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Orgasms HD
We are pleased to present our first compilation of some of the best (in our humble opinion, of course) real female orgasms we've filmed in High Definition. Naturally, the HD experience is best appreciated in Blu-ray (Full HD 1080) format. We know not all of our customers have Blu-ray players, so we also offering Orgasms HD on DVD too although this version has been shortened slightly so it can fit on a standard DVD. The longer version is also available in 720p HD for instant download!

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Cherry Adams is standing in front of the orgasm chair in the living room slowly taking off her panties. She is wearing a red t-shirt that is pulled down and a black bra. Cherry exposes her breasts and tweeks her nipples. She gets seated in the chair - spreading her legs wide across the chair arms and wastes no time getting busy with a clit stimulating toy. Her pussy bush is trimmed in this scene and the camera moves in for some closeup views of her button clit as Cherry pulls firmly back on her mound to apply the tip of the vibrator directly on her pleasure zone. We can hear her begin to breath and pant a bit. After a few more minutes of toy stimulation, Cherry's hips are rocking and rising and falling as she continues to pull back hard on that mound, getting the most out of the little toy. Her cooch is twitching as she moans softly. The camera is right in for a cooch cam closeup as Cherry lets out a low, "Ohhhh" moan and cums! The contractions are quite strong, clear and visible. She dips a finger into her clear pussy juices. The camera pans back out for full body view of Cherry sitting in the chair. She stands as the camera roves across her body.

Paige Fox is lounging on the bed wearing nothing but pink high heels, and pink leg warmers and a pink bra that we can just catch a glimpse of. Paige giggles as she struggles to get the blue dolphin toy working, but once she does, there is no stopping her! As she becomes more and more aroused, she lifts her hips and spreads her legs slightly further apart, often pulling up and back on her pussy mound, while pulling her lips apart. In her usual style, Paige occasionally moistens her clit with her fingers. She is very quiet - only making breathy, panting sounds - even as she cums. Paige rolls the dolphin toy sideways on her clitoris - preferring the pocket rocket feel to the little dolphin. Eventually, Paige turns the toy back around to its 'conventional' use. It's not long at all before she lubes her clit a bit more as her breathing becomes a bit heavier. With the little toy making small circles on her clit, Paige cums with several big, clamping and popping contractions! Each and every contraction is really prominent and visible.

Zoe (formerly known as Cynthia) is featured first and she is seated on the floor on a blanket wearing a little sexy nightie. She starts off by playing with the egg style vibrator on her clit ring, but she doesn't find that toy to her liking, so she quickly changes to the black thingy massager. It must be a nice, powerful little toy because within just a few minutes, Zoe is lifting her head back, opening her mouth and quietly hissing. Zoe has a very muscular, very taut body and when she places her legs straight out in front of her, it really highlights her leg definition. After a bit, Zoe pulls her legs back up, further apart and closer to her chest which just gives an excellent view of her cooch and bottom! Zoe keeps the toy firmly pressed and buzzing on her clit ring. It's a long and slow build-up for Zoe, but suddenly she throws her head back, then swirls her hips around in a circular motion as he thighs begin to quiver and her concentration is so intense. Her head drops to her chest for a moment, she lets out a gasp and then her pussy starts contracting in orgasm! It goes on for quite a while too as the smile spreads across her face. She sits up and grabs her toes and says, "That was nice"! We couldn't agree with her more!

Next we meet another brunette new-cummer - twenty three year-old Jade. Jade exudes "the girl next door" radiance - she's not enhanced and she seems like she really enjoys her sexuality and her "time alone". She is lying on the bed, slowing undressing. First she removes her light pink sweater, revealing a sweet white push-up bra. Then, she slowly peels off her pencil jeans, stretching her leg and showing off the pair of matching white panties. Jade slowly pulls off the panties revealing her completely shaved pussy - not a follicle of hair there! Next Jade "releases" her breasts from the confines of the bra - and they are nice, full and au naturelle. Jade wastes no time powering up the pink vibe and placing it on her cooch. Her legs are wide spread on the bed. This is filmed from a "in between her legs" perspective but capturing her entire body even feet) and Jade really looks sexy as she occasionally makes eye contact with the camera. She works the toy up and down on her clitoris, after a bit, her actions are a bit more deliberate and intense ... then, she lets out a nice gasp as her hips rock up and down to the rhythm of her nice orgasm. She is panting when she turns off the toy but quickly continues by massaging her pussy with her hand for another quick orgasm, too.

Brooke Jameson is wearing pale pink fishnet thigh-high stockings and peeling off a pair of black satin panties whilst lounging on the sofa. Brooke is thoroughly enjoying the black baton vibe (I think it's her favourite toy). Brooke is totally chilled and relaxed on the sofa, we can just see her thighs, pussy, tummy and huge breasts as she vibes her clit just so in this one. She's quiet and intent in this scene showing some pre-orgasmic contractions before the big, strong, pulling snapping orgasm moment! When she cums, we see a huge pull with a series of contractions as she has a perfect orgasm! This one goes on and on with the contractions slowly decreasing in intensity! A nice, nice orgasm!

Evey walks into the bathroom wearing a little pink lacy panty set. She turns around to show us her ample backside before pulling off her little pink panties. The pink lacy top is see-through, and she leaves this on. Evey sits on the surrounds of the bathtub and leans back against the wall. She turns on her favourite jelly vibe using it initially to stimulate her nipples. Evey turns the toy up to full power and places it directly on her clit. After a few minutes, she settles in quite comfortably, closes her eyes and really enjoys the sensations of the toy. As Evey gets closer and more aroused, her legs start to tense and tighten. Her hips are rocking ever so slightly and her feet are lifting up off the counter for this really intense, toe-curling orgasm. She just pants, saying "Oh. Oh. Oh." This is another really, incredibly strong orgasm with contractions that just go on and on and even a little bit of squirting and once again she rides this one all the way to the very end. She gives the camera a big smile after, too.

Wearing purple/pinkish bra and panty set trimmed with black, AxaJay is lying on the bed once more. She pulls the panties to the side and deeply fingers herself, looking up at the camera as she does so. After warming up, AxaJay reaches for the big egg vibe - choosing to leave on her sexy little underwear this time. She doesn't waste much time in pulling her knees up and placing that toy firmly on her clit. And, it is not long before her characteristic increase in breathing rate occurs, too. She is propped up on a couple of red pillows, with her bed back and her eyes closed - very obviously enjoying this toy. We know she is close to cumming as AxaJay begins to twitch, occasionally biting her bottom lip and panting. She reaches her hand under her thigh, pulling her pussy lips apart as she works the toy on her clit. AxaJay keeps the toy going and going and going on her clit. And then with a little series of whimpers, AxaJay says, "Oh. I'm cummin'"! Her knees are bent and her toes are dangling in the air! It's a nice, nice scene, with her head back on the pillows and her body slightly arching and curling. Her contractions are lower and twitching around her anus - and in her usual fasion, she is so sensitive after - she can barely stand to touch herself. Her pussy lips are nice and plump and full! She snaps her panties back into place, but a little lip is left peeking out.

Now we are able to see Karlie's breasts! Karlie is completely naked on the bed for this next scene not a stitch of clothing to be found! Her breasts have nice, rather large areola and are "enhanced" to a size or two larger than her natural size, I'd say. With her head propped up against the headboard, she moistens that clit with her saliva and fingers then goes for it with a pink pocket rocket style vibe. This is a full body view, kinda front and center between her legs looking downward just slightly. Karlie closes her eyes and rocks her hips up and down to the motion of the toy. Karlie reaches a hands around from behind her thigh, sort of pulling her lips apart. After a bit, she switches hands with the toy, but goes back to using her right-hand to work the toy while her left hand rests on her pubic mound. Karlie puts one hand up to sort of push off of the head board while she rotates her hips around on the toy. She exhales strongly and it's not long before the orgasmic pussy contractions really set in. She moans just once, and keeps on cumming. It's a long nice one I think she liked that little toy! Karlie says, "Oh fuck" before sitting up to inspect and play with her pussy. When she touches her clit with just her fingers, it's obviously still very sensitive. Feeling quite pleased in many senses, she flashes a lovely smile to the camera.

Wearing a very sexy black lingerie set, Holly Kiss is seated in the orgasm chair. She pulls her panties to the side and plays with her button clit. She moistens her fingers and does the slow rub. Holly's fingers start to move faster and faster and she dips a finger or two into her vagina. After a bit, Holly takes off her panties and reaches for the wand. She says she has been so looking forward to using the magic wand she has quite the bubbly personality as she strokes the magic wand to tell it, "Hellllooo!" Holly gets right down to the business at hand and works the magic wand all over her pussy ooohing and aaahing as she goes. With her legs spread very wide apart and one hand on her taut tummy, Holly pulls back on her clitoral mound before she cums really, really hard! But, Holly Kiss is at least a two orgasm kinda girl ... without pausing she works the wand around on her pussy 'til she is quivering and cumming again! With lots of nice pussy contractions, Holly is vocalizing this orgasm, too! Holly gives a big, "Oh my god" and straightens her legs a bit. Then, she says, "Oooohhhhh. Thank you!" Holly has decided that the magic wand is the winner of all the toys she's ever had.

(Length: DVD - 61 Minutes; Blu-ray - 1 hour 35 minutes)

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