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Hands On Orgasms 14 (Download)

Hands On Orgasms 14 (Download)
The much anticipated Hands On Orgasms 14 is finally here featuring a blend of the old and new. Nine women brought to the heights of ecstasy and enjoying 13 real orgasms at the hands of our camera men.

This title is available on DVD and instant download.

First up is Audrey Marshall. She is lying on the bed wearing her sexy black lingerie with the camera man kneeling beside her. He turns on the mini Wanachi vibrator and immediately starts stimulation her nipple, remarking at its instant response! Her stimulates her other breast and body for a few seconds, then focuses his attention on her pussy - first through her panties, and then directly on her skin after he pulls her panties aside. Audrey takes her panties of and the camera man continues his direct clitoral stimulation. It has her panting and moaning in seconds. Audrey is clearly enjoying this especially after the camera man firmly presses her clitoris against his jiggling vibrator. And that does it ... Audrey goes over the edge and has a big, body arching orgasm! The camera man remarks on the effect that had on him as he caresses her post orgasm pussy.

St. Lucia sits in an arm chair and puts one foot up on the wall. She is already naked as she starts to play with her pussy. Suddenly a hand and arm appear, sliding down her inner thigh and straight to her pussy. The camera man plays with her lips and clit for a moment, then brings the Hitachi magic wand into the action. He retracts her clit hood with one hand and puts the wand directly on her clit with the other. Not surprisingly, that has St. Lucia panting and moaning in seconds! He keeps the wand firmly in place, only slightly moving it around her vulva. St. Lucia's panting gets more intense and she briefly helps him adjust the wand to where it feels best for her. She reaches up and cups her natural breasts as she lays back and enjoys the sensations. And before she knows it, she starts cumming - the camera man catches her legs to keep them apart for us as St. Lucia writhes against the vibe, her pussy glistening and nipples hardening as she cums again ... and until she can take no more and asks the camera man to stop. He obliges, puts the wand away, and plays with her pussy juices as she recovers.

Carmen Bunny is next. She is lying on the bed in her pink lace body suit as the camera man kneels on the bed beside her. He is armed with a purple "clit cup" vibrator which he uses to buzz her nipples through the flimsy fabric. He moves the toy down to her pussy and clit, buzzing it against her clit ring on occasion. Carmen Bunny takes off her panties and the camera man moves her clit ring aside with one hand and then focuses the vibe directly on her sensitive button. She already has some twitches and contractions as he more firmly jiggles the vibe on her clit. It's not long before his stimulation gets her there, and with both legs pulled up in the air and his finger gently touching her perineum, Carmen goes over the edge and cums! It takes her a few moments to stop her body from grinding and air humping ;-). The camera man decides that the mini Wanachi is a better toy though.

For something a little different, Suzy Hott is seated at a table with the camera mounted on the underside. She isn't wearing any panties and her legs are pulled apart as she starts to masturbate with a small purple smoothie vibrator. She pulls back on her pubic mound making her already large clitoris and lips look even more pronounced. Suzy keeps the vibe on her clit as she has a few pre-orgasm contractions. Suddenly a hand comes into the picture and it starts to play with her anus ... one finger goes into her ass and finger fucks her. It disappears for a moment, and then returns ... and that's exactly what Suzy needed - the anal stimulation takes her right over the edge and she cums hard with big pussy pulsating contractions that go on and on, even after she stops the stimulation!

The camera man says "Hi Tiffany" as he approaches the bed. "I'm going to try to make you cum" he says to Tiffany Naylor, who is propped up on some pillows on the bed. He is armed with his new favourite toy again - the mini Wanachi, which he almost immediately puts on her pussy. He asks her to undress and she obliges, showing off her small natural breasts and shaved pussy. Her lips seem rather prominent too as he goes back to work with his baton vibrator on her pussy. He parts her lips for more direct clitoral stimulation and she almost cums, so he abruptly stops the stimulation. The camera man resumes the stimulation and indeed, it doesn't take Tiffany long before she cums! He allows her a brief pause before he puts the toy back on her clit as he takes her towards her second orgasm. Tiffany starts panting - she is clearly enjoying this! After a low battery scare, Tiffany cums again - this time the camera switches views so we can see her orgasm contractions. The camera man keeps the toy on her for as long as she can stand it ... "holy shit" says Tiffany. "What's one of them called again?" she asks. He caresses her leg as she recovers.

Zara DuRose is in bed under the covers when hand emerges and pulls the thick duvet back. She is totally naked, her pussy pink, and her fiery pubic hair close cropped. She parts her legs and the camera man plays briefly with her pussy. He brings Zara's wand vibrator into the action, gently circling her clitoris with the buzzer. Zara starts letting out little moans almost instantly - she is really enjoying having someone else get her off like this! The camera man steadily continues his "work", flapping her pussy lips around as he stimulates her clit. Zara presses her butt into the bed as she gets closer and closer to her orgasm, and her pussy is getting nicely wet and creamy too ... and all of a sudden she cums! He keeps the toy on her clit ignoring her after she tells him that she is sensitive. And that was a good thing - Zara's pussy leaks her clear juices as the continued vibrations push her to her second orgasm! It took a bit to get her there, and she developed quite the sex flush on her neck as she came!

Wearing almost virginal white bra, panties, and fishnet stockings, Susie is propped up on the pillows on the bed. Her white satin panties show the outline her luscious labia that lie beneath ;-). The camera man comments on this too! His hand appears with a little pink tipped vibrator, a toy that Susie says that she likes. The camera man immediately starts to gently buzz her clit through her panties with it for a few moments before she takes them off, pulling her legs up to expose herself even more to his touches. He continues to stimulate her clit with the little vibe while she removes her pretty lace bra and reveals her gorgeous natural breasts and perky nipples. Her perineum is already twitching in response to his "work", and her moans and pants are on the rise. Susie is clearly enjoying this! And it's not much longer before she reaches the point of no return and cums. Sadly, I couldn't spot any contractions and her "orgasm" was rather unconvincing, but the camera man is pretty relentless ... he keeps on going with the vibe. A little bubble of her juice appears in her vagina as she gets closer and closer ... and this time, her body jerks and shakes as she cums. And when he takes the vibe away, her clit is enormous! Susie really does have fantastic body parts!

The camera man just HAS to check out just how wet Jessica is as she sits with her legs apart in her black leather chair. He fires up her personal wand - it's not a Hitachi, so he has to figure out the settings first, and once he gets it right, he starts stimulating her clitoris and pussy with it. Jessica has really nice and prominent pussy lips! But her toy wasn't very powerful, so the camera man switches to his Hitachi ... on high speed! Jessica starts moaning instantly as he firmly buzzes away at her clitoris and lips, and she starts to rock her hips against his motions. All of a sudden, her moans get very rhythmic, her thrusting stops as she pushes herself against the motion of the toy, and she manages to say "I'm cumming" moments before she rocks out a really big orgasm! That was a big one for her!

Vickie P. is lying on her back on the bed, wearing her green panties and a green bra that is having a hard time containing her very large breasts. The camera man already has his mini Wanachi all fired up and raring to go and he gently passes the powerful toy over her pussy and clit through the fabric of her panties. That has Vickie panting and jerking every time he hits her sensitive spot. Vickie hooks her thumb in the top of her panties - she really wants to take them off, but waits until he tells her to. But this scene is a little different too ... we know from her other scenes that Vickie P. has a hard time getting off with just a vibrator. She much prefers hands caressing her body, so she starts to frantically rub her pussy and clit as the camera man touches her breast, tweaks and rubs her nipple, and caresses her inner thigh. This is what does it for Vickie ... and it does it again ... "I'm cumming" she announces as she goes over the edge, continuing to rub her clit right through her orgasm! But Vickie isn't quite done yet - she resumes her intense rubbing and within seconds says "I'm cumming again". She shows us just how wet that made her!

(Length: 60 Minutes)
File Size: 2.59 Gb

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