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Alexandra and Emma C.

Alexandra and Emma C.
Femorg.com introduces new-cummer and bi-sexual Russian blonde bombshell, Alexandra. Alexandra is paired with the always-happy-to-oblige Emma C. in this DVD which also features Alexandra having a squirting orgasm at the hands of the videographer, too.

Emma C. is wearing a black leather bra and panty set as she introduces us to her new friend, Alexandra. This is a fixed camera angle view of the action, showing the girls sitting on the bed, and all the body, arm, feet and leg action. The angle is not really close enough to spot the pussy contractions as the orgasms occur, but I do think Alexandra cums a couple of different times. Emma begins by seductively undressing the voluptuous blonde Alexandra who is wearing a sexy little black polka dotted bra and panty set. Emma is clearly enjoying the undressing and ‘peeking into Alexandra’s panties’. Emma puts a bit of lube on Alexandra’s shaved, lippy cooch. Emma turns on the pocket rocket and starts working it on Alexandra’s clit. Alexandra is sitting upright, leaning back on the pillows, fondling her naturally large breasts. Emma positions herself very close to Alexandra cooch, checking out all the action, ensuring lots of clitorial stimulation. Alexandra starts to moan and pant, clearly enjoying the little toy and what Emma is doing with it. Alexandra is reaching up and grabbing the headboard, saying, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" while fondling her breasts – just ready to explode in orgasm – but she can’t quite get there. Emma decides to re-lube and rub Alexandra’s pussy manually now – Alexandra was truly quite close to cumming as Emma notes how "pink" Alexandra’s chest and face are flushed. I’m not convinced that she didn’t actually cum, but I’m not one percent certain that she did, either. As Emma rubs, Alexandra says, "Oh. So nice." Emma spreads her pussy lips and rubs directly under the clit. Alexandra thinks she might have cum – I have no contractions to verify it – but they switch toys to the "little bunny friend" toy. As Emma works the toy ‘round and ‘round exactly as Alexandra likes it, Alexandra grabs a hold of her knees, lifting herself up and saying, "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah!" Again, Alexandra’s face and chest flush pink and Emma keeps working with the toy. Emma plays with Alexandra’s pussy lips some more, letting Alexandra 'come down' a bit before they wave good bye to the camera.

The girls are back in the bedroom once again, this time Alexandra is going to be subjected to the powers of the magic wand. Alexandra is excited to use the toy, noting that, "I’m going to cum, cum, cum!" The girls play with the wand on Alexandra’s breasts – enjoying the sensuality – before taking off the pretty blue panties and lubing the end of the wand. Alexandra picks up the wand from Emma and pretends that it is a microphone as she giggles, introduces herself and her intentions for getting off today! It’s cute and funny – even air kissing at the camera and remind us that this is ‘quite exclusive scene’ in her Russian accent! After just a few moments of stimulation with the wand, Alexandra is flushing pink and beginning to moan. She arches her back and buries her foot into the bed, turning pink-er and pink-er and when she cums this time, she is surprised that she is wet the bed! Emma is apologizing and noting the power of the time, but Alexandra is all giggles. Now ready for more with the toy, Alexandra lets us know that she, too, is curious what’s going to happen next. After a few moments, Alexandra is in ecstasy again – getting wet by squirting, panting, talking dirty and cumming again! Emma keeps working the wand on Alexandra’s pussy – clearly Alexandra is really enjoying it, too. Alexandra starts to rock her hips again and hiss a bit, then softly moaning as we hear the wetness start to flow again. This is another fixed camera angle view of all the action before the camera angle switches into a close-up cooch cam view of Alexandra’s orgasms. She rocks rides the wand, thinking that she is cumming. After a bit, Emma hands the wand off directly to Alexandra while pushing her own panties aside and touching herself. As Alexandra works the wand up and down on her pussy, we can hear the wetness, too. Alexandra lies back, closes her eyes, buries her feet into the bed. Alexandra cums again, quickly taking the toy off her cooch before going back for more – this time pulling her knees up. I’m not sure if she came again, but her pussy seems sensitive when she puts the toy back on it. Emma leans over to kiss and suck Alexandra’s nipples after licking her own juices from her fingers. It’s not long before Alexandra is saying, “Ohhh, ooohhh, oh, yeah!” and cumming again. The girls kiss as the camera angle switches to the closeup cooch cam view of Alexandra’s last squirting orgasm. Then the camera moves to the faces to show all the sexy kisses, then back down to Alexandra’s cooch as she cums one more time – squirting. Alexandra jokes that she thinks she came 97 times saying that she is so happy!

Alexandra is seated in the orgasm chair ready for some hands-on stimulation from the videographer. He introduces her, noting that Alexandra is from Moscow and she’s already cum a few times, but she is ready to cum some more. The camera switches to the closeup cooch cam view as he works the little egg-style vibrator on her clit through her panties. After a few moments of nice stimulation, Alexandra takes off her panties, showing us a closeup of her nice lippy, shaved, cooch. The videographer works the toy on her clitoris, reaching down to separate her lips – which we can see moving from the vibrations of the toy! He places the toy more directly on her clit. It’s not very long before Alexandra begins to moan, softly, as he keeps up the nice stimulation with the toy. With her lip held open and the toy going around in small circles on her clit, then up and down on her clit, then pressing firmly, Alexandra is saying, "Oh yeah, baby. Yeah, fuck me, fuck me." She’s talking dirty and getting hot and hornier! Her cooch is swelling and flushing darker in colour. He works the toy on her clit and Alexandra clenches and let’s out a louder moan as she cums. She doesn’t have much by way of contractions, but he keeps the toy on her clitoris. After a bit, they switch toys to the silver bullet, nubby, vibe. She likes this one and we can hear her lips smacking together with wetness as the toy presses down on her clit. It doesn’t take long for the sensations from the toy to make her cum – and she squirts a little bit! He keeps working on her cooch with the toy, pressing firmly on her clit and going up and down. She moans again, saying she thinks she came. But, he’s not stopping with the toy just yet. He reaches a finger around to insert into the base of her vagina, then removes it all the while working the toy on her clit. Alexandra moans again, saying, "Oh yeah. Yeah. Ahhh." After a bit, he hands the toy to Alexandra telling her to "finish it off" as he plays with her breast. She presses the toy firmly on her clit, for another apparent orgasm, but I couldn’t spot any contractions this time.

(Length: 55 minutes)
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