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Melody Lynn - Sated

Melody Lynn - Sated
Melody Lynn is a 22 year old newbie that really takes her masturbation to heart - she isn't the quickest to get there, big she is a big communicator and tells us exactly what she is thinking and how she is feeling as she masturbates! And when she goes over the edge, this totally natural amateur has strong and very visibly pulsating orgasms ... this one is definitely meant for the orgasm lover's collection!

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Melody starts out on the bed in a tank top and skirt. She is rubbing her pussy through the fabric and says "feels so good". Then she starts to play with her large natural breasts and remarks "they're so big ...". She's a chatty one! She takes off her top, then her skirt, and continues to caress her breasts and pussy along the way. She is very firm with her breast and pussy massage! Her bra goes ... then her panties ... but she leaves her pink socks on. As she lies back on the bed with her legs spread, I notice a nasty bruise on one of her knees ... looks like she might have taken a tumble at some point recently. Melody reaches over for a purple smoothie vibrator, turns it on and places it on her clit. "It's so light", she remarks ... then she adjusts the speed and firmly plants it on her clit. Melody keeps working her clit with the "light" vibrator and she is getting more and more aroused, but is really having a hard time getting there with it. "This is getting frustrating now ...", she says. But she doesn't give up - she keeps masturbating with the toy for a few more minutes before saying "there we go ... I'm so close". And she is too - it's not much longer before her pussy starts pulsating as she reaches her orgasm! She seems totally relieved!

Melody is sitting cross-legged on a chair playing with her breasts. "Oh my nipples are hard" she says before releasing her breasts from her shirt. She caresses her body briefly before undoing the strings in the shorts and reaching into them to play with her pussy. Melody stands up and removes her shorts and panties, and once again plays rather firmly with her lady parts. Sitting back down on the chair, Melody rubs and squeezes for a moment before reaching down and retrieving the Hitachi magic wand. I think this toy agrees with her a little more than the little smoothie vibrator as it has her moaning and panting in seconds. "Oh my goodness, it feels so good" she says after a short run with the big buzzer! Melody really concentrates as she works the vibe on her clit, once again keeping us completely informed on how she feels as she does! Her lips are protruding quite nicely as her pussy starts contracting rhythmically as she cums! It's a really nice orgasm, but as she said in her bio, she usually wants more than one! So Melody puts the vibe back and masturbates to a second smaller orgasm ... very nice!! Her clit is way too sensitive to continue after this one!!

Melody is sitting on the couch wearing a skirt and top and purple panties. She hikes her skirt, pulls aside the crotch of her panties, and starts strumming her clitoris. After a moment, she sits up and removes her top and her sexy blue bra, relieving her nice and soft natural breasts from their constraints! Her skirt goes next, and then her panties as Melody kneels on the couch. She firmly plays with her parts once again before grabbing the purple smoothie vibrator, propping herself up and starting to buzz her clit. Melody gets comfy as she gets serious about masturbating to orgasm ...The toy isn't the most powerful of toys, but it is enough to get her there. It takes a little while until her body starts to tremble and her pussy starts to pulsate as she orgasms. And she keeps on going with the toy for a little while after, soliciting few more contractions as she rides her orgasm out completely!

Back on the bed, Melody is clad in a great tank top and pink shorts. She slips her hand into her shorts to rub her pussy for a minute before peeling them off completely. She has a sexy pair of gray and black panties on underneath. This time she takes her socks off after her panties. Then her top and bra go too. Now completely naked, Melody pinches her nipples and roughly jiggles her breasts. She seems excited as she picks up the Hitachi and turns it on. "Oh shit. Oh that's strong" she says as she plants it on her clit. In her typical fashion, Melody is very "informative" as she masturbates virtually giving us a "blow by blow" of how what she is thinking and how she is feeling along the way. Her pussy lips become more prominent and pink as she gets aroused. Melody takes her time getting there again until she is really ready to cum - she has lots of nice pre-orgasm twitches and contractions too. The Hitachi finally takes her over the edge and with and "Oh my God, I'm going to cum", Melody has a nice big pussy contracting orgasm! She switches the toy off, lies back and massages her breasts as she recovers.

(Length: 51 Minutes)

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