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Francesca DiCaprio - The Big O (Download)

Francesca DiCaprio - The Big O (Download)
Francesca DiCaprio is a pretty 22 year old lesbian, but she does enjoy sex with a man once in a while. She has a great body and enjoys masturbating - and sniffing her panties! She masturbates to 5 orgasms in this movie, two of which had very visible big, powerful, pulsating contractions!

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Francesca DiCaprio is wearing a pair of small flannel shorts and a tank top as she sits down in a white leather arm chair. She pulls the top over her head and then stands up to remove her shorts. Now claid in just her white cotton panties and bra, she sits back down and caresses her body ... she is rather "breathy" as she takes off her bra and massages her breasts and nipples. Her panties go next, which she sniffs briefly before putting them down :-O ... she is smoothly shaved with nice pussy lips, which she rubs and tugs. Francesca is ready, so she picks up the Hitachi wand, turns it on, and starts to masturbate with it. Before long, she starts having some pre orgasm contractions ... she shifts position as her moans get louder and her panting more intense. Francesca's feet are visible and they keep twitching too as she gets closer and closer to cumming. But she doesn't let herself cum too quickly, Francesca edges with the big buzzer until ultimately she can hold off no more ... although her contractions aren't exactly rhythmic in this one, she sure is sensitive afterwards!

Francesca is relaxing in a white leather lounger wearing blue cotton panties, a silk teddy and high heeled shoes. She caresses her body through the fabric and her nipples harden in response - very perky as she releases her breasts from her top! She then plays with her panties, giving herself a nice panty wedgie as she pulls them firmly through her vulva. When she slips them off, she puts her the crotch in her mouth as she plays with her pussy, then she has a good sniff before tossing them onto the table. Francesca plays with her pussy with her fingers, strumming her clit firmly to get herself to that "place". She reaches behind her, grabs the Hitachi and plonks it on her clit ... that elicits an "oh yeah" from her as she pants and moans in response to the stimulation. Her anus is already puckering in response as she keeps the wand in place on her clit. The camera man adjusts his position a little to ensure good visibility of both Francesca's face and pussy ... then zooms in for a good look at her pre-orgasm contractions. Francesca's moans get more and more intense as she holds her feet up and knees apart. This position gives us a great unobstructed view of her pussy as all of a sudden, Francesca cums! It's a big orgasm too with lots and lots of pulsating contractions! Nice. Francesca puts the toy away, closes her legs and caresses her body as she recovers. Her pubic mound and slit are quite red from the action :-).

Francesca is sitting in a leather chair again wearing pink tank top and pink panties and looking very pretty! She isn't wearing a bra, and she massages her breasts firmly through the material. She leans back, spreads her legs, pulls her panties to one side, and starts masturbating with her fingers. She really does have a nice pussy! She puts a little saliva on her finger and really starts strumming her clit. Francesca takes her panties off, throws them to the side, and after giving herself another clit rub, she picks up the Hitachi and places it on her clit. "Oh yes ... finally", she says as she takes in the sensations. Francesca keeps the toy rather still on her clit and her pussy and ass start to twitch and contract very quickly. Her moans get more intense as she masturbates with the big vibrator. "Oh yeah" ... "Ahhh" ... "Oooh" ... and more escape her lips as her ass puckers and she jiggles the toy on her clit until she cums. I'm not so sure about this one though, but she is good looking with nice parts ... ;-). The camera moves in for some close up views of her pussy and clit.

Francesca is sitting on a leather couch in just her bra and panties. She parts her legs and slowly caresses her body. Then she pulls a nipple out from beneath her bra and rather roughly stimulates it! Then both nipples come out as she tugs on them rather hard. Francesca takes off her bra, and then moves her attention to her pussy and clit. Francesca flips over onto her hands and knees as she peels her panties off, showing us her ass as she masturbates doggy style with her fingers. After playing with herself like this for a bit and giving us some great "views", Francesca flips back over moistens her fingers with saliva and starts to rub her shaved lippy cooch. After masturbating with her fingers for a bit, Francesca reaches behind her and grabs the Fairy mini wand vibrator. She starts moaning as soon as she starts masturbating with the toy. "Ah yeah", "Ooooh", "Ahhh" ... she clearly is really enjoying the toy and pussy starts to respond nicely with lots of little contractions. Francesca suddenly throws back her head as some big and rapid contractions take hold and she cums! Wow - that was relatively quick and unexpected! She touches her sensitive clit and pussy as she puts her toy away and smiles for the camera. She crosses her legs and is done as the camera moves down to show us her pink high heels.

Now wearing black shorts and a thing T-shirt, Francesca is seated in a leather chair with the Fairy Mini Wand vibrator ominously close by. She pulls off her top, exposes her nice natural breasts and firmly massages them. Her hand moves down to her crotch and she unbuttons and drops her shorts. She spreads her legs and plays with her pussy, pulling her lips apart and rubbing her clit. But her panties are getting in her way, so she peels them off for unobstructed access. Francesca is ready, so she fires up the mini wand, lubricates her clit with her saliva, and gives herself some direct stimulation with the vibrator. The toy has her panting and moaning again in seconds. She plays with the power of the toy a bit and jiggles it on her clit. But she is done. She puts the vibe away and sits back in the chair.

(Length: 45 Minutes)
File Size: 1.38 Gb

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