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Deborah DeSimone - Solo Lust (Download)

Deborah DeSimone - Solo Lust (Download)
Deborah DeSimone truly is multi orgasmic! She has a tanned and toned body, small breasts with very perky nipples, and a perfectly shaved pussy. She loves masturbating, and once she puts a toy to her clit, she is cumming in no time at all ... she rolls from one pussy pulsating orgasm to another!

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Deborah DeSimone is seated on a couch wearing a form fitting cotton summer dress and caressing her body for the camera. There is a little background hiss from the air conditioning unit She takes she dress off and stands up, showing off the contrast between her very tanned and toned body and her white lingerie. After turning around and showing off her round ass, Deborah takes off her bra - nice small breasts and very perky nipples ... then her panties go ... nice shaved puss. She gets comfy on the couch, spreads her legs and starts masturbating with her fingers. After a few moments, Deborah fires up the magic wand and gets a little more serious with the big toy - putting it directly on her clit. The stimulation has her panting and shifting and grinding up against the toy ... and all of a sudden, her moans get a bit louder and she has a really big orgasm with lots and lots of contractions! Wow. But Deborah is not done yet ... after a short pause, she picks up the Hitachi again, plants it back on her clit and goes for another orgasm :-). That one doesn't take long either - Deborah quickly finds her sweet spot and cums again in no time at all, although her contractions were not as strong this time. She seems quite pleased with herself after that one! Oh - did I mention her perky nipples?!

The air conditioner is off this time thankfully as Deborah sits on a pull-out sofa bed wearing a white top and denim hot pants! She gently caresses her body through her clothing, eventually peeling off her shorts and showing her pink thong covered ass ... the pulling her top off and giving us a nice profile of her small breast capped with her hard nipple ;-). Deborah slips her panties off, leans back against a pillow, spreads her legs and starts playing with her pussy and clit with just her fingers. She puts a little saliva on her clit, then turns on the Fairy Mini Wand vibrator and touches that to her little button. Deborah seems to like this to too a s it has her panting in seconds ... and seconds after that she cums! Now I know why she spends so much time getting ready to actually use the toys ... they make her cum very quickly! Deborah turns down the power of the buzzer and keeps going. After a few moments, she turns it up again as the camera moves in for a closeup. And moments after that, her pussy starts to contract and pulse again as she has another orgasm! And on panning back out, Deborah's nipples are really perky and hard! Deborah caresses her pussy and body once again as she recovers from those two orgasms. But she really doesn't look like she's done as she picks up the vibe and plays with it ... so the camera man encourages her to do it one more time, and she seems very happy to oblige. She turns the toy back on and places it on her clit once again, and yet again, only moments after turning up the power, Deborah rocks out another big pussy contracting orgasm! Three! She looks pretty pleased with herself after that one ... and we are too!

Deborah is sitting on a chair by a desk. She is clad in a sexy yellow sun dress that contrasts nicely with her tanned body. She caresses her long legs and her body, before hiking the dress and squatting over the floor. Her white thong panties contrast even better with her tanned skin than her dress ... she pulls the dress off, once again showing off her toned body and perky nipples (which she tweaks quite hard!). After giving herself a panty-wedgie, Deborah sits back on the chair and peels off her panties, dropping them to the floor. She then parts her legs and starts to play with her pussy with her fingers, rubbing her clit firmly and dipping a finger into her vagina to extract some juices. The Hitachi is her toy of choice again, and she starts out on lower power. But as soon as she puts the buzzer to her clit, she starts to pant and moan again. And as before, she cums in mere seconds! Deborah shows off her post orgasm pussy as she recovers from her orgasm, and then turns on the wand again and puts it back on her clitoris. The toy has her instantly moaning with pleasure and cumming again very quickly with another nice pussy pulsating orgasm. She truly is multi-orgasmic! Two was enough for Deborah this time - she smiles and spreads her pussy lips for us to see the aftermath of her orgasms!

Deborah is back on the sofa bed, this time just wearing her black bra and panty set. She seems quite happy as she teasingly takes off her bra. Even after she drops her bra, she still manages to keep her small perky breasts covered with her hands. And once she takes her hands away, her perky nipples really stand out ;-). Deborah continues to tease the camera a she takes her panties off. She then settles against a pile of pillows in the corner of the sofa, spreads her legs really wide apart, and caresses her body with additional attention given to her pussy. Deborah starts to rub her clit as she prepares for the assault of the Hitachi ... and once she has that in hand and on low power, she touches it to her clit causing her perineum to react and contract. She then plants the toy on her sweet spot and starts moaning and writhing instantly. And in true Deborah form, the toy has her trembling and cumming in minutes ... she rides out her orgasm completely, keeping the vibe on her clit the entire time and beyond, bringing her to another orgasm! Deborah is done - completely satisfied!

(Length: 43 Minutes)
File Size: 1.91 Gb

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