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Cintia Arevalo - The Milkmaid

Cintia Arevalo - The Milkmaid
18 year old MILF, Cintia Arevalo, has a great body, perfect breasts and nipples, and nice furry adn very wet pussy, and she lactates! In addition, this was the first time ever that she masturbated on camera, and it was the first time ever that she had tried a toy! Her first orgasm was so intense that her breasts started leaking milk!

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Cintia is lying back on a bench seat in her sexy bra and panties. She is clearly quite shy at this point as she doesn't look at the camera ... she's never done anything like this! She releases her perfect breasts from her bra, peels off her panties and fires up the pocket rocket ... another first! By the time she puts the buzzy toy on her hairy pussy, she is absolutely soaked. Her pussy juices are already running down over her anus into the crack of her back! She works the toy almost expertly, considering that this was her first time with any toy and her pussy contracts in response. She looks like she is really struggling not to orgasm at this point already ;-). But then she starts getting more serious with the toy, rubbing it in a fast circular motion on her clit ... Cintia starts moaning as a droplet of milk forms on her left breast (right one from our vantage point). She s leaking all over ... her pussy is dripping and contracting, and her right breast starts leaking too as her pussy contracts. Although her contractions aren't rhythmic, they certainly are there, her pussy is extremely wet, and her nipple response is clear! She was a little embarrassed by that though ...

Cintia is now seated on a bead in a purple bra and jeans. We have assured her that men love lactating breasts, so not to be shy about them but rather show them off. So she removes her bra first and starts playing with her nipples. She lays back and peels of her jeans - they really were painted on! Her panties are next, and she once again shows us her nicely furry pussy and perky nipples. We get to see her pussy from all angles too :-) ... then the camera zooms in on her perfect breasts and nipples. On cue, Cintia squeezes her breast ... her nipple hardens and a white droplet of milk forms on the tip. She squeezes some more, and a fine jet of milk sprays out of it. She seems to be quite enjoying this as she brings her other breast into the action! Her finger moves down to her pussy and she starts rubbing her clit. She didn't want to use the vibe this time, but rather wanted to show us how she normally does it. Cintia rubs and rubs away, and although she claims to have cum, I didn't spot any distinct contractions. Her pussy got nice and juicy wet!

This time Cintia is wearing a bra, a short green skirt and clearly no panties :-) as she lies on her bed. She is quick to remove her bra and immediately starts playing with her breasts and squirting her milk! And we get some nice close up views of that too! Did I mention that she has perfect natural breasts? As the camera pans down to her pussy, she plays with her pubic hair before spreading her legs and showing us what she has tucked away under there! This time she tries out the blue pocket rocket, and once again, she instinctively knows what to do with it. Her anus puckers as the toy finds her clit. The camera moves around showing us all aspects of this young beauty as she masturbates with the powerful little toy. Settling back on her pussy, we can see how wet she has become - her juices are literally pooled at the base of her vagina as she buzzes her clit. Then with a series of little moans and contractions, Cintia cums. She tries to keep the toy on her clit, but it's too sensitive so she puts it next to her spot to squeeze every last bit of pleasure out of that one. And once again, her pussy is sopping wet!

Cintia starts this scene topless! She is playing with her breasts and nipples, spraying milk everywhere including onto the camera lens ... she is clearly having fun! She then takes her panties off and squeezes her milk onto her pussy. By the time her fingers find her clit, her pussy is totally soaked in her milk! She has also shaved for this scene. She rubs her milk into her pussy and clit before firing up the pocket rocket and getting serious about masturbating. She clearly knows what to do now, and her pussy quickly gets juicy and wet. She is also having lots of little contractions. Cintia keeps on working that toy on her clit until, with a moan, she orgasms! She can hardly keep the toy anywhere near her clit now ... and she is absolutely soaking wet. Her breasts are leaking again from that orgasm! Cintia seems very happy and content after that one!

(Length: 1 Hour 1 Minute)

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