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Zara DuRose 2 - Encore (Download)

Zara DuRose 2 - Encore (Download)
We knew you'd love Zara DuRose and here she is back for a real orgasm encore movie. The luscious redhead still has her hair "down there" and wait until you see her incredible sex flush and pulsating pussy! No denying these incredible orgasms.

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Zara is back - back in black! A one shouldered black dress and black knee high boots and a black vibrator will do the trick nicely. She hikes her dress - she isn't wearing any panties - and we get to see that fantastic red triangle patch of pubic hair! Then Zara sits on the floor of the living room armed with the black vibe as she pulls her dress top down to expose her enhanced, milky-white, breasts. The toy quickly has Zara moaning as she works it while sitting upright and leaning against the wall behind her. As Zara revs up with the toy, that classic sex flush appears on her upper chest, face and neck. Her sultry moans and pants increase, too. Zara lets out a loud moan just before this big orgasm overcomes her! That pussy is nice and pink after that one!

Zara saunters into the bedroom in a matching bra and panty set - with thigh high nude stockings held in place with a garter belt. Laying down on the bed, she slowly caresses her nice body and piece by piece removes her sexy undergarments, except for the stockings and garter belt ... Zara props herself up against the headboard of the bed as she fires up the pink fairy wand to use on her pussy. It's not long until Zara cranks the power up to high on the toy, gasping and panting and biting her bottom lip as she enjoys the vibrations. Zara reaches one hand around her thigh as the other works the toy across her clitoris - her labia are shaved smooth. Keeping the toy going, wiggling and jiggling it across her clitoris, Zara's face, neck, chest and pussy flush a bright pink shade. Her legs start to quiver and shake. She is moaning and panting as her pussy snaps with each orgasmic contraction. She quickly turns off the toy, letting out a deep sigh of release and relief. That was a really nice O!

Back in black - again! Zara looks tantalizingly naughty in a laced skin tight body suit, satin leggings and black high heels. She sits on a bathroom lounger to unlace her corset, freeing her large breasts from their restraints. Zara stands to peel off - and I do mean peel - the black leggings down her legs. Her pretty panties are removed next, leaving her to lie naked on the leather lounger. She touches her pussy, already armed with the magic wand. Zara works the powerful white vibrator intently - quivering, shaking, flushing pink, moaning and gasping. Her mouth forms a wide "O" shape as she moans and gasps as she cums. Another terrific sex flush spreads across her neck and face too. Nice! She looks coyly at the camera as she recovers.

Zara is wearing a ruffle-y red shirt and black faux leather shorts with black knee high stocking and black booties. She stands from the bench to unzip her red blouse. She discards her blouse to the floor, standing before the camera in a sexy black bra. The little black leather shorts come off next - leaving her looking enticing in her bra and panties. She removes her undergarments and little black booties, but leaves on her black stockings as she settles on the cushioned bench with the pink fair wand. Her large side and hip tattoo is facing the camera for a bit, however the cameraman changes position - getting the camera in a full body view between her thighs. Zara pants and moans as the toy stimulates her clitoris. She arches her back and stretches her neck. Zara keeps one hand wrapped around her thigh, pulling slightly on her ass while the other hand works the toy. That seems to be how she likes it. Her neck and face and pussy are starting to flush quite pink again. He moves in for an awesome view as her pussy snaps in orgasm - opening and closing rhythmically with each contraction! After she has cum, Zara turns off the toy, giving us a short smile and giggle as she lies back on the bench to recover, still sex flushed.

Zara is back in the bedroom for her fifth scene. She likes those cute black stockings! And she is wearing a fuzzy gray sweater and those little faux leather shorts once more, but not for long! She removes the sweater, bra, shorts and panties to better complete the task at hand - having a nice orgasm for us! Zara plans to do this with her black battery powered vibrator. She leans back against the head board, naked except for the black knee high stockings. She whimpers, moans and pants nicely as she enjoys the toy on her pussy. Zara reaches that hand around to grab her own ass just before her pussy clenches and clasps in orgasm, her legs quivering and shaking too! Zara turns off the toy, rolling onto her side and hip. Nice!!

(Length: 45 Minutes)
File Size: 1.98 Gb

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