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Allicia Leigh

Allicia Leigh
Amateurs Alone is happy to present the buxom, blonde Allicia Leigh. Allicia Leigh is a petite-framed, very tanned woman, with hair so blonde it’s reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. Allicia Leigh is ramping up her adult entertainment career, although she is already a successful model. She has been featured in Maxim magazine, Playboy’s website and over 45 other adult publications. She has all the assets men just love to admire!

Allicia Leigh is lounging in a pool-side chair as the birds chirp in the background. Her bikini bottoms are already removed as she toys her clit with a pocket rocket. Allicia Leigh is tanned all over – very slim and trim. She moistens her fingers from time-to-time as she rubs the toy up and down and all around her clitoris. It took me a few moments to adjust to the abdomenoplasty scarring that is visible across her abdomen - even with Allicia’s tan, the scar is still apparent. Nevertheless, she really enjoys the pocket rocket, removing her breasts and fondling her nipples. Allicia Leigh starts getting more and more desperate to cum as she really works that pocket rocket hard on her completely shaved pussy. She reaches an index finger down to her vaginal opening and pulls the folds apart, rocks her hips up and down, hissing and moaning as she gets more and more worked up. When she orgasms, there are just a few, slight, visible contractions – very faint. Allicia Leigh lounges on the chair as the camera moves in for a closeup of her pussy and then pans out for a view of her post-orgasmic body.

Allicia Leigh has gone indoors for the next scene – on the pool table! Allicia is bent over and kneeling on the pool table while toying her pussy with a small curled g-spot stimulator vibe. Her breasts are exposed and her panties are wrapped around her knee. Allicia Leigh inserts the vibe into and out of her vagina, sort of rocking and moaning as her lips curl around the tip of the toy. After a bit, Allicia Leigh gets more serious about her masturbating, reaching her second hand around and pulling her pussy lips apart, then she firmly grips the toy and really presses it firmly on her clitoris. It takes Allicia Leigh a bit of time to find this orgasm, but she stays bent over on the pool table, with her face pressed firmly on the felt until she starts to softly moan and more firmly work the toy until she cums. There may have been the faintest of orgasmic contractions, bottoms-up, but they were not in ‘classic’, pulsating style. Allicia Leigh rolls over, slowly, onto her back and stretches out on the pool table.

Lounging on a futon in a pair of jean shorts, red high heels and a black tank top Allicia Leigh is feeling frisky again! She slowly removes the jean shorts and the tank top before untying her sexy black panties. She fondles and massages her breasts with one hand while the other one is busy massaging her pussy and clitoris. Allicia Leigh takes her time, inserting first one finger, then two into her pussy as she slowly writhes her hips up and down. Once again, there is visible scarring on Allicia Leigh’s breasts from augmentation and reduction surgeries. Allicia Leigh continues to finger her pussy, very deeply, as she moves her hips up and down – she’s really riding her fingers. From time-to-time, she takes her fingers out of her pussy and massages her clitoris before going back to fingering herself. After a bit, Allicia Leigh gets two hands involved in all the action: one for the fingering and one for the clit massaging. She lets out a little moaning squeal and has an apparent orgasm – although there really were no visible contractions.

(Length: 32 minutes)
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