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Olivia Adams 25 - The Snatch

Olivia Adams 25 - The Snatch
She has one of the wettest pussies on the web, and she has no trouble rocking out grooling pussy pulsating orgasm every time. She often edges, holding off for as long as possible, she watches porn while she masturbates, and even orgasms in reverse cowgirl in her 25th selfie title! Olivia Adams never disappoints!

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Olivia Adams is sitting with her legs slightly parted and her black skirt hanging between them ... she hikes her skirt to reveal her smoothly shaved labia with just a little fuzz up top, and she immediately starts to firmly rub her clit. She's clearly enjoying this already - Olivia is watching porn and feeling quite horny! She turns on her white egg vibe and starts to buzz her clit as her juices begin to pool in the base of her vagina. Whatever she's watching really has her going - she cums hard a fast with big orgasm contractions that squeeze her juices right out! Wow ... there is something really sexy about watching a girl masturbating and cumming to porn!

Olivia is now wearing her black sheer totally-see-through panties and she is already sopping wet. You can see her juices glistening on the inside of her panties as she slowly plays with her pussy and clit. And her juices just keep on building up and building up until her pussy is completely covered and her panties are completely soaked. When she finally pulls her panties to one side, it is almost like a wall of grool clinging to both her pussy and her panties! Incredible! She takes her panties off completely and this time decides on the blue dolphin vibrator, a rarity for her. She turns on the powerful little buzzer, puts the end on her clit, bounces a little in her seat, and cums hard with strong pussy tugging contractions that go on and on! This one leaves Olivia panting, too!

This time Olivia is standing up with one leg on a chair or table. She is wearing her crotchless panties and is already rubbing her clitoris and pussy. After giving us a good show of her panties and underside, Olivia takes off her panties, pulls her lips apart and shows us just how wet she has become. She reaches into a drawer behind her and finds her little silver bullet vibe which finds its way to her clit in a jiffy! She pauses the vibe action to finger herself a little, and one dip into her pussy brings out an incredibly stringy strand of girl juice! Olivia goes back to the little vibe, buzzing away at her clit as the strand of juice just grows and grows, swinging from side to side. She is already panting hard and quietly, obviously very, very aroused as she stands there masturbating. Then once again, Olivia cums in no time at all, with a "shit" and a long series of rapid contractions. She keeps the toy on her clit as long as she can stand it as her juices continue to dribble out and string to the floor. From the sounds of it, Olivia really enjoyed that one!

Now seated with her bare buttocks on her black blanket and already grooling ... a lot ... Olivia looks quite ripe and ready to go :-) ... she reaches down and touches her pubic mound, just above her clitoris and pulls back on her clit hood. She does have a plan though - she picks up her white egg-head vibrator, smears the end of it in her copious slime, and starts fucking herself with the toy. Her juices just keep on building up and building up. Olivia takes the toy out every little while just to give her clit a quick buzz, getting herself very close to her orgasm ... one final touch of the toy to her erect clit does it and Olivia cums hard, a pool of grool collected on the blanket around her butt. Nice one!

Back on her favourite blanket, Olivia is doing the "reach around" to give us a different perspective of her pussy. She brings her hands back to the front and gently plays with her clit, clearly just taking her time to have a little fun with herself. But when she dips her finger into her vagina, we can see that this is really turning her on! She pulls out a nice string of her pussy juice, lays it on her clit, and starts masturbating with her little silver bullet vibe. Olivia then shifts to give us a profile view of her now swollen clit and labia as she buzzes away at her clit. Her perineum is responding nicely with lots of little contractions too as Olivia gets herself more and more excited. Olivia pauses for just long enough to show us how wet she is, then continues the toy assault on her clit - teasing herself and stopping just in time ... until it's just a little too late, and she goes over the edge with a moan and a series of rapid fire contractions again! She has lots of nice post orgasm contractions too as she sits and recovers.

This time Olivia is back in her panties - white lace panties - and the camera is set a little further back so we can see her breasts as well as she reaches down between her legs and touches herself. Her other hand briefly finds her nipple and tweaks it, as she gently massages her pussy through the fabric of her panties. It's not quite doing it for her, so Olivia peels her panties off - she is soaked already! But she doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get off ... she takes her time and just plays with her pussy, pulling up on her pubic mound, and not directly stimulating anything ... yet. That changes though after a short while when her fingers reach down to her vulva, spreads her lips and gently play with her inner labia and clit. Olivia then gets more serious, turns on her favourite vibe, and puts it to her clit. It has her hiss and moan in seconds, and shortly afterwards gives her a nice big contracting orgasm! That was nice and very natural. Olivia lies back and recovers.

Olivia is sitting on the edge of a chair in reverse cowgirl position! She spreads her pussy and ass from behind and she is already really wet ... she giggles her bottom up and down which causes her juices to build up around her clitoris, then to drip right down in nice long strings of grool - phenomenal! Olivia reaches between her legs from the front and places her silver bullet vibe on her clit, making her juice even more. My, my, does she ever get wet! Olivia reaches back again and spreads it all wide open before going back to buzzing her clit. This position clearly has her quite aroused as it only takes seconds before she is cumming hard again! Nice contractions from this view ... and her post orgasm pussy continues to drip stringy grool!

Seated in her chair once again, Olivia is wearing her black net thong panties with the turquoise border. She is gently rubbing her clit through the material and is already getting herself quite wet. She looks like she really is ready to go - she peels her panties to the side and rubs some more, then spreads her pussy wide open as her juices start to flow right out of her. When she starts rubbing her clit again, her juices are literally dripping out in long strings of yummy grool! Olivia grabs her silver bullet vibe, touches herself for a few seconds and almost cums. She squirms as she holds off her orgasm ... then she touches her clit again, and "whamo" - big snapping orgasm with tons and tons of contractions, all the while a big string of juice extends itself down to the blanket below!

Back in her chair, Olivia's pussy is all "closed up" as her legs are barely parted. Her labia majora are clearly projecting her goodies underneath ... and as she parts her legs, then peel apart like a zipper ... ;-) giving us more and more of a view of her hidden attributes! She is not touching herself at all. And when she finally parts her legs and lets it all show, she is absolutely soaking wet! She turns on her egg-head vibe and touches it to her clit while she firmly pulls back on her mound and clit hood with her other hand. This has Olivia hissing in seconds as she writhes up against the vibrating toy. She has just the tip of the toy against the top of her clit, and she looks like she is already edging a bit. But that doesn't last long - she has a nice contracting orgasm and she keeps the toy on her clit for quite some time as she rides that one completely out.

(Length: 1 Hour 2 Minutes)

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