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Liz Tyler 3

Liz Tyler 3
Horny housewife Liz Tyler (formerly known as Cow Girl) is back and doing all kinds of fun and naughty things for us in this her third DVD! Incidentally, this material was actually filmed prior to the More Liz Tyler DVD release. So, this one is pre breast enhancements.

Liz is wearing a black pleather bodice which zips up the front and ties up the back, black thong pleather panties, black thigh-high stockings and black high-heels. Liz plays for the camera for a bit, then removes those little panties. This is a self-filmed scene, so Liz is uninhibited and really getting into it. She adjusts the camera so that it is positioned on the floor between her legs as she kneels over top of the camera, rubbing her clit and fingering her ass. Liz changes positions this time placing a large chocolate-coloured dildo on a foot stool, straddling the stool and riding the toy until her pussy is creaming and gooey and stringy! There are a lot of great visuals here and Liz rides for quite a while. She alternates the camera angle for pussy, full body and facial views, too. Liz switches positions once more, leaning over the stool now doggy-style and rubbing her wet pussy and clit. She brings some of her wetness around to her bottom saying, Oh god, yeah, Im gonna cum, Im gonna cum so hard! Oh, yeah, here it cums! She reaches her finger around to her butt as the other hand frantically rubs her clit. Oh god, yeah, here it cums! Oh! Yes! Fuck me, baby, fuck me! And the lovely, strong, hard contractions take over! She pants and rolls around so her face is in cameraview. Liz says, Wow! That was good! as she licks the juices from her fingers and plays with her juicy, wet strings!

Next Liz is in her bedroom. She is kneeling on her bed wearing a pair of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. She leans back to slip her hand down into her jeans. She unbuttons the pants, pulls them down and bends over doggy-style as she plays with her pussy for a moment. She then rolls back over, lifts her t-shirt up, then pulls her jeans down round her ankles. She lies on her side to finger and play with her pussy. The camera is being operated by her husband in for this scene so he alternates between close-up and full-body views as Liz plays with her completely shaved pussy. Liz rolls over onto her back and reaches for the magic wand. Liz uses the wand on her clit and on her bum, humping and riding it. Liz gets close with the wand, but isnt quite ready to cum just yet. She moistens her fingers and rubs her clit for a moment, then reaches under the pillow for a dildo. She inserts the dildo in her pussy, then rolls over onto her knees to stroke it in and out doggystyle. Liz rolls over onto her back, inserts the dildo and turns on the magic wand, which gets her immediately close to cumming. She starts saying, Oh yeah, Im gonna cum, Im gonna cum! And then abruptly stops saying she is going to tease herself (and us!). Liz goes back to using the wand, getting completely shakey, then calming down for a moment, then going back at it with the wand. Liz says, Oh my god, here I cum! Im gonna cum! And then she does! But its tough to spot all the contractions because she semi closes her legs and her jeans obscure part of the view  but, then Liz rolls over onto her side and puts the wand between her legs saying, Oh god, Im gonna cum again! And while the camera is sort of from an aerial full-body perspective, Lizs bottom contractions are so strong, we can still see them pulsating rhythmically! Liz rolls onto her back and puts her legs in the air, showing off all of her pulsing bits.

Now wearing sexy black and pink see-thru lingerie, Liz is back in the bedroom playing with herself! She puts her hand into her panties to rub her clit for a bit before slowly removing them. Liz quickly begins to finger her butt with her index finger she likes this! Then Liz starts to rub her clit all of this in close-up view. The camera angle changes to a full-body view as Liz reaches under the pillow to grab a speculum and some lube. She lets the lube drip all over her and the speculum. The camera moves back between her legs as Liz inserts the speculum and spreads her vagina wide open. With the speculum in place, Liz rubs her clit with her fingers. After a few moments, Liz turns on a little pink buzzy vibe to use on her clit. Liz rolls over onto her knees, still with the speculum inserted, to toy her clit while bent over doggy style. The camera view alternates between full-body side angle and a closer cooch cam perspective. It doesnt take long until Liz is saying, Im gonna cum. Im gonna cum! And she does! There are several very big internal contractions, then her anus puckers quite quickly as she rides out a nice big orgasm! Liz rolls over onto her back to remove the speculum, but she continues to play with herself almost fisting her pussy at least four fingers go in there anyway! Liz then re-adjusts her position on the bed and pulls her chocolate-colored dildo from beneath a pillow. She inserts that one into her pussy, then reaches for her flesh toned dildo and inserts both of them into her vagina at the same time. Liz works them both in and out, then inserts the pink vibe into her butt. Is this considered triple penetration? After a few moments, Liz removes the pink vibe and starts to use that on her clit as she continues to work the double dildos in and out of her pussy. Its not long before Liz says, Oh yeah, Im gonna cum! She pulls the two toys out, juices flowing, with just the tip of the pink vibe on her clit as she says, Im cumming. Oh, yes. She queefs a bit, too after all that action going on down there. Liz takes a few moments to recover after all that.

Liz is seated in a leather chair in the home office. She is wearing a floral satin robe, which is opened at the waist, exposing the rest of her naked body. Liz gets down to some pretty serious finger masturbation in the chair. The lighting in the room isnt that bright, so its a bit darkish, but we can still see what she is up to. Liz pauses to webcam, too, from the office, then settles back in the chair, rubbing her clit with one finger in her butt. With just a bit more frantic rubbing, Liz has a nice, visible orgasm. She goes right back to web camming.

Liz is standing up over the camera wearing nude colored thigh-high stocked, black panties and a little dress. She pulls the panties down and off, hikes her skirt, and gets down to the serious business of rubbing her clit. Liz is looking into the camera as she does so, too, which seems to excite her all the more. She pulls her breasts out from beneath the bra cups, rubs her clit and starts to bounce back and forth. Again, the camera is pointed directly up her skirt. Its not long before Liz lets out a long moan and cums again!

(Length: 42 Minutes)

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