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Zara DuRose 3 - Orgasmic

Zara DuRose 3 - Orgasmic
Natural red head, Zara DuRose is back and sexy as ever in this orgasmic movie! As always, she wears the sexiest outfits and lingerie, has a neatly trimmed red bush, and perfectly pulsating pussy orgasms accompanied by a strong sex flush. Brilliant!

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Zara enters the room in a sexy form fitting dress with lace arms, black thigh high stockings and red shoes. She kneels on the couch and leans forward, lifting up her dress as she moves and showing us her sexy gray and black thong panties. Zara peels the dress off over her head - she is wearing a gorgeous matching bra, which she slips down to release her large enhanced breasts. She turns around and drops her panties to the floor, and then she kneels on the couch again and gives us a nice rear view as she rubs her pussy with her fingers. (There is quite the storm happening and wind is howling outside - good thing Zara is hot enough to keep us all warm!) Zara fingers herself deeply, then tastes her juices before flipping over into a spread legged seating position on the couch. She starts masturbating her clitoris a bit more firmly now, taking moment again to dip her finger deep into her vagina. Zara is ready for more action - she turns on the Hitachi Magic Wand and places it on her clit with elicits an instant moan! She keeps the powerful buzzer quite firmly planted, but jiggling it slightly until she brings herself to a strong pussy pulsing orgasm! She has quite the sex flush in her neck too! Zara turns off the toy and caresses her soft pussy lips and breasts.

Now Zara is wearing an incredibly sexy bra and a black and gray skirt that I can't seem to focus on! She wastes no time in taking off her skirt, laying back on the bed and pulling her legs into to remove her black thong panties. Her red pubic hair contrasts nicely with the black lace! Zara takes off her bra, then lies back against the pillows and starts to play with her pussy and clit. She leave son her black lace stockings and garter belt, and this time she decides to do her warm up with her purple wand vibrator ... she picks it up off the night stand, turns it on, and applies it directly to her clitoris. It has her panting in no time at all as she very gently rocks her hips up and down against it. Zara loves this toy - she keeps it very still on her clit, her close cropped fire bush peeked out just above the head of the toy. Zara turns up the speed very slightly ... and then a little more. She puts a little saliva on her clit and starts moving the toys slowly up and down. Her pussy is responding nicely with little pre-orgasm contractions and spasms, and indicator of things to cum ;-). But Zara has to work harder than expected to find this one ... and when she does, it's a big one! A strong snapping orgasm that leaves her wet and sensitive! And flushed ;-).

Clad in a black lace top and a short red plaid skirt, Zara is standing in front of a bench attached to a brick wall. She is wearing a red, black and white bra underneath her lace top - it matches perfectly with everything else! Zara takes off her top followed by her bra. She slips off her matching panties from under her skirt, and then unzips her skirt, pulls it over her curvy butt and drops it to the floor. She sits on the bench and starts to play with her pussy with her fingers ... you can hear the squishy noises as she does too! Zara extracts a pink vibrator from a little black bag, switches it on, and then proceeds to masturbate with it. She giggles as she turns up the power. The toy does seem to have some zest as it very quickly has Zara moaning and her pussy twitching! She reaches around her leg and pulls her pussy open a bit as she rubs the vibrator firmly on her clit. A blotchy flush starts to appear on her neck, so you know she is getting very close ... the camera briefly zooms in for a close up of her extremely aroused pussy as she jiggles the vibe on her clit. And just after it pans out again, her blotchy sex flush gets extreme and her pussy starts pulsating as Zara cums! She smiles at the camera, looking very pleased with herself and totaled sated.

Zara is wearing yet another sexy outfit! But that is, after all, one of her trademarks ;-). She sits in a chair and lifts up her top ... yep - another very sexy bra! She puts her feet up on the side board - yep, matching panties. And she is also wearing stockings and a garter belt! Zara stands up and pulls her skirt down and drops it to the floor. She plays with her pussy through her panties briefly before slipping them down to her knees so that she can have direct contact as she kneels in the chair. She stands back up, drops her panties to the floor, then sits back down spread-eagle in the chair as she removes her bra. Zara flips over back onto her knees and rubs her pussy, giving us a great view from behind as she inserts a finger into her vagina. But then she gets serious. She turns around and gets comfortable in the chair, rubs her pussy with her fingers to prepare herself for the onslaught of the big and powerful vibrator, then brings the purple one into the action. Zara firmly plants the wand on her clit and starts moaning instantly. She rocks her hips into it and periodically increases the power as she gets more and more aroused! She clearly enjoys this toy! Her pussy starts twitching in response to the stimulation ... jiggle, jiggle, she goes with the vibe until wham-o - she has another big pussy snapping orgasm! Very, very nice! Zara plays with her slippery pussy as she recovers.

(Length: 51 Minutes)

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