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Climax! 4

Climax! 4
Our Climax series are a comprehensive collection of genuine female orgasms, and our fourth adds ten more gorgeous women bringing themselves to the heights of ecstasy!

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First up is petite 21 year old Empera. She is sitting in an arm chair completely naked as she shifts forward a parts her legs. Empera has very small breasts with pierced nipples and a perfectly shaven pussy with small lips. She starts to rub her pussy and clit with her fingers before inserting two of them into her obviously tight vagina. Once sufficiently aroused, Empera picks up the Hitachi magic wand, turns it onto low power, and plants it on her clit. The big vibrator has her moaning in seconds and the camera moves in for a closer look. Empera's moans get more and more intense and higher and higher in pitch ... her legs begin to tremble ... then with an "Oh my God", Empera cums - her fluttering contractions visible right until she closes her legs. But she doesn't stop there ... hardly missing a beat, she continues to masturbate with the powerful toy until she is overcome with another orgasm. Empera puts the toy down, lies back in the chair and rubs her pussy to recover. But she is STILL not done! She gets up, sits on the back of the chair, grabs the wand and starts masturbating again! She rides the wand to yet another long orgasm, with lots and lots of contractions. Her entire upper body flushes totally red as she cums too! And now she is done ... completely sated ...

Samantha Bentley is looking as hot as ever as she takes off her top and exposes her sexy lace bra. She has perfect breasts, which she reveals when she unhooks her bra and drops it to the floor. Her skirt goes next, and then her matching lace panties. She has a nice patch of fur on her pubic mound. Samantha sits back on the couch and caresses her body, then she flips over onto her knees and caresses herself, showing off her fantastic pussy with nice dangly lips! Samantha is ready for more, so she flips back over, spreads her legs, and plants the head of the Hitachi firmly on her clit. She closes her eyes as she enjoys the sensations, and the toy has her panting quite quickly. The camera zooms in for a close up of her perfect pussy just as she ratchets up the power on the vibe ... then it pans out again , and shows her perfect breasts with perky nipples in the background just as her pussy starts throbbing and pulsating with her orgasm! Samantha seems happy after that one!

Francesca DiCaprio is a 22 year old lesbian, but she does enjoy sex with a man once in a while. She is sitting on a leather couch in just her bra and panties. She parts her legs and slowly caresses her body. Then she pulls a nipple out from beneath her bra and rather roughly stimulates it! Then both nipples come out as she tugs on them rather hard. Francesca takes off her bra, and then moves her attention to her pussy and clit. The scene fades to her completely naked on the couch just as she moistens her fingers with saliva and starts to rub her shaved lippy cooch. Francesca reaches behind her and grabs the Fairy mini wand vibrator. She starts moaning as soon as she starts masturbating with the toy. "Ah yeah", "Ooooh", "Ahhh" ... she clearly is really enjoying the toy and pussy starts to respond nicely with lots of little contractions. Francesca suddenly throws back her head as some big contractions take hold and she cums! Wow - that was quick and unexpected! She touches her sensitive clit and pussy as she smiles for the camera.

Misha Cross is wearing a checkered shirt and tight denim shorts. She immediately removes her shirt, then unbuttons and drops her shorts. She is wearing a pink bra and a matching tiny pink thong and she shows us her bum floss :-) when she turns around and spreads her ass cheeks. Misha kneels on the couch and shows off her body before the camera fades to her sitting naked on the couch and starting to masturbate with the Hitachi. Misha has nice natural breasts and button nipples, and a perfectly shaved pussy. She has the wand planted firmly on her clit as she pulls up her legs, completely exposing everything between them as she masturbates. Her moans get louder and more intense as Misha cums. She puts away the vibe and briefly plays with her pussy.

Blonde MILF Luci Angel is wearing just her navy blue sexy bra and panties as she sits on a lounger caressing her breasts. She pulls her bra straps over her shoulders, reaches back and unhooks it, and drops it on the chair next to her. She then lifts up her legs and removes her panties. Luci has soft natural breasts which she then proceeds to massage ... she sucks her nipples momentarily, and that's when you can see just how big they get ... her left nipple is clearly visible and is huge! Luci reaches for the Hitachi and starts masturbating with it. And the sensations produced by the strong vibrations has Luci panting and moaning almost instantly ... She puts her feet together with her legs spread wide apart, rocks her hips up against the vibrator, and squeezes her eyes shut tightly as she concentrates on the sensations. That does the trick - Luci goes over the edge and orgasms! She briefly nods and smiles at the camera man to indicate that she did indeed cum as "instructed", then she lies back and recovers! Nicely done!

Cintia Arevalo had never seen a Hitachi magic wand before, let alone try one out! She is lying on her bed, fully dressed, playing with the vibe ... it almost looks like she is not quite sure what to do with it! Probably after some instructions from the camera man, this young MILF is now completely naked and rubbing her pussy with the wand. She has perfect natural breasts and a closely trimmed pubic hair. The camera moves in for a closer look as she stimulates herself with the toy ... and it's obvious that she likes it as she is soaking wet! There is a nice bead of her clear fluid built up at the base of her vagina, and she rocks her hips against the toy. Suddenly, the otherwise quite Cintia lets out series of moans and her pussy has a few contractions ... mini orgasm perhaps? But she just keeps on going with the wand as if nothing happened, other than being soaking wet ;-). Cintia really focuses on jiggling the wand on her clit until she is done. She sits up, showing of her gorgeous breasts as she does!

Olivia Adams is sitting down with her legs spread. She is wearing a pair of extremely sheer panties - so sheer that you can clearly see virtually every detail of her naughty bits! She picks up her purple penis shaped vibrator and briefly places it on her clitoris through the fabric. She stops the stimulation, lifts up her legs, reaches back and plays with her pussy through the material - she is soaking wet already! Her juices cling to the inside of her panties, and that too is very visible! Olivia resumes her masturbating with the toy. She is extremely horny and she has to keep stopping the stimulation otherwise she will cum too quickly. Olivia keeps on edging with the buzzer ... she is so wet now that her juices are actually seeping through the material of her panties! Craziness! Olivia touches her clit again with the buzzy toy, but she went too far - she quickly pulls the toy off, then pulls back on her pubic mound for a second just as her pussy starts to pulsate rhythmically inside her panties! Wow! Olivia then pulls aside her panties for us to see just how wet everything is ... yummy!

Kira Thorn is a hot 21 year old with nice small natural breasts and a shaved pussy with rather prominent lips ;-). She is sitting in the leather arm chair completely naked, and the Hitachi is lying ominously close by. Kira is playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit and parting her luscious lips. Kira spent quite a bit of time playing with herself before she got serious about masturbating, so the camera cuts to Kira working the wand on her perfect pussy. She had been masturbating for a while and was finally getting quite aroused ... and sensitive! Kira rubs the toy over her pussy and clit as she purrs and pants and moans ... she has a lot of pre-orgasm contractions as she bates, but then with a high pitched squeal, Kira cums hard with a series of crisp contractions. But she keeps on going with the toy until she cums again, and again with nice and strong contractions! She's done. She puts the toy down as she plays with her post orgasm engorged pussy!

Rosie Cooper undresses quickly and gets comfy on the couch. She closes her eyes and slowly starts to masturbate with her fingers. But then she flips over onto her knees, picks up the Hitachi and starts to masturbate doggy style. Rosie likes to have something inside her vagina when she masturbates, so she inserts her middle finger from behind. Her bottom is already quite flushed in excitement as she gets closer and closer to cumming ... she is just trembling with sexual excitement! Rosie really finger fucks herself as sh buzzes her clit, and suddenly she pulls her finger and takes the toy off as her ass and pussy release a series of contractions. Rosie flips over onto her back, cranks the power on the buzzer, and goes for it. Her middle finger finds its way back into her vagina as she buzzes herself close to orgasm ... and as with the first time, she yanks her finger out just as she goes over the edge. I do think she tried to "enhance" her contractions a little bit for us this time though, which is not something she usually does.

Last up is 19 year old Charlotte Rose, naked on the bed and masturbating with the Hitachi. Charlotte has totally fallen for the big toy - it's now her favourite! It doesn't take much to get her off in general, so the wand makes it even easier! Charlotte hangs onto the toy with both hands and quickly rocks out one orgasm. She pauses for a second or two (quite literally) before putting the buzzer back on her clit and smiling at the camera. She keeps on going, pausing to show the camera man just how wet she is. Charlotte is totally multi orgasmic and although she isn't a snapper, she has several orgasms along the way. And when she is done, the camera man give us some good close ups of her pussy juices, which are also stringing to the bed beneath her.

(Length: 60 Minutes)

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