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Alisha Adams - Self Satisfaction (Download)

Alisha Adams - Self Satisfaction (Download)
24 year old Alisha Adams gets turned on by watching solo masturbation and girl on girl porn, and normally masturbates 5 times or so a week. She masturbates to several orgasms with clearly visible contractions, and her pussy gets nice and glistening wet with her juices.

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Alisha Adams is kneeling on the bed in a skin tight short dress as she caresses her body for the camera. She quickly slips her arms out from under the straps and reveals a really nice pair of natural breasts before peeling her dress of entirely and lying down. Her trusty pink and black smoothie vibrator is conveniently hidden under a pillow nearby, and she wastes no time in firing up the little toy and applying it to her clit and pussy. She immediately starts making little sounds in approval of the sensations ... the camera zooms in for a closer view of the action, clearly showing her short cropped Brazilian hair style. Alisha rhythmically circles her now engorged clit with her vibrator, and her "ooh's" and "ahh's" are increasing in pitch and frequency ... we can now hear little squishy sounds as the vibrator robs over her clit, and wham-o - she cums with a nice series of contractions as a bead of pussy juice forms at the base of her vagina! Alisha puts the toy away and savours the aftermath of her orgasm.

Now clad in very short denim shorts, a red top, and black boots, Alisha is standing in front of a couch doing a little dance. She quickly removes her shorts to expose a pair of pick panties ... but those don't remain on for long either. Her black boots come off next, and then she takes her top off over her head and lies back on the couch. She really does have nice natural breasts! Alisha starts to rub her clitoris with her finger, dipping it into her vagina in search of some lube. She is already "ooh'ing" and "ahh'ing", and we know this is what she genuinely likes ;-). And this time she just keeps going! There are no conveniently hidden toys - she just keeps on rubbing with her fingers until she lifts her hips against her stimulation and has a nice, pussy pulsing orgasm! Nice one!

Alisha is once again on the bed, this time wearing a see-through lace top and very see-through panties! She pulls her top down over her breasts before peeling her panties off. She then takes her top off completely, and reaches for her hidden toy ... Surprise - it's a rabbit style toy this time! She lubes the toy with some saliva, then inserts it into her pussy taking care that the buzzy part is coming in good contact with her clit. Her "ooh's" and "ahh's" begin as she jiggles the toy around in her vagina, rubbing the vibrating end on her sensitive button. This very quickly does the trick for her - she clutches the pillow with her free hand, lifts her hips into the toy, let's out a few more urgent "ooh's" and "ahh's", and orgasms with a nice series of pulsing contractions! Alisha pulls the toy out of her pussy and licks it clean as she recovers.

Back on the couch, and this time clad in a sexy see through slip, Alisha is lying down and caressing her breasts and body through the fabric. She is not wearing any panties! She then gets up into a kneeling position on the couch, pulls the top of her slip down to reveal her lovely breasts, and reaches for the Hitachi magic wand. Still kneeling, Alisha puts the powerful toy on her clit, getting herself all warmed up. She then turns around and leans on the back of the couch in a near-doggy-style position. There is already a bead of pussy juice at the base of her vagina which now slowly slides back down between her lips. Alisha buzzes away at her clit, then moistens a finger on her other hand and stimulates her anus, putting just the tip of her finger into her ass. Buzz, jiggle, buzz, jiggle ... "ooh", "ahh", "ohh", "ahh" ... her pussy is getting quite wet now! But this isn't going to get her over the edge, so she flips over onto her back, puts the wand on her clit again and cums hard! She is very wet now as she seemingly toys with the idea of going for another ... but then decides not to. Nevertheless, it was another nice pulsating orgasm, and her glistening wet pussy tells the story! Alisha lies back for a moment to recover, before sitting up on the couch and spreading her legs to give us a good finale!

(Length: 41 Minutes)
File Size: 1.81 Gb

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