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Alexia Silvers (Download)

Alexia Silvers (Download)
The newest, hottest, co-ed babe to hit the solo female masturbation and orgasm market in years is sexy, natural, milky-skinned and naturally red-headed Alexia Silvers! Check out her awesome body with long lean legs, beautiful natural breasts and downy red pubic hair!

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Alexia is seated in front of her dressing table wearing a black lounging short and tank top set. She stands up, gyrating and dancing in front of the camera as she peels off the tiny shorts, revealing a pair of pretty, bright pink panties. She lifts the tank top off over her head and we get to see her gorgeous natural breasts next! Alexia shakes her booty for the camera before stripping off the little panties too. And when the panties come off, we see that Alexia is a bit hairy down there and her pubic hair is her natural reddish blonde colour! She really is a true redhead! Alexia sits back in her dressing room chair to fondle her pussy and breasts now that she is completely naked. She moans and whimpers then reaches for the magic wand as she continues to tweak her nipples. She turns on the toy, working it slowly over her furry pussy. As Alexia finds her sweet spot with the toy, she moans and pants. Suddenly, Alexia lets out a deep moan and pants out loud. But, she's not ready to cum just yet. As she continues to gently toy with the wand, her chest flushes pink - she really is fair skinned with almost opaque nipples. With the toy on the tip of her clit, she cries out once more as she cums - her chest now really pink and her pussy nearly purple! Just as she starts to cum, the chair rotates out of the camera complete view and the videographer struggles to keep up with all the action. We can only just spot a few of her early contractions as the chair turns.

Alexia Silvers is all dressed up in a little black dress, black stockings and wearing red lipstick! She is feeling chatty and talking with the cameraman saying that she is going out in Manhattan. Before she heads out, Alexia is going to give us a treat as she plays with the magic wand. The cameraman instructs her to plug it in and find out how it works. She tests the toy on two speeds noting that she is ready to try that out, and that she is of course ready to give us a little tease. She lifts her lbd off over her head, noting no bra. Then she shimmies and sashays her black panty clad bottom for the camera before peeling her panties off to the floor. She decides to leave on her stockings and black high heels as she bends over in font of the camera, spreading her bottom cheeks for us! She sits back in the hotel room chair admitting that she is kinda nervous to be trying out the magic wand. She turns it on low power saying, "Oh, wow". After taking a test drive on low power, Alexia increases the toy's power to high, lifting her legs off the floor and settling back in the chair. She clutches a breast with one hand, too. Alexia rocks into the toy, opening her mouth and gasping. She adjusts the toy back to low power as the camera moves in for a closeup. Alexia's pussy is pink and puffy! She begins to pant and moan as her face turns red. She closes her legs hard around the head of the toy as she cums. She yanks the toy away, smiling, saying, "Oh my god!" She pulls back on her clit and mound and the cameraman says, "Wow! That's swollen!" Alexia giggles and says, "Yeah!" He asks her if she needs a little break or if she can go again. Alexia confidently says, "I can go again." And she does! With her legs spread wide over the arms of the chair she places the toy back on her clitoris until she is cumming again - this time even with a little squirt and lots of nice contractions! She rides out this orgasm for as long as she possibly can noting, "Oh! I got a little bit wet! Oh, my god!" The cameraman asks her if she is ready for a little break now but Alexia says she is willing to try it again a little bit later.

Now wearing purplish-blue stockings and a white t-shirt, Alexia is in the living room - her long red hair is tied up on top of her head. Alexia lifts off the white t-shirt first, exposing her gorgeous natural breasts. She settles back into a white chair leaving her stockings on for now. She turns on the magic wand working it over her pussy which is barely seen through the stockings. After her warm-up, she turns off the toy and peels off the stockings with her bare ass in front of the camera. She squeezes her bottom and cheeks, putting on quite the show. She settles back in the chair, briefly rubbing her pussy with her fingers before powering up the magic wand once again. She kicks the toy into high power, which has her throwing her head back, opening her mouth and gasping. She wiggles and jiggles the toy, really scrunching it into her pussy. Alexia starts to whimper and moan and her pussy is trickling with juices as she cums. Her chest shows a huge sex flush as she cums. She murmurs, "oh my god" as she pulls the toy away. She sits back in the chair, gently touching her pussy, to recover. And then she turns on the magic wand again! She sits back working the toy on low power for a bit before turning it up to high. She lets out a big, long, moan and throws her head back as a big sex flush spreads across her face neck and chest once again. She murmurs, "Oh god" and takes the toy away.

Alexia is standing on the balcony, at night, in a pair of short, tight black shorts, a drapey white t-shirt and black high heels. She has a nice ass and long legs. She walks off the balcony and into the room allowing the camera to make it's way all over her body. She lifts her t-shirt, revealing her nice natural breasts for us again. She isn't wearing a bra, of course. She peels off the skin tight black shorts showing off her black fringed panties. She remains standing as she peels off the sexy little panties, bending over for the benefit of the cameraman. She tosses her panties aside. Her red fire bush is nicely visible ;-) Alexia settles into a chair that is strategically placed just on the balcony. She licks the head of the magic wand and we see there is a lot of creamy white pussy juices dripping from her vagina already. She fires up the magic wand, starting out on low power. The camera moves in for a closeup of all that gooey, white, wetness on her pussy. Alexia continues to massage her pussy and clitoris with the powerful toy, leaning far back in the chair. She reaches a finger around to touch her wetness as she gasps. Her noises and facial expressions intensify as she presses the toy firmly into her clitoris. She moans as she cums. She pulls the toy away and inserts a finger into her wet vagina. The camera moves in for a closeup of her red and swollen pussy.

Alexia is in the bedroom on a white bedspread wearing black and white panties and white tank top. She lifts the tank top off over her head, then settles back onto the bed, fondling her large, natural breasts. She slips her hand into her panties, then peels them off. Alexia fondles her body with her hands and fingers, then rolls over reaching for the magic wand. She works the toy over her breasts and nipples - they respond nicely. She moves the toy down to luscious red pubes, moaning because it feels so good. She clutches her inner thigh as her hips buck and rise up into the toy. After a few minutes, Alexia turns the toy up to high power as she whimpers and moans. Her pussy turns pinkish purple as she lifts her legs off the bed, almost ready to cum. And then she does cum - a huge, big, wet squirting orgasm that leaves her spent. She murmurs, "Oh my god. Oh my god." with a big smile on her face. She props herself up on the pillows with one arm draped overhead as she recovers.

Alexia is wearing white high top tennis shoes, a blue skirt and a white, sleeveless, see-through, blouse as she sits on the dark grey sofa flipping through a magazine. She is feeling horny. She stands up to unzip the blue skirt, pulling it down over her naked ass. Next the top comes off - and we see her lovely breasts once more. As she gyrates, bending over in front of the camera, she suffers a little coughing spell - apologizing to the camera. Alexia is now totally naked, except for the white high tops ;-) She settles back on the sofa with a pocket rocket - still suffering the occasional cough. She sits more upright on the sofa and there is a bead of pussy juice forming. She whimpers as she enjoys the little pocket rocket buzzing on her clitoris. The camera moves in for some nice closeups of her wet and swollen pussy, too. Alexia clutches a breast as she works the toy firmly on her clitoris with intense facial expressions. She jiggles the toy up and down on her clitoris, then starts to rhythmically pant, grimace and moan. She lets out a cry as she cums ... She quickly turns off the toy, murmuring, "oh my god". She sits up on the sofa, with her legs spread for a brief moment. The cameraman says, "Hey, what are doing?" Alexia says she was just reading a magazine. He says he saw how wet she was getting and he wants her to do it again! She settles back on the sofa, with the pocket rocket and with her legs wide apart. The cameraman says, "Oh, I love this position." She flicks the pocket rocket up and down and all around on her clitoris. Quickly, she is panting and showing intense expressions once more. She keeps up with the quick movement of the toy, moaning, as she cums again with a trickle of pussy juice flowing from her. Alexia says, "Oh fuck." She touches herself saying, "Oh, so wet!" The cameraman chimes in, "That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Alexia says, "I keep getting my couches all wet!" Giggle, giggle, giggle!

(Length: 57 minutes)
File Size: 2.50 Gb

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