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Samantha Snow

Samantha Snow
Samantha Snow is a thirty three year old blonde haired, blue-eyed MILF with a nice, toned body and lovely natural breasts. Samantha feels that her best physical attributes are her bright blue eyes and her nice round ass. And she admits to being the adventurous type - she likes having sex in public places. One of her fantasies is to have sex on a beautiful beach.

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Samantha looks sexy in a bright yellow dress, with black side accents. She is smiling as she undresses for us. It's easy to see that she isn't wearing a bra beneath the tight, brightly colored, sheath dress, too. When Samantha sits back in the chair, she hikes her skirt up, showing off a sexy pair of black panties. She lifts her dress off over her head, flaunting her natural, perky and firm breasts. Samantha quickly settles back to enjoy the magic wand on her shaved smooth pussy. Well, she does have a tiny, faint, triangle patch on her mound ... Samantha is an intense wanker. Her clit becomes rather large and prominent, too, beneath the head of the powerful magic wand. She quivers and shakes and pants as she cums. She turns off the toy, spreading her now pink pussy lips apart as she gets ready for round two with the magic wand. With the toy placed right where she likes it again, Samantha is crunching and curling with the vibrations from the toy again ...

MILF Samantha Snow is wearing a pair of white sandals, red short shorts and mint green tank top as she sashays and dances around the living room for us. She shakes her booty, barely covered by those short shorts, for the camera. The shirt comes off and we see that Samantha is wearing a matching green trimmed bra. She unbuttons the little shorts to slip her hand in and touch herself. She licks her fingers to taste her juices. She stands to peel off the shorts, hiking her green thong panties up high and tight. She sits back in the chair and removes her panties, licking and smelling the crotch. She touches her pussy and fingers herself from behind, while kneeling over the chair. Samantha settles back in the chair and turns on the pink fairy wand. With her feet tapping and clicking on the floor, Samantha curls upward in the chair as she cums. She is sensitive and jumpy after that one! She turns off the toy, placing her hand on her sensitive pussy. She licks the head of the toy as she catches her breath, then smears it on her pussy again. She sets the toy aside to spread her labia with her fingers for the camera.

Ms. Snow is wearing a short grey skirt and a light blue tank top in the bedroom. She lies back on the bed, revealing her light blue matching panties as she pulls down her tank top to expose her breasts momentarily. She pulls her panties tight into her slit, then pulls them aside to show off her clitoris. The tank top and skirt come off completely before her panties are slipped off, too. She gives her pussy a few firm slaps and some massaging before she fires up the pink fairy wand. She gets her pussy moist with saliva, then works the toy down lower on her perineum area before moving it upward and onto her clitoris. She places toy lower, once again, on her perineum as she finger massages her clitoris which maybe made her cum. She lies back, turns off the toy and catches her breath as she gently spreads her labia. The cameraman chimes in asking her how it felt. She gently pats her clitoris and pussy, into a finger inside to feel her wetness.

Samantha is back in the living room dancing for us some more. She is wearing a pair of short jean shorts and a mint green tank top and tennis shoes. She settles back in the chair, caressing her legs and looking into the camera. She slips a hand into the shorts before removing both the tank top and shorts. Not to mention a tiny pair of purple panties ... She stands, touching and slapping her pussy. When she settles back in the chair, she sniffs her panties before she reaches for the magic wand. After a few minutes of working the toy on her pussy, Samantha's legs and thighs start to quiver. She gasps and pants and curls upward out of the chair as she cums. She sits back to recover, then turns on the magic wand again, using it first on her upper body. She hesitantly and on low power takes the toy back down to her pussy and clitoris, but she's just too sensitive to continue. She squeezes the big toy between her breasts.

(Length: 45 Minutes)

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