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Alexis is a blonde new-cummer with large enhanced breasts.

Already naked, except for seriously high-heels, Alexis is seated in a leather chair. She doesn’t waste any time at all getting busy with the eroscillator toy, using it on shaved pussy and clitoris. The camera focus gets a bit fuzzy for a moment or two, then sharpens up as we move in for a close-up of Alexis’ pussy, breasts and tummy. One can really notice the freckles on her chest and upper body! Alexis slowly develops a red sex-flush as Alexis starts to hiss and pant quietly. I notice that her head goes back in the chair more and more as she gets ready to cum, too. With her hand completely quivering, the camera zooms in for a closeup of Alexis’ pussy, then back out for a full-body view. I think Alexis came – she got very red – but her contractions are a real eye-test. The focus goes off for a bit again – annoying – then improves. Alexis keeps the eroscillator moving and working on her clitoris. Her chest is flushed red, her mouth is slightly opened and her hips are gently rocking up and down. Alexis pulls her knees up to position her feet in the chair, rather than on the floor. After taking a brief moment to re-position the toy, Alexis is right back at it, twisting and twirling the eroscillator tip all over her clitoris. After a few minutes, she spreads her legs wide open in the chair again, never pausing with the toy, she breathes heavily for a moment, cums quietly again, then looks at the camera, turns off the toy and redresses. I couldn’t see a lot of strong contractions, sadly – only lots of minor ones.

Walking across the living room, Alexis takes off her panties to lie down on the leather sofa for another session with the eroscillator. This time Alexis really throws head back and cums hard with a deep sex flush across her chest and lots and lots of panting and hip rocking. Her contractions are tough to spot, but they were present in this scene. But, Alexis doesn’t stop after that orgasm! She continues to keep the eroscillator on her clitoris until she cums again. The camera does go out of focus every now and then which is definitely annoying. Alexis continues to stimulate her clitoris with the eroscillator, but doesn’t manage any other orgasms. She sits up – obviously warm from all the excitement – and puts her bra and panties back on.

Alexis is standing in front of the leather chair, taking off her black bra and panties again. She turns around when she removes her panties, revealing a large back tattoo. Alexis gets comfortable in the chair and turns on the eroscillator. The camera moves in for some nice close-up shots in this scene too. I think Alexis is cumming just as the camera moves out for a full-body view. Alexis continues with the eroscillator until she is shaking and quivering. Alexis re-positions herself in the chair and spreads her legs wide apart again – she really develops a very red, deep sex flush across her chest, face The camera moves in for another close up view as Alexis cums quietly with a few obvious contractions again. Her clit is quite enlargened and swollen when she takes the toy away. She slips her panties back on.

(Length: 34 minutes)
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