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Olivia Adams 10 - Orgasm Cream (Download)

Olivia Adams 10 - Orgasm Cream (Download)
Olivia Adams is back for an incredible tenth full-length shoot in "Orgasm Cream" - she's the most prolific, wettest, hardest cumming, real orgasm-er, ever and in this movie, she strokes her pussy with her purple penis toy and jelly penis toy for even more creamy wetness than we've seen before!

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Olivia is lying on her back, freehand filming, on a white sherpa blanket. She films herself tweaking her nipples then moves the camera down to her just slightly hairy pussy. And we can see her white, creamy, egg white, goo already building. Olivia works her hand around her clitoris in a tight circle as the juiciness continues to flow. She reaches for her big purple dildo and slowly inserts it into her vagina, stroking her wet pussy and moaning very softly. She works the toy in and out with one hand, then turns on the vibe. She slows the pace as she inserts the toy A L L the way into her pussy, then slowly pulls it out and it is covered in white cream. She strokes the toy between her pussy lips, then focuses on her clitoris with the buzzy end before plunging the toy back into her pussy - and the white juice is copious and pouring out of her vagina. She pulls the dildo out again and pulls the juice out and onto her clitoris, then she goes back to a quick stroking before buzzing her clit. She is showing some pre orgasm contractions - building herself closer and closer to orgasm but not allowing herself to go over the edge and cum just yet. Olivia does this by alternating between the firm pussy stroking and clit stimulation. Her pussy is becoming pinker and darker too. When she puts the tip of the vibe back on her clitoris, we hear her let out a soft moan as she gyrates her hips and her pussy contracts a couple of times. You can not believe the quantity of the white creamy juices that pool and flow out of her pussy. Flow is the correct word. It's not a little drop - it's a very serious quanitity of bodily fluids! With the tip of the toy on her clit, Olivia whimpers, "Oh yeah. Oh. Oh. Ah. Yeah." as she has a hard popping orgasm that goes on and on and on. I counted at least nineteen distinct pussy contractions as she came. Olivia pulls the toy away and lifts her legs in the air so we see her wet pussy dripping juices down to her bottom.

For the next scene, Olivia is standing up and wanking herself. She is already excited and the clear strings of pussy juices are pouring down her inner thighs as she finger massages her clitoris. As soon as she starts rubbing her clitoris it looks like she is going to cum with her anus puckering a couple of times very rhythmically, but Olivia doesn't want to cum so quickly. She reaches for her white egg vibe, buzzing her clitoris and the clear juices are flowing copiously once again. She strokes the toy between her lips, wiggling her hips and pressing into it as more and more wetness builds. Incredible! Olivia lets out a little moan, then makes her lips flap from working the toy from side to side and bouncing it on her clit. She gyrates for the camera some more, then lets out a deep moan just before she cums and cums and cums and cums ... and cums some more! Her ass puckering and pulling and moving as contraction after contraction after contraction rocks her pussy. Wow!

The camera is positioned closely between Olivia's thighs and her pussy is nicely hairy as she is seated on a red blanket. She tweaks her clitoris between her fingers, gently rubbing and stroking her pubic hair. A thin strand of juice is clinging to the blanket beneath her. The camera adjusts just slightly as Olivia lies back, pulling her labia wide spread with her fingers and we see the clear juices building and flowing out of her vagina, down past her anus and onto the blanket. After some finger play, edging and warm up, Olivia reaches for her purple dildo vibe. She puts the tip of the purple penis onto her clitoris and immediately lets out a long moan. It feels good! Then she sort of penis slaps her clitoris with the toy, pulling all the juices out and smearing them around her clit ... she presses more firmly with the toy, rocks her hips and tries hard not to cum. But, it's too late! She lets out a nice moan and her pussy is snapping in orgasm again. It's another nice long orgasm that actually seems to be in two parts. When Olivia pulls the toy away, her pussy is still contracting.

With just a bare trace of a shadow of pubic hair on her mound, we see Olivia's pussy in closeup view again. She positions a clit pump on herself, instantly hissing, ahhing, umming and saying, "Oh, yeah." She jiggles the firmly attached clit pump from side-to-side, then pulls her lips apart and inserts a finger into her wet vagina. With the pump still attached, she wiggles it from side to side some more. Then she says, "Oh, yeah. Oh. Oh, yeah. Mmmmm." and hisses. She changes the camera angle for us to get a side view perspective so we can appreciate just how elongated her clitoris has become as it is sucked into the clit pump. She works the toy in a sucking motion saying, "Oh, yeah, suck it. You're getting me so wet." And she is! Clear pussy juice is all the way down soaking the bed cover. Olivia continues to rhythmically work the toy to pull on her clitoris, then release, then pull, then release. She loves this. She moves the camera back to a front perspective so we can see her clit hopping as she works the toy. She jiggles the clit pump around some more, too. But we can see her side labia swelling, so we know it's not long before Olivia will be cumming again. Olivia starts to pant, saying, "Yeah." Then she pulls the clit pump off, pulls back on her clit mound and with just a slight hip movement, she cums! She doesn't even have to touch her clit with her fingers after she pulls back on her highly sensitized clitoris! Truly an amazing, strong, "touchless" orgasm! She lies back to catch her breath, panting for a few minutes.

It's a nice day, and Olivia is seated outside in a lawn chair wearing a skirt and tank top. She pulls up her top to expose her perky nipples, then lifts the skirt up to reveal her sheer and lacy pink panties. This is the first time she's ever filmed herself in a semi-public place! She plays with herself through the sheer panties, rubbing gently. After a few moments, Olivia pulls the panties to one side to better massage her clitoris and her pussy juices are already flowing. As she runs her fingers quickly over her clitoris from side-to-side, her pussy is getting more and more pink and juicy. Olivia only pauses from the rubbing to dip a finger inside and play with her juices, smearing them on her clit. After finger warm ups, Olivia reaches down into her bag for her purple penis vibe. She strokes and toys her clitoris with the toy, pulling back firmly on her clit mound to jiggle the end of the penis-toy right on the end of her clitoris. With birds chirping, she lets out a little gasp, but continues with the toy stimulation. She places the penis on her clitoris from a downward angle, holding onto the end of it and then cums. She has a big, nice, long and strong orgasm outside. We can see a car go by in the background. Quite the risk taker!

Back inside, closeup and from the side. Olivia is playing with her wet pussy again, smearing her juices all over her clitoris with her fingers, making her lips flap. She sticks a finger inside and we see all of the incredible wetness building. Olivia softly murmurs, "Oh. Yeah." She brings a long string of juice out of her pussy, pulling it down and placing it on her inner thigh. Then she smears more bubbling juice on her clit. It's not long before the white egg vibe is turned on and placed on her clitoris. The stimulation is intense and Olivia pulls the toy away so as not to cum too quickly. She strokes the toy up and down and all around her slit, rocking her hips. She slaps her clit with the toy, then moans, then gently strokes the bulb end up over her clitoris. Pulling back firmly on her mound, she puts the toy on the end of her clitoris and lets out a moan and we know she's about to cum - hard. And she does! This is one long strong orgasm that Olivia leaves the toy on her clitoris for the entire time. She turns off the toy to recover and catch her breath once all the contractions have ended.

Olivia is in the bedroom, wearing a sexy black satin nightie, sitting up with the nightie hiked up around her waist and she's not wearing any panties! Olivia has just a faint shadow of pussy hair on her mound, but her lips are shaved smooth. After a finger massage warm-up, Olivia is using a new toy - a large, grey coloured, jelly penis. She pumps the big penis in and out of her vagina very quickly. After a round, she pulls it out and it is covered in cream. She lifts a leg and inserts the big penis toy again, stroking, stroking, stroking. And when she removes the toy completely, there's even more creamy goodness covering that jelly penis shaft. She inserts the toy for a third time, getting her firm stroke on and the creamy pussy goo literally flows out of her pussy onto the blanket beneath her bottom. The more she strokes, the more juice that flows. This juice is so creamy, it looks like white glue, but it is fluid. With her leg still up in the air and stroking herself hard, Olivia gasps. And then we know she's about to cum! Even with that penis inside, her contractions are strong and obvious and just go on and on. A nice, big, long orgasm. She pulls the toy out, resting it on her clitoris, and her contractions are still going on and on. No direct clit stimulation required for this one!

Olivia is seated in front of a white curtain, on a black covered chair and she's naked. Her pussy is shaved smooth on the sides, with a very close crop of faint hair on her mound. She finger plays with her juices, pulling a thick, clear strand out of her vagina and letting it drip out of her pussy. She finger rubs her clitoris for a moment and the juices continue to flow. She fires up her white egg vibe, gently teasing it up her clitoris. It's not long before her pussy is swelling and turning pink as she moves slightly more forward onto the edge of her chair. As she buzzes and pulls back on her mound, she lets herself get close to cumming and we'll see her pussy pop with one contraction or sometimes two before she slows down with the stimulation to tease herself. She strokes the toy up her clitoris, then pulls back on her mound with her other hand and moans. It looks like she's going to cum ... but not quite yet. She stops the stimulation, but only for a moment, then puts the toy back. Olivia lets out a deep moaning, "Ah." and then she cums! Another incredible, hard, snapping, orgasm as the clear pussy juices drip out. After she recovers, Olivia says, "Oh, wow. It feels so good."

(Length: 55 minutes)
File Size: 2.38 Gb

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