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Karen (Download)

Karen (Download)
Meet thirty-three year-old, tattooed and lovely Karen in a The-Female-Orgasm.com single movie feature.

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When we first meet Karen we are treated to a lovely view of her back and backside that shows off her butterfly tattoo on the small of her back as she steps into a nice, hot, shower. Karen's natural brunette hair color is highlighted with shades of blonde and tied up on her head. Her natural breasts are large and shapely with incredibly perky nipples and large areolas as she runs warm water and soap over her nice body. Karen massages her pussy with some soap and water and we note that she keeps a little Brazilian strip of hair at the top of her mound. After her shower warm-up, Karen walks into the bedroom, totally naked, and lies on the bed with towels beneath her bottom. She is working a large rabbit style vibe on her pussy and thoroughly enjoying it. Karen strokes her pussy with the shaft of the toy while the little bunny ears work their magic on her clit. Karen pulls the toy out of her and works the vibe end on her clitoris. It's not long before Karen's nipples are even more responsive as she pants, rocking her hips a bit. Karen enjoys a nice build-up as she firmly presses the toy right where she needs it. She seems to get close to orgasm a couple of time before changing the pace a bit and reinserting the toy into her vagina. Then, with two fingers inserted into her vagina and the toy buzzing on her clit, Karen arches up off her pillows. Her facial expressions are fantastic as her legs quiver, her nipples harden and her chest and neck flush pink. Karen is enjoying this and really going for it. Karen goes back to just rubbing the end of the big toy on her clit with her other hand up on her pillow by her head. She rocks her hip and firmly presses the toy on her pussy. She reaches one hand down to pull her petal pussy lips apart, then wiggles the toy on her clitoris some more. The camera moves in for some closeup views of her vagina clamping down and squeezing out a little bead of juice before panning out to a full body view. With a sex flush blooming, Karen lets out a deep series of moans and "ah's" as she cums - and when she does, she gushes and squirts soaking the towel beneath her. She continues stroking her pussy and working the toy for a few minutes as she slowly recovers.

We also offer a bonus, stationary camera view of Karen's squirting orgasm, too (although the scene ends a little short). For the stationary angle, the camera is positioned near Karen's feet, but captures her wonderful legs, torso, breasts and facial expressions as she masturbates to a squirting orgasm with the rabbit vibe.

(Length: 31 minutes)
File Size: 1.36 Gb

*** This title is only available as a downloadable version in 720 HD ***
Our price: $9.95
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