothing else. Her natural breasts are exposed and her long brown hair is cascading down her shoulder. We can see she has a bit of hair on her pussy beneath those panties. She starts to warm-up by slapping her clitoris and pussy through the panties. She gasps, then reaches for the camera remote control to zoom a little closer to her pussy. She gyrates into her panties, then lifts her legs high to pull them off. Her pussy is indeed hairy and soaked with clear pussy juices. She dips a finger in and smears her wetness all over. She slaps her pussy, moaning. She adjusts the camera once more for a more full body view, now keeping her breasts in view. Olivia also reaches for her pink rabbit style toy. She stimulates her clitoris and inserts that toy deep into her pussy, rotating and gyrating her hips as she goes. She removes the toy, then changes position by kneeling on the bed. She starts to finger rub her pussy, flicking her finger quickly over her clitoris. As she does this, long and stringy pussy juices flow out and down to her red bed cover. Olivia inserts the rabbit into her pussy once more, still kneeling, and rubbing her clitoris. She pulls the toy back out - juicy strings everywhere - and works the toy on her clitoris. Within a moment Olivia gasps, saying, "Oh, yeah." And her pussy starts contracting in orgasmic ecstasy - she is still kneeling. With the juices dripping, she finally sits back onto the bed as her contractions subside and she recovers.

Olivia is back in her bedroom, kneeling with her bottom facing the camera; only this time - her clit pump is firmly attached to her clitoris and her pussy juices are dripping down and running off of the end of the clit pump tube!! As she jiggles her bottom, the juices run down her thighs, all the way to the heels of her feet! Phenomenal! She moves the camera position to slightly above as she spreads her ass cheeks, showing off all of her bits in full detail. Her clitoris is still firmly held by the toy, and yes, her juices are still flowing! You almost have to see this scene to understand the views I am trying to describe. Olivia changes position, lying on her back on the bed. She has a trimmed patch of mound hair, but her outer labia are shaved smooth in this scene. Olivia removes the suction end of the clitoris pump - her pussy is very pink - then she turns on her white egg shaped vibrator. She strokes the toy slowly up and down and around on her clit. She jiggles the toy, presses the toy, inserts the toy and rocks her hips. As she strokes her pussy, she is gasping and moaning softly. She pulls the toy out, focusing on her clitoris, then puts the toy back into her vagina to stroke herself while her hand massages her clitoris. She is moaning, hissing and whimpering softly. She teases herself with the toy going on and off her clit. Her clit is so pink. Olivia is edging herself closer and closer to orgasm, but she doesn't want to cum too quickly. She takes the toy away just in time everytime. She hisses, "Oh my god. Fuck, yeah." It feels good. With her hips rotating around the end of the toy, she gasps again. Not yet. She is prolonging the ecstasy! And then, she edges as close as she can get, pulls the toy off, pulls back on her mound and enjoys an incredible, touchless, orgasm! As Olivia cums this time, her juices are squeezed out of her pussy even more. Her contractions continue for several minutes after she has cum. She's not exaggerating these, she only has to touch her mound and her pussy contracts.

Olivia is standing up clad in a pair of black, butterfly, panties; there's some television or radio commentary playing the background. Olivia is completely turned on in anticipation of showing off these sexy panties - she's so turned on, the clear pussy juices are pouring out of her pussy, clinging to her thighs. After showing off for a moment, Olivia turns off the background commentary and gets down to masturbating. Her black butterfly panties are crotchless and wrapped around her outer labia. She's still standing and her pussy juices are still flowing. The thick string is long and running out of her pussy and lands on the camera lens, which is on the floor looking up towards her pussy and crotch. The lens is covered in her juices. Phenomenal! She plays with the long strings. Olivia is so turned on, she is softly saying, "Oh, fuck." as she pulls back on her clit and rubs her pussy. When we next see Olivia, she is still kneeling with her purple dildo vibe buzzing on her clitoris through the black butterfly panties. She has cleaned the camera lens of her pussy juices, also. Olivia pulls up on the crotchless panties to better expose her clitoris as she strokes with the purple dildo. She slaps the dilo onto her pussy, causing her juices to flow even more. She gyrates her hips 'round and 'round, leaning harder into the toy. She gasps. Her inner thigh is covered in her pussy juices. She slaps her clit with the toy then pulls it away. She's getting close to cumming. Each little touch and stroke with the toy is almost enough to send her over the orgasm edge. She jiggles the toy, then puts it back onto her clit, saying, "Oh, I'm gonna cum. Oh, yeah, I'm cumming!" And her clitoris and labia are pulsating rhythmically and hard! She pulls the toy away to recover for a moment. Then she turns it back on, but only for a moment.

Olivia is seated on the floor, with her back to the wall, totally naked. Her pussy is shaved, except for a triangular, trimmed, mound. She uses her fingers to play with her juices. It's always interesting to watch as Olivia finger rubs her clitoris and masturbates because one can really see her outer and inner labia swelling, becoming more and more engorged. After a warmup, Olivia moves the camera a bit closer. She is really turned on and just softly using one index finger to go around and around on her clitoris. Each touch seems enough to make her cum at this point. Olivia pauses for a moment, then goes back to the finger rubbing, sometimes she rotates her hips, really gyrating as she likes to do. As she lifts her bottom up from time-to-time, we can see that her pussy juices are soaking the black blanket beneath her. Phenomenal. She pauses to pull juices out of her vagina and dribbles them onto her clitoris. Using the same finger that dipped, she starts to flick her clitoris from side to side. As she goes a little faster, she starts to hiss and moan. She now frantically rubs with three fingers across her clitoris and it's just a moment until she is cumming hard! And it's a long orgasm, too, with tons of hard, tugging, contractions. She rests a moment, with her pussy still contracting, as she recovers from that one.

The camera is in very closeup view of Olivia's dripping wet pussy. We can see her clitoris, labia and anus as her pussy juices and strings literally drip out of her. Phenomenal. She is finger rubbing quickly across her clitoris, then pausing to let the strings dangle. She gently smacks her pussy then goes back to a quick finger massage. Her labia are engorged, puffy and swollen. The more she plays with her pussy, the more swollen they become. There are pussy juice strings dripping right into the camera. She finger rubs then stops and pulls back on her mound. Then she starts to finger rub again. She is getting close and her pussy sides are starting to squeeze together and contract in pre-orgasm ecstasy. She rubs and taps and smacks, enjoying every minute of the build-up. She reaches her hand down to her juices and smears them all over her clitoris. She reaches her other hand around her thigh to spread her pussy lips wide, but only for a moment. She uses one hand to hold her lips open while the other rubs her clitrois. Pussy juice is flowing everywhere. She finger flicks her clitoris and this time, it puts her over the edge. With a moan and a whimper, Olivia Adams' pussy is squeezing and contracting and cumming hard again. Another phenomenal orgasm! She keeps the camera in position for all the aftershocks and recovery.

(Length: 1 hour 5 minutes)
File Size: 2.83 Gb

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