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Anaman Cums Again

Anaman Cums Again
Malaysian Anaman with the nice meaty cooch and rapid fire orgasms is back! We fell in love with this dark-haired, dark-skinned beauty the first time we met her and her lovely, lippy cooch - and she is even better in this second DVD featuring Anaman in nice, sexy lingerie and visually appealing clothing - and and not to mention the nearly perfect orgasms in three of the four scenes!

Anaman is lounging in a turquoise bra and panty set on the white bed cover, enjoying some private time. She takes off the bra to reveal her natural breasts, with very perky nipples. She reaches her hand into her panties and plays with her pussy before taking the panties off. She has a dark, lippy cooch, with just a patch of hair at the top. Anaman inserts her fingers into her vagina and manually rubs her clitoris. She really does have a lot of nice, ‘meaty’ pussy lips. Anaman turns on the red vibe and starts to buzz her clitoris with the little toy while inserting a finger or two into her pussy as she goes along. Clearly, she really likes to have something in her. So, with the toy buzzing her clit and her fingers moving in and out at the base of her vagina, Anaman gets herself quite worked up. Her legs are taunt and her hips buck up and down as she cums. I think she really does cum, even though there’s a lot of movement and contractions are tough to spot, because of her sensitivity afterwards. She says the little vibe is very strong. This first orgasm was tough to spot - but given the others, I'm sure you can spot some of those contractions.

Anaman is spread in the orgasm chair enjoying the magic wand. She is wearing a green skirt that is hiked up around her waist with her cooch completely exposed. She puts the toy on her clit on low power and sits back to enjoy the ride. The wand is very strong, and Anaman has head back into the chair as she starts to slide down a bit. There are lots and lots of pussy pulling pre-orgasmic contractions visible, with her legs spread apart as they are. Anaman lets ut a couple of heavy breaths and then with the end of the wand barely touching her clit, Anaman has a nice, quick, contracting orgasm. She is very sensitive afterwards and the orgasm happens very quickly – with lots of quick, rapid-fire contractions - so don’t blink or you might miss it. Her nice huge lips and clit are dangling after as the camera moves in for a closeup.

Anaman is wearing a sexy, pink satin top and panty set in the bedroom. She reaches her hand into her panties and plays with herself for a bit before removing her panties and showing us that lippy cooch again. The toy of choice this time is the black thingy massager which she investigates and places on her clit. After lying on her back for a bit, Anaman rolls over onto all fours and puts her bottom up as she continues to work her clitoris with the black thingy toy. Her large labia are nice and dangly around the toy, too. Anaman starts to buck her hips and moan quietly just a bit and then she has another nice orgasm with her quick little contractions around her perineum and anus. She collapses onto her tummy.

Anaman is back in the orgasm chair, this time giving the pocket rocket and the pink vibe a try. Anaman opts for the pink vibe as she settles back into the chair. Once again, she likes to put a finger or two into her pussy and move them around a bit. She keeps her fingers slightly inside of her as she works the vibe on her clit, then she starts to breathe a little heavily and arch her back. Then, she has a nice orgasm, with visible contractions, as her fingers come out and her hips rock up and down. Nice.

(Length: 34 minutes)
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