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Amber Leigh

Amber Leigh
This is our first orgasm DVD with Amber Leigh. She is quite chatty and explains to us that she has never been able to cum with just her fingers and that she is very thankful for sex toys. Amber Leigh is another model for us with a rather full, if not puffy, pussy and interesting inner lips, labia minora.

We get to watch Amber Leigh get undressed and settle onto the bed using a pocket rocket. She kind of hisses and moans a bit as she gets more and more aroused. There are some great arched and scrunching foot scenes as she presses her toes into the duvet and applies the pocket rocket at a 90 degree angle to her clit. She is sensitive after her first orgasm, but I could not make out any contractions on the first one. When you see her cooch, I think you’ll understand why – she has lots of folds of skin that make it tough to get a good visible orgasm. On her second orgasm, I was able to detect some visible, wave-like pulsations kind of pushing out around her bottom. She also stops to remark about and show off her pulsating clitoris after she has toyed it and cum.
And, there is the hint of glistening wetness forming between those folds as she hisses for her orgasm then dips her finger in to show off her stringy wetness!

Amber Leigh is taking off her pajamas in the next scene to give the magic wand a go. She immediately settles for high power and scrunches those toes into the blanket, again. Her pussy gets really deeply pigmented and swollen as she cums – very quietly – and with one big hip thrust and one small, just barely visible, contraction. She remarks at how quickly the wand works before turning it down to a lower speed. She cums again at low speed, and plays with her wetness, but I could only detect one contraction. It’s almost as though she removes the toy and stops the stimulation just before she hits the height of an orgasm. Nevertheless, Amber Leigh notes her twitching clit and starts applying the magic wand at low speed one more time. She cums one more time, again, quietly.

Amber Leigh’s next toy of choice is the black-vibe-thingie-massager in the chair. Again, the foot fans will be pleased to see this camera angle as her legs and feet and toes are hanging and resting on the armchair. Amber Leigh starts to tense and quietly grunt as she enjoys a chair orgasm. I really couldn’t detect any contractions in this one, either. I don’t think she fakes it, I just think it’s the way her pussy is built that makes it very difficult to detect the contractions. She continues to stimulate herself with the massager, by kind of spreading her inner lips apart and we can really see her glistening wetness as the camera moves in for some nice closeup views. I’m not sure if she manages another orgasm or not … but she tries with the massager and lets us know that she prefers the magic wand, even though the thingie did do its job.

The next scene is a hands-on scene with a fixed camera filming the action. The cameraman is holding a pocket rocket directly on the top of her clitoris and massaging the inner folds of her lips and vagina. Eventually one or two fingers are naturally lubricated and slipping in and out of Amber Leigh’s vagina while the pocket rocket continues to buzz away on her clitoris. She is very quiet, but kind of bucking her hips when she cums as the cameraman now continues to stimulate and rub her until she lets out a little squeal. She is dripping white cum when she is done. Of course, the cameraman can not resist dipping into that juicy white cum and applying it to Amber Leigh’s sensitive clitoris before stimulating with the pocket rocket again. He begins massaging around her lips and vagina again, too. Amber Leigh notes the blood is pumping around her pussy and the dark coloration that is forming as the stimulation continues. I guess she cums again, as she lets out another very little squeal. The cameraman dips into her white juices and applies them to her clitoris one more time while continuing to stimulate her clitoris and insert one finger in and out of her pussy. It’s not long before Amber Leigh lets out another little squeal and we can see lots of protruding contractions all around her pussy and bottom. She says how warm she is after her “hard days’ work!”

(Length: 48 minutes)
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