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Suzy Hott 7 - Pulsing Pleasures (Download)

Suzy Hott 7 - Pulsing Pleasures (Download)
Suzy Hott is back masturbating her big fleshy pussy to strong pulsating orgasm contractions, even having one of her infamous clit hopping orgasms from a nice profile view, and masturbating to orgasm on a public beach! It's just raw video of Suzy and her husband messing around with their camera - it doesn't get any more real than this!

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

Suzy Hott just loves her loud music! The scene opens with a closeup of Suzy's already quite aroused pussy, one hand retracting her clit hood while her other gently caresses her engorged vulva. She really does have a fantastic meaty pussy! The camera pans out a little which shows that Suzy is reclining in a leather chair as she plays with herself. She isn't wearing a top and her large natural breasts and huge saucer nipples a visible in the background. Suzy continues gently playing with just her fingers, but then to our surprise, she reaches back and picks up a Fairy Mini Wand vibrator! After touching the vibe to her nipples and sufficiently smearing her juices around her vulva and clitoris, she moves it down to her pussy. Suzy keeps the buzzing vibrator firmly on her clit until it makes her gasp ... she pulls it away, rubs her clit softly with her fingers, then resumes masturbating with the vibrator. Suzy is getting really aroused as moans and "ah's" and the sides of her pussy get more and more engorged. She pauses and finger fucks herself for a few seconds, and when she puts the vibe back on her clit, the sides of her vulva look positively bulbous and puffy with her excitement!! She must really be close to cumming ... she keeps the vibe really still on her clit soaking up the sensations until with and "ohh" and a series of "ahh's", Suzy's pussy starts pulsing and contracting from her orgasm!

Suzy is standing in front of a wall covered in a beach poster wearing her bikini. She shows off her bikini covered ass and massages her bikini clad tits before she pulls down her bottoms and sits in a beach chair. She parts her legs and reaches straight down to her large pussy lips, parting then and slipping a finger through her clit for some moisture. She teases her button clit with her finger, drawing out a string of grool and rubbing it on it with one finger. Suzy is already quite wet! She reaches up and releases her large pendulous breasts from her bikini top, giving her big saucer nipples a good squeeze. Her hands roam back down to her pussy where she retracts her clitoral hood with one hand and continues her direct assault with her other. Her pussy is getting very, very juicy as she masturbates and plays. But then things get serious - Suzy pulls her legs up a bit and really starts to rub her clit with just her forefinger. She starts panting and squirming a little as she rubs away, keeping her legs well apart ... and then her pussy starts to pop and pulse as Suzy cums! Very nice!

Suzy's wet pussy fills the screen as she removes a little purple bullet vibe from her clit. And as she pulls back on her pubic mound, her clit hops and dances a little. She must have been playing with herself already as she looks like she is about to cum. The scene fades into the same picture, but this time with "Big George", her big dildo, stuffed into her vagina and the little purple bullet vibe touching the underside of her clit in a more profile view. Suzy suddenly cums - her clit retracting and hopping against the little vibrator as her pussy contracts and clenches around the dildo! Wow! Suzy fucks her post orgasm pussy with the big dildo, turning her stringy juices white from the action ...

Suzy is sitting in a leather chair wearing a leopard print bra and panty set touching herself - she pulls aside the crotch of her panties and gently teases her clit. After putting some saliva on her finger, Suzy slides her finger up and down her slit, but she needs more room so she pauses and peels her panties off. She also releases her big natural breasts from her bra. Now completely naked, Suzy turns on her Fairy mini wand vibrator again and teases her nipples with it before taking it down to her pussy and clit. The toy really does pack a little punch and Suzy's pussy quickly becomes quite engorged from arousal as she masturbates. Her large labia part slightly and her pussy juices glisten clearly in her vulva. Suzy pulls her legs up, giving us a completely unobstructed view of her pussy and ass as she masturbates. She is panting and moaning with pleasure and her pussy is twitching in response to the buzzy stimulation. But Suzy's husband cannot resist the temptation of touching her - her reaches in, spreads her pussy apart and inadvertently smears some of her slippery juices on her labia, and briefly touches her anus with a finger. Suzy keeps on masturbating without missing a beat - she really does like the added touch! Her hubby snaps a few pictures, then reaches back in and puts the tip of his finger in her ass and that does it - Suzy cums hard as hubby spreads her pussy lips apart! Lots of nice contractions as usual, too! Suzy then rubs the wand up and down her slit, clearly juicy strings between the toy and her pussy.

Suzy is now sitting on the floor wearing an orange sun dress. She pulls her knees up and legs apart - she is not wearing any panties! She is ready to masturbate, so she reaches down with her fingers and starts rubbing away on her clit, drawing up moisture from her clit as she does. But Suzy wants a different kind of stimulation, so she fires up her little purple smoothie vibe and just touches the tip of the toy to the underside of her exposed clit. Suzy also likes a little tension as she masturbates, so she lifts her feet up off the floor. She really just wants to get off this time, so she keeps the toy planted as her moans and pants increase in rhythm and intensity. "Ah ... ah ... ah ... I'm going to cum ..." and her pussy starts pulsing and contracting as Suzy says, "Feels so good ..." mid-orgasm. She keeps the toy planted and rides out our orgasm until the end ... the camera zooms in to show off all her post orgasm contractions too!

Suzy has always been one the likes the risk of masturbating in public! She is in an open tent on the beach, sitting in a beach chair with a black skirt and black bikini top. She parts her legs - OMG her pussy looks big! Wow! Suzy parts her lips and starts rubbing her clit and pussy with her fingers, knees pulled up and feet off the ground for a little tension. She suddenly has a bit of a scare and sits up and covers up briefly before going back to masturbating. Her pussy really looks great! Suzy keeps masturbating with her fingers, even risking pulling our one of her nipples ... but she gets interrupted by passers by several times. She is really horny and ready to cum, so she reaches under her chair and pulls out her black smoothie vibrator. After yet another interruption, Suzy resumes masturbating with the vibe, keeping it firmly in place until, without uttering a word, her pussy starts pulsating and contracting with her orgasm! It's another nice orgasm that has her body twitching too! She spreads her lips for us to see ...

(Length: 50 Minutes)
File Size: 2.08 Gb

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