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About our site

We shoot or commission ALL of our genuine female orgasm movies and photographs, and now you can get our exclusive shoots on DVD, Blu-ray or Instant Download and watch them in life size, high resolution movies on the big screen! Enjoy every quiver, contraction and goose bump in crisp and clear detail ... We even have a number of high definition 3D Blu-ray titles, too!

In order to make sure you get EXACTLY what you are looking for, we describe each movie title in great detail - every scene, everything remarkable, and virtually every detail, and we don't hold back on self-criticism either. We also have detailed images taken directly from the movie for you to browse. And we stand by every one of our DVDs and Blu-ray disks for the life of the product - should you ever have any trouble with any of them, let us know and we'll replace it - no questions asked. Please see our return policy for details.