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Amaris - Double O's (Download)

Amaris - Double O's (Download)
25-year-old hot blonde Amaris has perfect natural breasts capped with perfect nipples, a great body, a perfect slit, and is totally multi-orgasmic. She loves to have two fingers in her pussy when she masturbates, and she has great sex flushed, pussy and ass pulsating orgasms every time! What's not to love? This is most definitely one for every orgasm lover's collection!

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Hot blonde babe, Amaris appears on screen cupping her bra covered breasts … she is only wearing her pink lingerie. She quickly sits up and takes her bra off to reveal a beautiful pair of natural breasts – her nipples respond very nicely too as she tweaks them. Amaris is rather “breathy” as she caresses her body and begins to finger her pussy … she pulls aside her panty crotch, moistens her finger with saliva and starts to masturbate – first rubbing her clit, then fingering her vagina, then going back to her clit. Her “breathiness” would usually indicate the actress side, but we do know that she gets off quite easily with her fingers when she is at home alone, so who knows! Amaris peels off her panties for easier access to her clean-shaven pussy, then applies some lube to her slit before going back to some fingering and masturbation. But in the presence of the camera man, she needs a little more to get there … she picks up the magic wand and plants firmly it on her lubed clit as she cups her breast. Amaris also likes to have something in her vagina when she masturbates so she shoves first one, then two fingers into her pussy and jiggles them as the big buzzer does its thing. The pitch of her panting goes up an octave as she truly delights in this stimulation – just the finger jiggling and the planted vibe. And that’s enough to do the trick … her legs start to tremble, and her breath starts to catch, and her vibe starts to shake as Amaris goes over the edge into a nice pussy pulsing orgasm! She reaches down and gently rubs her labia with two fingers before rolling onto her side.

Amaris is a two-orgasm girl, so after a brief pause her fingers find her clit again. She slowly rubs it with her finger, then slides her finger into her vagina before dragging it back up through her vulva to her clit again. Clearly this is what gets her warmed up! Amaris also likes her nipples stimulated, so she puts the Lelo wand vibrator to one nipple, then the other and ultimately down between her legs to her pussy. She doesn’t wait so long this time to start fingering herself as she vibes her clit, and she is back in ecstasy in no time at all! Her fingers are jiggling in her vagina at an impressive rate and her legs begin to twitch again as she cums again … and it’s another nice orgasm with lots of contractions, and Amaris rides it out with the vibe still in place. Her chest develops quite the sex flush too! Amaris is finally sated – she closes her legs and straitens them, leaving us with a nice view of her perfect slit.

Amaris is surfing her phone – not quite sure what she is watching, but she is laying on the bed wearing just her purple lingerie with her hand in her panties gently rubbing her pussy. She puts the phone down after a few moments and replaces her hand in her panties with the purple Lelo vibe, then slips her hand into her bra to play with her nipple. Amaris pulls her panty crotch aside a bit so that the elastic wedges the vibe against her clit … but that simply isn’t enough. She slips her panties off completely and proceeds to start masturbating with her fingers as she slowly grinds her hips against her hand. Her eyes are closed as she rubs, and her breathing is intensifying a bit … she applies a little lube to her clit and puts the purple vibe back on it, holding it in place with one hand while her other fingers her vagina. Amaris wants a little more pressure on her clit, so she firmly grasps the vibe with both hands and pulls it hard against her to amp things up a bit. Her two fingers find her vagina again and start jiggling … her response is almost immediate – her breathing intensifies, and her panting goes up in pitch as she gets closer and closer to cumming. Suddenly she cums, her anus pulsing strongly with her fingers still planted and her neck and chest flushing – it’s a nice and long orgasm too with her contractions going on and on! Amaris rolls onto her side to recover.

In typical Amaris fashion, one is not enough :-) … after a brief recovery, she is back on the phone while rubbing her finger through her tight slit. She puts her phone down, takes her bra off, then caresses her breasts and nipples as she lays back down on the bed. Her nipples are nicely responsive and get quite hard and perky from the attention. Her attention then shifts south and she starts to masturbate again with just her fingers … the camera moves in for a close up as she rubs away at her clit. Although Amaris really likes this, she wanted to make sure that she could reach her orgasm for us, so after masturbating this was for a few minutes she brings the magic wand vibrator back into play to ensure success! Thanks – we do appreciate that! Amaris cranks the big buzzer, plants it on her clit and starts finger fucking herself again. And that is her magic – she cums hard again with lots or orgasm contractions and she rides it out with the buzzer in place until the end. And once again, Amaris gets a nice sex flush! She closes and straightens her legs again, which seems to indicate that she is satisfied … for now ;-) … and leaves us with a nice view of her perfect shaved slit, perfect breasts, and a nice smile!

Amaris is gently massaging her breasts through her bra and one hand quickly slips into her panties to rub her clit directly. Her other hand pulls her perfect breasts out of their enclosures – her nipples are nice and hard already! She is sitting on the couch and wastes no time in pulling her panties off completely and getting into some serious finger masturbation. Amaris enjoys rubbing her finger through her slit, then fingering her pussy before going back to rubbing her clit. She applies a little bit of lube to her clit, turns on the purple Lelo vibrator, and puts the toy to her clit. After masturbating with just the vibrator for a bit, Amaris is ready to get serious and begins to finger fuck herself with two fingers as she buzzes away. Her chest is already getting really flushed, so we know she is getting close. And sure enough … her breathing intensifies as her jiggling amps up to a rapid rate and her hips thrust rhythmically against the stimulation. And that’s all it takes – Amaris has another incredible, sex flushed, pussy throbbing orgasm that she rides out completely. The camera moves in to catch some of her post orgasm twitching. Amaris gently fingers her slit as she recovers.

She is not done yet … after a brief recovery, Amaris shifts to another couch, lays down and starts to finger her clit and clit again. She wanted to try out a different toy this time, so she grabs the small pink vibrator and puts that to her clit. She seems to enjoy the sensations … But Amaris needs to get naked, so after masturbating with the small vibrator for a fee minutes, she sits up and pulls her bra off and applies the vibe directly to her nipples. But Amaris knows that the little toy isn’t going to do it for her, so she switches back to the Lelo wand and inserts two fingers into her vagina to accompany it. Her breathing immediately starts to intensify and catch as she gets close again. Once again, that does it for her and Amaris brings herself to another pussy contracting, ass twitching, sex flushed orgasm! She’s done – two orgasms are just what she needed! She leaves is with a satisfied giggle and a nice smile!

(Length: 57 Minutes)
File Size: 2.49 Gb

*** For the DVD and 1080 HD Blu-ray versions, please see the non-download version. ***
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