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Candy Star - Stress Relief (Download)

Candy Star - Stress Relief (Download)
Blue eyed and blonde Candy Star really is an orgasm star! This must have been one of this 21 year old's first shoots as she was a little nervous to start with, but then rocked out 6 fantastic, pussy snapping orgasms! Her perfect body, natural breasts, huge pussy lips didn't hurt either. Wow. Just wow.

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Candy Star strolls up to the bed wearing a blue plaid shirt and a denim skirt. She kneels on the bed and removes her shirt, discarding it to the floor. Her skirt follows suite and she is left in a matching black bra and panty set. She unhooks her bra then peels off her panties ... Candy is sporting a nice pair of small-ish natural breasts and a clean-shaven pussy. She lays back on the pillows and starts to run her middle finger up and down her slit and over her clit. She looks quite nervous! After slowly playing with herself for a minute, she reaches for the Hitachi magic wand, turns it on low power, and runs it in a circular manner over her clit. She's very good at maintaining eye contact as she masturbates! It's clear that all the excitement of being filmed in combination with the powerful stimulation is really having an effect on her!! Her pussy starts to gape and her breathing quietly intensifies ... she looks like she's struggling not to orgasm! And then there it is ... her pussy starts pulsing and snapping and she tries to ignore it but can't. She lets herself go and cums really hard, keeping up the wand stimulation and riding it out completely ... Wow. She turns off the wand and starts to recover when the camera man suggests that she tries it again. No argument - she picks up the wand, puts it back on her clit and starts panting within seconds already! Candy keeps the buzzer in a slow steady motion directly on her clit as her pussy starts to twitch a little ... she's getting close again, and she still manages to keep those blue eyes open! But her face tells the story - she really is in ecstasy as her pussy starts to gape again and she starts to lift her bottom off the bed a bit. A little more stimulation from the vibrator, her face flushed pink and a series of pants, Candy cums again. It's another big snapper of an orgasm, and she keeps on buzzing away and riding her orgasm out completely. Just wow! And once she puts the vibe away, we get to realize just how large her pussy lips are ... very nice.

Candy strolls back into the room - another room - and kneels on the bed. She really doesn't waste much time taking her clothes off ... her top goes first, then her skirt. She is wearing her matching black bra and panty set again. She takes off her bra, then slips down her panties as the camera moves in for a closer look at her goodies! Candy leans back against the pillows and starts to rub her pussy and clit with her fingers. This time we immediately get to realize that she does indeed have nice large pussy lips! She masturbates with her fingers to prepare for the toy assault again, and again her toy choice is the Hitachi. She switches it on and instantly puts in on her clit, which instantly has her moaning and panting. Candy's motion is slow, steady and consistent - just a circular motion on her clitoris. As she gets more and more aroused, her hips start to lift ever so slightly off the bed and her pussy starts to gape slightly with the occasional twitch. Candy stares blankly at the camera as she enjoys the sensations ... her lips part as she tries to take in more air, when suddenly her pussy starts contracting and snapping, and her body trembles as she has her orgasm! Candy keeps up the stimulation and enjoys every second of it too, then puts away and leaves us with a clear view of her ample pussy.

This time candy is seated in a small arm chair and is already armed with the wand! She pulls her pink top over her head and reveals her bare breasts. Then she slips off her skirt quickly followed by her black panties before parting her legs and playing with her luscious lips and clit. The camera moves in for a closer view of the action - one hand playing with her pussy and the other teasing her breasts and leg. Candy fingers rubs herself for a short while before graduating to the Hitachi. She turns on the toy, then spreads her legs wide apart by putting a leg over each arm of the chair. She stares at the camera as she focuses the attention of the big vibrator on her clit, once again moving it in a steady circular motion. The vibrations have her panting again instantly! She just keeps enjoying her masturbation session as the camera zooms in for a closeup of her clitoral action. Suddenly and without much warning, Candy's vulva starts clasping and her anus starts puckering as she has an orgasm! The camera moves out to capture the rest of her body, then zooms back in to capture her final contractions close up, all without missing a beat ... or a contraction. Candy recovers, legs still apart, and her fleshy pussy very, very visible. Nice one!

Candy's pink dress really contrasts with the blue wall as she walks up to the gray couch! She slowly lifts her dress up over her head and tosses it to the floor. Her black bra is next ... then her panties. Candy sits down on the couch next to the Hitachi - she wants to feel it's magic one more time! She parts her legs and reaches down to caress her perfect pussy, slowly masturbating with two fingers. She really knows how to maintain eye contact, and she gives the camera a little smile! Candy is obviously getting more comfortable in front of the camera and she casually inserts one finger in to her pussy. But she wants the wand, so without much ado she picks it up, turns it on and plants it back on her clitoris. It has the anticipated effect, and she is panting within seconds! Candy keeps working the wand in tight circles over her clit as she instinctively lifts her hips up against the source of her pleasure. Her pussy starts gaping and seconds after that her contractions take hold as Candy cums! She keeps the buzzer buzzing and her pussy snapping a she milks her orgasm for everything it has! Once done, she puts the vibe down and gently caresses her body.

Back in a bedroom - a different one again - Candy hops up onto the bed and kneels while she pulls her top off over her head. She unbuttons her plaid skirt and slips it down over her knees. Her black panties rapidly follow before Candy settles comfortably on the pillows against the headboard. She runs her middle finger between her big labia, clearly drawing moisture up to her clitoris. But Candy is set on getting off with the Hitachi, so after masturbating briefly with her fingers, she first up the toy and puts it to her clit. Candy must be ambidextrous as she is using her other hand to masturbate this time! She keeps up the steady motion on her clit and her chest starts to heave slightly, her hips lift slightly, her pussy gapes slightly, her perineum twitches slightly - then whamo - she goes over the edge and has a nice big orgasm, her pussy snapping rhythmically as she cums! Her orgasm goes on and on too as she keeps up the stimulation. Candy turns off the toy and puts it on the bed. She parts her fleshy pussy lips and we can see her glistening wetness in her folds. Very, very nice.

(Length: 42 Minutes)
File Size: 1.78 Gb

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