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Ashayia Lucia

Ashayia Lucia
We are pleased to welcome twenty year-old new-cummer Ashayia Lucia. Ashayia is a lovely natural brunette with a nice curvy figure and all natural, large, breasts. She loves to get off using fingers and toys! And Ashayia Lucia has a nice, naturally tanned complexion with nice bikini tan lines. And she's cums quickly and multiple times in one sess, also!

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When we first meet this lovely lady, she is lounging in the bedroom is very pretty and very sexy dark pink lingerie. Ashyia slowly removes her sexy garments getting completely naked so we get to see her gorgeous, full breasts and little tattoo on her tummy and navel piercing. Her pussy is completely shaved not a hair there. Ashayia begins by rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy the old fashioned way with her fingers! When she dips her middle finger into her pussy we can hear her wetness. After a bit, Ashayia pulls out the buzzy bullet vibe. Ashayia pulls those pussy lips apart with her nicely manicured fingers and begins to rock her hips up and down to the good vibrations of the clit stimulating toy. She's quiet when she cums, but just slightly increases her rate of breathing, whimpering and panting with little murmurs. She flicks the toy rapidly across her clitoris getting her large, dangling lips swinging from side-to-side. Ashayia's mouth gapes open and closed as she frantically works the toy back and forth across her clitoris. With her hand on her forehead, she exhales and cums with softly visible contractions. She pulls the toy away and fingers herself as we get a good look at her pinkened and swollen pussy! She turns off the toy and continues finger plyaing with her clit, rather frantically. The camera angle has changed to a more aerial perspective so the toe-curling fans are going to love this view. Ashayia rubs her pussy to a second quiet orgasm ... She takes a moment to quietly recover on the bed.

The next scene begins as a cooch cam view of Ashayia in emerald green opaque panties. We can see her tummy and breasts, too, as she leaves on the matching bra. Ashayia pulls off the panties, opting for a tiny toothbrush vibe this time. Once more, we are able to enjoy her luscious labia. She pulls back on her mound with one hand as she strokes her pussy with the toy with the other. Up and down on that full clit she works the toy until she is just slightly whimpering. Then the toy is flicked from side-to-side as she finds just the perfect spot. Her pelvis curls upward just slightly as she pants, gives three little grunts and cums! This series of contractions are perfectly obvious and visible just low around her perineum and bottom! Very nice, indeed. She blows a little kiss to the camera.

Completely naked except for a pair of boots, Ashayia makes herself comfy in the Orgasm Chair. She has a lovely body, ample curves and a flat tummy. Her silky dark hair is pulled up in a ponytail on her head. She is finger rubbing her clit this time and looking at the camera as she gets her pussy perfectly primed. In her characteristic mouth opening and watering way, she just quietly whimpers and raises her hips as she rubs her pussy to orgasm once more. She lets out a little hiss just as the contractions are slightly visible. She smiles very sexily at the camera then tweaks her large nipple. She stands up, showing off her bikini tan and sexy curves.

Ashayia is back in the bedroom wearing only the sexy emerald green bra no panties at all! She's tired and she's hard a rough day, so she is unwinding by massaging her gorgeous body with the magic wand. After working the stress away from her back, she rolls onto it and works the massager on her thighs and breasts. Her legs are spread wide apart as she plays with the toy on her belly button. The toy makes its way on to her pussy. We get a semi aerial view as she bends her knees and folds her heels inward towards her crotch. Ashayia looks totally relaxed with her arm draped above her head, then her hand resting on her inner thigh as her pussy lips flap and wiggle from the power of the wand. She looks into the camera, her mouth slightly agape and her hips rocking upward she makes just the slightest little murmurs, too. With the toy now wiggling from side-to-side, Ashayia lets out an audible moan and has a nice, visible, lovely orgasm with the wand. She touches her pussy with her hand after, spreading her pink lips wide apart.

Ashayia is being woken while napping in the bedroom. He wakes into the room asking her to wake up. As he pulls the covers away from her, he notes how beautiful she looks. He discovers her vibrator beneath the bed sheets asking her what she has been doing and calling her a "naughty, naughty girl!" He turns on the purple buzzy vibe and stimulates her nipples with the toy noting her perfect, lovely breasts. He spreads her thighs wide apart and begins to stimulate her clitoris with the toy. Ashayia responds with slight hip raises. Did I mention her cooch is hairless with nice large lips? I think I did. He gets totally engrossed in his "work" and so does Ashayia. He moistens the toy with saliva just a bit, spreading her pussy lip wide with his other hand. Ashayia toes begin to wriggle as one of his finger just gently presses upon her perineum and anus. He continues rotating the toy on her clitoris and she begins to make her soft cooing murmur sounds again. Her outer labia are quite engorged and her mouth opens. With slightly more audible murmurs, she has yet another lovely orgasm toe curling and slight rocking included! He removes the stimulating toy from her clitoris, arousing her nipples. He moves the toy back down to her pussy as she rocks her hips some more. With his free hand back holding onto one of her butt cheeks and massaging her perineum, Ashayia begins to murmur once more. I'm learning just want those little cooing murmurs mean :) She is about to cum! And she does again! Another nice orgasm! A lovely double whammie!

(Length: 40 minutes)

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