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Keira - Climactic Spasms

Keira - Climactic Spasms
23 year old Keira has nice small perky breasts, very responsive hard nipples and a shaved pussy with luscious lips! She just loves the Hitachi magic wand and plants it on her clit until she has strong pussy pulsating orgasms that leave her completely satisfied!

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Keira is sitting in a contemporary white leather arm chair in a pink and white "Bora Bora" T-shirt and tight pink shorts. She slowly and gently caresses her body - over the fabric and under. She has a nice pair of small natural breasts and very perky nipples :-) ... and when she is finally naked (no bra and no panties!), she has a shaved pussy with somewhat prominent labia. Keira starts to gently masturbate her clit and pussy with one hand while the other plays with her breasts and nipples ... Once she is sufficiently warmed up, she reaches over and picks up the Hitachi Magic Wand, placing it lightly on her clit and switching it on. Keira is naturally very sensitive, so she gingerly touches her clit and pussy lips with the toy - the strong vibrations would otherwise make her cum too quickly. She carefully edges with the vibrator, her pussy twitching nicely in response to the stimulation as she gets closer and closer to her orgasm. At one point, Keira seems to edge just a little too far and there she went - a nice big orgasm with big contractions! Wow! Keira puts the toy back on the table and sits up to recover.

Keira is on the couch just in her bra and panties. She immediately takes off her bra, exposing in small breasts and (very) responsive nipples. She leans back and starts to caress her pussy through the fabric of her panties - but that doesn't go on for long either. She peels her panties off, pulls her legs up onto the couch and starts to rub her clit a little more firmly. Keira needs little pussy play before she can handle the power of the wand ... and once again, she uses the toy very lightly once she starts masturbating with it again. She eventually plants the toy directly on her clit and hardly moves it ... she lightly thrusts her hips up against it instead and her pussy reacts accordingly ... twitch, twitch, spasm, spasm as she has her first orgasm. But she keeps the toy planted until she has another pulsating orgasm! She pulls the toy away and switches it off when she can't take it anymore! Keira relaxes and seems totally satisfied as she looks at the camera.

Keira struts into the room wearing a little shirt, panties and socks. She stops in front of the blue couch, takes off her top, turns around and takes off her bra. She settles on the couch pulls the crotch of her panties aside, and starts to rub her clitoris with two fingers. Her nipples are really pokey and hard! She pauses her rubbing to peel her panties off leaving her in just her socks. Keira once again selects the wand (I think she really likes this toy) and shortly after she starts masturbating with it, her pussy starts to twitch in delight :-) ... This time Keira really plants the buzzer on her clit, soaking up the full power of the toy until it takes her over the edge!

Back on the couch, Keira is wearing a black tank top and pink panties. She peels down the top - her nipples appear to be already rock hard. Keira caresses her breasts, then she takes her top off completely. Her hand roams down to her crotch and she starts to play with her panties ... and her pussy beneath. She pushes aside her panty crotch for some direct skin o skin contact. But her panties are still in the way, so Keira slips them off over her feet before resuming her clitoral rub. After masturbating with her fingers for a bit, it's time for more potent stimulation. Keira turns on the wand and continues her session with the toy dancing over her clit and pussy. Soon she gets more focused on getting there, so she firmly plants to buzzer onto her clitoris again, holding it with both hands. Her hips start to rock ever so slightly and Keira cums again - it's a nice big pussy contracting orgasm again that leaves her exhausted and sated. Very nice!

(Length: 42 Minutes)

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