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Kiana Kraze (Download 1080p)

Kiana Kraze (Download 1080p)
We are pleased to welcome cute, petite, twenty-four year-old, blonde, Kiana Kraze. Kiana is thin with lovely natural breasts, a firm, round bottom and milky white skin. Kiana has over 21 removable piercings ... can you spot them all? Hint: begin at her ears as there are 21 in all! Kiana's four tattoos are the same theme.

Kiana is looking forward to a little afternoon quiet time on her sofa, but the kids next door, or the "bloody kids" as she jokingly refers to them are making a bit of a ruckus playing ball against the wall. Nevertheless, Kiana peels out of her clothing and nautically striped boy shorts to reveal a totally smooth beaver, adorned with a bright clit piercing and star tattoos - just above her knicker line. Kiana has small, firm, pink natural breasts and one nipple is pierced. Kiana wastes no time getting started with the little tipped vibe. She bends and contorts the little vibe really working it until it is just under her clit hood, providing maximum stimulation. Kiana is fair skinned and as she becomes aroused, her cooch starts to turn a lovely shade of pink. Kiana gets fairly close and very aroused, but the boys next door put her off with their loud play. She's not to be deterred for long though - she pulls the toy away for a moment, finger rubbing her clit, then takes a deep breath to relax throwing her head back on the arm of the sofa and getting right back to the intense business with the toy until she cums. We see this orgasm in full body view, then alternate to a cooch cam closeup that pans out as Kiana rolls over onto her side.

Kiana walks into the living room wearing a bright pink dress and pink high heels. She sits on the white sofa and she's not wearing any panties! This time, Kiana opts for the purple vibe. She sits back, with her knees bent and her high heels planted in the cushions, closes her eyes and enjoys the little buzzy toy. It does not take long before Kiana is panting and breathing audibly. We can really notice her large birth mark situated almost perfectly between her butt cheeks. Kiana makes just a little "ahhh" noise as she cums this time. We see a couple of small popping contractions, but they are gentle. Once she is settled, Kiana stands up to remove her dress and put on a pair of tiny pretty bright pink panties and matching bra. She lies back on the sofa.

Kiana is kneeling in the bedroom and hiking the skirt of her purple dress up around her waist. Once more, Kiana is not wearing any panties! This time, Kiana enjoys the powerful little black baton vibe while her lovely, firm and round bottom and cooch are fully exposed. I enjoy this angle as Kiana's head and face are peeking out from between her legs. Kiana turns off the toy for a moment and finger massages her clit. Her clit ring had come loose and is now lying beside her on the floor. She picks up the toy to continue where she left off and it takes her no time to cum! It's a quick, strong, anal contracting orgasm. Kiana turns over, bare bottomed, and sits on the floor. With her legs apart, we capture her inserting her clit ring through the pierced skin. Interesting. I'd never seen that before!

Kiana is removing a red plaid skirt, white button down blouse, red tie and white stockings - a sort of school girl uniform look. She is wearing a very pretty and perfectly sized panties and bra, which are soon removed, also. The camera view transitions to a close up cooch cam view as Kiana turns on the small purple baton vibe. There's a lot of very nice pre orgasmic contracting in this scene until the intensity and panting audibly increase and we see a small series of sort of staccato contractions - and her cooch is so red! If you're a closeup fan, you are going to love this scene. Kiana takes a moment or two to recover, then sits up to put on her sexy panties, bra, stockings, blouse, and skirt once more before giving a little wave goodbye.

For the final scene, Kiana is seated on a black leather chair and the cameraman is beside her. He asks her how many times she has cum today and she says, "Five. This will be my sixth." But she really has two in this hands on orgasm scene! He wastes no time asking her to remove her panties and complimenting her pussy. He works the black baton vibe around and around, slowly, on her clit. Kiana lets out a slow hiss and he pulls the toy off of her clit. She giggles, but he says, "I'm not going to let you cum that quickly." He does this once more and she looks up at him. He works the tip of the toy on her piercing, then further down on her clit. Kiana pants and curls her hips up as he allows her to cum this time, there are several nice, tugging contractions. He asks her, "Do you think you could do it again?" She honestly says, "I don't know." But the camerman is ready to try for one more, keeping the toy buzzing on her clit. It's not long before Kiana pants, says, "Wooo." and cums again. She's tired after those seven orgasms! He hands her a pair of black panties so that she can get dressed.

(Length: 40 minutes)

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