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Selfie Orgasm Queens

Selfie Orgasm Queens
Selfie Orgasm Queens is about four women that love to film themselves masturbating to 9 (yes, nine) orgasms. It doesn't get any more real than this - they do exactly what they like to themselves, and always end up soaking wet and having powerful pussy pulsating orgasms! This is most definitely one for any female orgasm lover's collection.

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Olivia Adams is first - she is sitting in an office chair completely naked with her hand covering her pussy as she sets up her camera. She starts to gently caress the shaft of her clit, retracting her clit hood and showing us the little button beneath. Olivia zooms the camera in to give us an even closer look before panning back out. She spreads her pussy lips and she is already glistening wet, and as she starts gently rocking her hips, her pussy juice pools at the base of her vagina. Olivia dips her finger into her pussy and wets her clit, giving it a good little circular rub before picking up her little silver bullet vibe. She puts the toy on her clit and her pussy immediately starts to twitch. Olivia must be super horny because after just a few seconds, she cums hard! Her pussy is soaked as the pulses and contracts, and it's a long orgasm too! She takes the toy away and recovers, her pussy still twitching.

Laura Neat's pink panty clad hairy pussy fills the screen next. She is holding a belt buckle with she briefly rubs over her pussy before peeling her panties off and zooming in even closer. Laura parts her pussy lips and starts to rub her clit with the belt buckle and within moments, a bead of glistening grool appears at the base of her vagina. She got soaking wet fast!! There are some focus issues as she rubs though ... but that clears up when she switches to a more rapid finger rub. Her pussy juices are running right down over her ass and onto the bed now as Laura firmly rubs ... and every time she parts her pussy lips, she appears to be even wetter - her stringy pussy juice is everywhere! And just as she starts to cum, Laura pauses, parts her lips, and gently touches her clit with her other finger as her contractions take hold. It's a nice and quiet orgasm - just as she naturally orgasms when she masturbates alone since that is exactly what she is doing. Very nice!

Natasha Tesch has clearly already been masturbating when she decides that she is going to film her session. Her wet pussy has left quite the "impression" on the bed sheets as she gets back into position in front of the camera. She is lying on her stomach and it's a close up view of her large labia with her hand on her pubic mound and her middle finger on her clit. She really is soaking wet as she firmly rubs her clit with just one finger. Natasha loves to watch porn while she masturbates, and that is exactly what she is doing ... just what she normally does! She is absolutely soaked - her juices are running down her finger. Natasha starts to gently moan just as her orgasm takes hold of her - a nice but puckering orgasm with lots of contractions that leaves her pussy totally juicy! But she's not done yet. After a brief pause, Natasha starts to rub her clit again - she is incredibly wet and her grool is stringing and glistening between her lips. She keeps up her firm clit rub, letting out the occasional moan and she is soon cumming again - juices stringing down to the bed as her pussy contracts and pulses hard. Wow! Did I mention just how wet she is?! And she is STILL not done! Natasha starts rubbing her clit again until she has yet another wet pussy pulsing orgasm, her stringy juices running down her large labia again! She starts to play with her juices with her finger, and before you know it, she masturbates to yet ANOTHER big pussy pulsating dripping orgasm! She must have been pretty horny! Wow - just wow.

Laura Neat is back, this time with the camera far enough way to show her entire body. She's a very pretty girl and she smiles and waves at the camera. Laura is being quite naughty - she has taken her camera out into the woods and set herself up on a blanket. It's a public park, so she is constantly nervously looking around to make sure no one is there ... but that turns her on! Laura undresses, item by item, playing with herself along the way until she is completely naked. She lies back on the blanket and starts to finger rub her clit in a fast and firm circular motion. She is breathing hard and she pauses to rub some of her pussy juice on her nipple - this is one of the things that Laura naturally does to herself that is quite the turn on ... :-) Laura spreads her pussy lips with one hand and resumes rubbing with the other, her breasts jiggling in unison ... she looks at the camera, whispers "I'm cumming!", lifts up her legs, and has a big toe curling, pussy pulsating orgasm! Laura allows herself to recover for a moment, before sitting up and saying "Well that was exciting! I'm not sure if you're the only ones that watched this."

Olivia Adams is back, and this time she is seated in such a way that we can see her small breasts and perky nipples too! She caresses her body and breasts for a moment before focusing her attention on her clit with one hand, while clasping her breast with her nipple pinched between two fingers of her other hand. Very sexy! Olivia has a new toy - it's a little pink buzzer. She turns it on and dangles it on her clit which immediately makes her moan. She picks up the vibe and places it on her clit more firmly, and that gets her dripping wet in no time! It sounds like there is a dog roaming around the room, and Olivia pushes it gently away with her foot. She has another new toy - a mini Wanachi - and she wants to try this one out too! This is a quite a bit more powerful so she turns it on low as she finds her spot. A bead of pussy juice is oozing out of the base of her vagina ... Olivia turns up the power of the toy and that immediately turns of the power of her moans and whimpers as well as cause the bead of juice to literally drip out and hand from her vagina. Olivia is clearly enjoying this toy judging by some of her expletives! She keeps pausing to prevent herself from cumming too quickly, but she misses, goes too far, and has a nice pussy pulsing orgasm with a huge drip of grool hanging beneath her. Very sexy!

Heidi Kum loves to masturbate while watching porn, and she loves to hear the full sounds while she does. She is sitting on her vibrator in front of her computer with her panties, and she quickly pulls her panties off one leg so her bare pussy will be in contact with the buzzer. She has a unique vibrator that she can sit on or hold - I'm not sure what these are called, but they are interesting. Heidi keeps adjusting herself on her toy as she surfs the web, trying to find just the right movie to get off to. This is as natural as it gets for her ... she normally does this without the camera on! Heidi starts to firmly press herself on the toy, pausing only to adjust the position and the power. She is really riding the toy as she intently watches her porn, and you can discern her occasional moan from the noises coming from her computer. Heidi needs to get a little more comfortable, so she lies back on her bed, nice natural breasts exposed as she continues to masturbate to her porn movies. The view is a little better now as we can see her wet pussy as she jiggles her toy on her clit. It must be getting too slippery for her, so she snags a part of her underwear with is still on her leg and wipes her juices off her clit and pussy before continuing to jiggle the toy on her clit. That does the trick, and Heidi has a nice and strong pussy pulsating orgasm! She turns off her porn, recovers for a few seconds, then turns off her camera. This really is a true glimpse into her intimate life and if reality is your thing, this is as good as it gets!

(Length: 1 Hour)

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