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Orgasm! Collection (Download)

Orgasm! Collection (Download)
Orgasm! collection is packed with 6 hot women from 19 to 32 masturbating to genuine, pussy pulsating orgasms with a Hitachi magic wand vibrator. In addition to orgasm contractions, some grool when they cum, others squirt a little, some are multi-orgasmic ... this is just a variety pack of real female orgasms!

This title is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and instant download.

First up is Daniella Margot, a 19 year old hottie that loves to masturbate. She sits on the arm of the white leather chair wearing little pajama shorts and a T-shirt with large arm holes- she teases us a little by squeezing the T-shirt in the middle which pulls out both of her lovely natural breasts. Daniella stands up and takes off her shorts and panties, then sits back in the chair, legs akimbo, and starts to rub her perfectly shaved pussy with her fingers. After a few moments, she extracts a Hitachi magic wand from behind her, turns it on, and very gingerly places it on her clitoris. She clearly enjoys the sensation of the vibrations as she ever so gently starts thrusting her hips against the toy. Daniella starts to softly pant and moan, and we already catch glimpses of some pre-orgasm contractions around her anus and perineum. All of a sudden, Daniella thrusts her head back and cums hard! Her pussy contacts and pulsates and even pushes out a little squirt, and it's along orgasm that she rides out completely! Very nice! Daniella turns off the toy and rubs the sides of her engorged vulva as she recovers.

31 year old Rachel Evans clearly has done this before ... she is standing in front of a leather sofa wearing a short dress that clings to her shapely body just perfectly. She slowly pulls her larges beasts out of the top, give her nipples a bit of a tweak before she turns around and hikes her skirt to show off her thong clad buttocks. Rachel drops her panties to the floor and sits down on the couch, immediately firing up the Hitachi and touching it to her large breasts ... moving it down over her flat belly shaved pubic mound ... and finally taking it down the sides of her pussy and lightly teasing her lips and clit. Rachel starts cooing and moaning as she focuses the vibrations on her clit and large-ish pussy lips. She pulls her legs up and spreads wide, pulls her pussy lips to one side, and presses the tip of the wand to the top side of her clit. "Yeah" ... pant ... pant ... hiss ... as she start to rock her hips against the big toy. "Yeah" ... hiss ... pant ... Rachel is really enjoying this! Her eyes are closed and her tongue comes out on occasion to lick her lips as she continues to masturbate, just taking her time and enjoying every bit of it. Her hip thrusting gets faster and more "deliberate" and all of a sudden she pants hard, lets out a little yelp and starts to shudder and shake as her orgasm takes hold, and even though she immediately removes the wand and pushes down on her clit with her hand, her visible contractions go on for a while! Rachel is sated as she smiles at the camera. Nice!

Piper Holland loves to masturbate. She even masturbates at work in her cubicle!! And she really is the girl next door that enjoys filming herself getting off! Piper is pretty horny when she sets up for this scene and she told us all about it ... here is what she had to say: This is what Piper had to say ... "Here's my story - I've been highly horny this whole weekend. Sexy texting with a male friend. I gave in to my toy early this morning and got myself all worked up and then it just STOPPED. Mother fucker. All I could think is my friend wouldn't have stopped lol. He would have finished the job and had me out of breath lol. So I had to use my fingers to finish. Totally NOT the same. Left me more frustrated lol. I needed more. So a while later, more dirty sexy texts, and a hot bath. (I've been going to the gym lately and I am soooooo sore today. Off topic.) I still wanted more. But my toy still won't work and I'm ready to explode lol. So I remember I had an extra electric toothbrush that wasn't even open. Score!! So that's where it comes (wink wink) and saves the day! It was intense and wonderful! Haha. Good thing I was home alone cuz it was loud lol." She was super wet, and it was indeed a huge pulsating orgasm!! I liked the way she rubs her juices on her nipples too ...

That's 32 year old Uma Zex's butt on the screen ;-). Uma is wearing a very short shiny black skirt with white stripes and a matching short top. This is the perspective of a stationary camera, so we get to see her drop her top and skirt without a full view of her face ... but we do get to see her natural breast and a lock of blonde hair before she finally settles on the couch. Now just wearing her black thong panties and high heeled black shoes, Uma sits back on the couch and caresses her body. She takes off her panties and parts her legs she is shaven except for a short trimmed Brazilian style pubic patch. Uma immediately reaches for the Hitachi, turns it on, and runs it over her body before shifting her focus to her pussy and clit. The big toy has her panting very quickly and she genuinely seems to be enjoying every bit of the toy. She shifts position and her legs start to tremble and shake and she even squirts a little from all the stimulation. Her head rolls back and her upper body gets quite the sex flush as Uma keep son buzzing away with the vibrator. Although it's hard to see a distinct start and end due to her placement of the Hitachi, it appears to me that she really is rolling form one orgasm into another! Uma switches the position of the toy, and once again works herself up to several sex flushed and leg trembling orgasms that leave her hot, sweaty, and satisfied.

Donna Letty is 23 years old, has long dark hair and is sitting in the white leather chair wearing a cut-off denim shirt and cut-off denim shorts. She peels open and un-knots her top, exposing her orange bra and a bit tattoo on her left shoulder. Donna stands up and drops her little shorts ... burnt orange panties and orange shoes. She takes off her bra and reveals her perfect small breasts and nipples, then peels her panties down her long legs to reveal her perfectly shaved pussy. She rubs her pussy which suddenly showed that her labia are actually quite a lot larger than they originally appeared! Donna flips over onto her hands and knees on the chair, then grabs the Hitachi and starts to masturbate doggy style. Donna starts moaning loudly from the sensations as the big buzzer moves over her ample vulva. She even turns to toy onto high power. But she can't seem to keep it in one place for very long, so she flips over, hangs one leg over each arm for maximum exposure and plants the toy back onto her clit and pussy. This time she holds it firmly with two hands and the sides of her pussy seem to quickly get engorged moments before a big set of contractions take over as she cums! It's a nice orgasm that goes on and on! Donny turns down the power of the vibe but keeps on teasing her pussy and clit. The camera moves in for a closer look, and she really does have nice and fleshy pussy! Donna switches the wand to high power again, moaning and panting as she buzzes away at her clit ... but she's done. And it was a great orgasm too!

19 year old Charlotte Rose crawls onto the bed and gives her nipples a little tweak before taking her top off. She gets comfy, parts her legs and starts to masturbate with the Hitachi through her panties ... but she wants a little more direct contact, so after a short while she takes her panties off completely. Charlotte flips over doggy style and continues to buzz away at her clit. The sensations have her twitching and moaning very quickly ... she starts to grind against the toy as she masturbates, letting out little whimpers as she does. Charlotte says that she cums easily ... and she clearly does! With a little whimper and a twitching foot, she cums with her butt in the air. Her contractions were soft, but clearly visible. Charlotte also says that one orgasm is never enough, so she flips over, puts the wand back on her clit (on high power) and keeps on going until she has another orgasm! The camera man suggests she do it again - no problem ... she puts the wand back on her clit until she starts cumming again, but the camera man reminds her not to close her legs, so she spreads them and goes again! This last orgasm was very visible and even squeezed out a nice bead of pussy juice! I'm not sure how many times she came actually!

(Length: 1 Hours 3 Minutes)
File Size: 2.04 Gb

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