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Alexis Brill
Alexis Brill is a twenty one year old Hungarian cutie! She's petite - only 5'2" tall with a nice smile and lovely, natural, breasts. We are committed to providing you with real female orgasms - that's why we made our website - so we want to give a little disclaimer to the orgasm connoisseurs: we're not certain if Ms. Brill really did indeed do the deed because we had a tough time spotting pussy contractions. However, this is a nice shoot with a very attractive brunette babe that is worth watching.

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When we first meet Alexis she is seated in a chair, flipping through a book - but her magic wand is plugged in beside her on the table. She is wearing a pair of tight peach colored shorts, and black tank top and black sneakers. Alexis starts to touch her pussy through those tight shorts, then peels them off completely revealing a shaved pussy and firm, flat tummy. She really does have a nice body! Alexis fondles her natural breasts, letting them pop out from beneath the tank top. She takes off the tank top completely, but leaves on her little black sneakers as she licks her fingers and rubs her pussy. After a nice finger warm up, Alexis sits back in the chair and fires up her magic wand. She licks her fingers, keeping her pussy moist with her saliva as she rubs the toy up and down on her pussy. One hand plays her breasts, too. The powerful toy has her moaning and panting pretty quickly as she slinks back and almost sideways in the chair. Alexis moans and pants pretty loudly as she "cums" in this scene. I'm not really sure if she does the deed or not. She does have goosebumps across her bottom and I maybe spotted a couple of anal puckers of note. And of course, her pussy is nice and pink after that wand ride, too. The pretty girl smiles at the camera as she fondles her breasts.

Alexis walks into her bedroom armed with the pink fairy wand. She again looks cute in a pair of blue pleather shorts and a pink sweater. She licks the wand seductively. She plugs in the toy next to her bed, then lies back against the headboard, still sucking and teasing us with the toy. She rolls onto her tummy, humping the bed and gyrating her hips into the mattress while barely keeping her bits covered by those short shorts. Alexis sits up on the bed, fondling her breasts and starts to undress. She lifts off her pink sweater to reveal a pretty lace pink bra. She kneels to pull down her shorts, revealing her pretty matching pink panties. She looks inviting in her lingerie. She caresses her body with her hand, even kissing herself on the shoulder as she sits up to take off her bra. After playing with her nipples and breasts, She lifts her legs high into the air to peel off her pretty pink panties. Alexis lies back on the pillows to fondle and play with her pussy. The pretty brunette coed babe reaches for her pink fairy wand, licking the head of the toy before using it to stimulate her nipples. She gets up onto her knees to play with the toy doggystyle on her clitoris and pussy. She is whimpering and moaning as she writhes on the head of the fairy wand. She has a nice, firm, round, bottom positioned right in the camera! After a bit, Alexis rolls over onto her back, propped against the headboard of the bed as she continues to play with the toy. She keeps her clit moist with her saliva as she spreads her pussy lips wide and flicks the toy on her pink clitoris. Alexis' pussy is getting a nice bead of wetness forming as she enjoys the toy and the camera man goes in for a closeup of it, too. This sounds like a pretty big O for Alexis and of all the scenes she does for us, I think this is the most authentic. She does a lot of hip rocking and raising and I maybe spotted a couple of contractions as she clenched her ass cheeks. We'll have to let you be the judges, but this one is a definite possibility.

Alexis likes role playing, too and she is the sexiest little nurse we've seen in a long, long, time. She is wearing a pair of red satin thong panties and a see through short nurse's uniform and high heels as she takes some notes in a chart. She isn't wearing a bra as she stands to face the camera. After a nice little tease, she sits back in the chair, stroking her legs and lifting her white nurses dress. She lifts the dress off over her head, then tosses it to the floor. She spreads her legs wide, rubbing her pussy through those sexy red panties. She pulls her panties up and to the side to continue the finger massage. After a bit, she peels her tiny red panties off completely, sits back in the chair and places one long lean leg and high heel on the table. Alexis' toy of choice this time is the Wahl vibrator with the beaded head. Instantly she is making sounds of ecstasy as she moves the toy around and over her shaved pussy and clitoris. She also uses the toy on her breasts and nipples. She switches positions in the chair, keeping one leg propped over the back of it, as she works the toy with one hand. When she "cums" this time it is with a lot of noise and sensitivity. After she cums and quite appropriately for the little nurse, we hear an ambulance siren in the background. She spreads her pussy lips quite seductively for the camera.

(Length: 46 minutes)

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